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Southern Remnant
that which remains...
           In Memory of:
   50th Regiment Company D
  Georgia Volunteer Infantry
   Army of Northern Virginia
Confederate States of America
At the end of the War for Southern Independence existed a South that was starved, burned, and ravished, not at the hand of a stranger but of someone she knew. Evenso, the heart, mind, and spirit of the South remained intact, as yet undefiled. These things could not be attacked as long as there was a standing army to prevent. But under attack they have been, for since then the Southern people have been reconstructed, re-educated, resensitized and taught, even in the politically correct disciplines of the present hour. The revisionist history that is passed off as genuine can only lead to shame and division. How badly is needed a more accurate rendering!

Many thought the South long dead, for they had seen the once noble body discarded. The few traces of her that do remain are, even at this hour, being removed. Even in death was no goodwill extended; no tears, no speeches, no great swelling words offered.

But to assume this account true would be error, for there remains yet a pulse, steady and strong. There is still found a remnant in the Southland, one that desires truth and freedom, and thinks it not a sin. They come from all walks of life having in common a quiet simple dignity of which kind the world has seemingly forgotten. They are that which remains in the midst of a land that claims to celebrate its diversity but in reality is laden with hypocrisy, for not all are wanted in the land of the free.

No doubt, there should not be a remnant existing at all after so long, but in the heart of Dixie is a love for honour, truth, and freedom. Let it be known, it is such virtues as these that keep a people alive. The breath of life of a nation is found in no other things. The South is indeed alive and there is no reason why she may not flourish again. She merely awaits a glorious rebirth...
Southern Remnant:
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   Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament
     written 1791 Joseph Corfe?
  lyrics & melody Public Domain
sequenced by Lesley Nelson-Burns
          used with permission
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