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The following stories are SLASH and as such may contain graphic homoerotic sexual content, high-level violence, coarse language, and adult themes. Reading is for mature audiences only.

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When I first started this site, I intended for it to be purely for my own benefit, so I could remember what stories I liked and have ready access to them. I may have mentioned it once or twice on a couple of lists, but otherwise never really gave much thought about it. Now, it's still pretty much for my own benefit, but I've also decided to be a bit more generous and let others share in my good fortune.

If you've just discovered TS and are wondering what to read first, and are a bit overwhelmed by the brilliant but huge archive at 852 Prospect, these are the stories I urge you to read. It's my small way of trying to give back to a fandom that has given me countless hours of pleasure :) This site will only be updated on an ad hoc basis a few times a year, as time allows. You won't find long descriptions of each story here; sometimes you may not even find a description at all. It's basically just a glorified page of links, but they're my glorified links and I love them :) Plus, I've got my own stories here too, since I had to put them somewhere. A note to the wary: all stories listed here have happy endings. I used to have unhappy stories here, but I took them down, because I couldn't bear to read them again.
Stories are added as I read them, so they're not necessarily recent. This time round, Betty Plotnick update, as well as stories by Caro Dee, DL Witherspoon, Legion, Pink Dragon, Robyn and Becky.

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Recommended Authors

Alexis Gunn
A talented all-rounder.

A Question for Mr Sandburg
Humour, Firsts. Jim asks Blair a rather unexpected question. (37k)

Firsts. Jim and Blair get stranded and are forced to share a bed. A very weird conversation ensues. (126k)

Boxcar Sandburg
Drama. Jim and Blair go undercover to solve a series of murders on the rails. Blair becomes somewhat affected by it all and ends up getting weird. (164k)

Deja Vu
Humour. A Groundhog Day story, in which Jim and Blair go to a conference. (197k)

Firsts. Blair finally realises that people at the station gossip about him and Jim. (107k)

In The Middle of the Night
Firsts. Blair and Megan share some fantasies. (51k)

Hippie Boy
Drama. Jim meets 10-year-old Blair. Not too icky. (166k)

Night Court
Halloween. Jim and Blair investigate a series of bizarre incidents, at the centre of which is a mysteriously pale woman who is conveniently allergic to sunlight. Is she or isn't she a vampire? (142k)

Sandburg in Paris
Firsts. Jim receives two tickets to Paris for Valentine's Day from his father. (109k)

The Cursing Jar
Firsts, Humour. Blair can't stop swearing. (67k)

The Thing
Humour, Firsts. Blair becomes enamoured with a fertility artifact. (67k)

A prolific author, Alyjude has a fantastic range, from high-angst (Homeward Bound) to hilarious (He Ain't No Chick).

Drama. A misunderstanding occurs when Blair gets beat up at the station. Co-written with Gail. (40k)

Firsts. Blair turns 30. Funny, and sweet. (64k)

And God Would Ask
Firsts. Blair gets depressed about his unrequited love. (61k)

Firsts, drama. Jim and Blair get stranded in Peru and visit the Chopec, who help them to understand their destiny. (90k)

Firsts, drama. Blair starts feeling melancholy after a gruesome murder is solved, especially when Jim's relationship with his girlfriend seems to be going so smoothly. (65k)

Christmas Eve
Firsts, Christmas, Post TSbyBS. Jim tells Blair to come home for Christmas. Sweet. (36k)

Dress for Success
Firsts. Blair realises his feelings for Jim when an old friend of Jim's comes back. It's war. (28k)

Eavesdropping Down
Firsts, humour. Jim is forced to contend with Blair's ass. (13k)

Future Tense
Drama. Blair finishes his dissertation. (272k)

He Ain't No Chick
Humour. An Easter Story where Blair has to wear a chicken suit. (69k)

Homeward Bound
Drama. Crossover Magnum PI, Episode related (Four Point Shot). A misunderstanding causes Blair to move to San Fransisco. (114k)

I Hate Valentine's Day
Firsts. Blair thinks Jim doesn't love him; meanwhile Jim's out looking for rings. (53k)

It's All In the Hips
Firsts. The Major Crime team go undercover at a resort, and Blair ends up as the dancing instructor. (90k)

Just Another Saturday
Humour. Jim and Blair try to spend a quiet Saturday at home doing nothing, but Naomi and Simon show up. (53k)

Kiss Off
Firsts, Drama. Bair is once again attracted to the wrong woman. (123k)

Lost and Found
Drama. In the aftermath of the post-Alex trauma, Blair decides to stay with his "dad" in San Francisco rather than go back to Cascade. (135k)

Moving On
Firsts. Blair seems to think that telling Jim he's moving out will make the older man declare his love. Duh. (81k)

Nothing's Changed
Firsts. Jim and Blair reflect on how much has changed since they became lovers. Sweet. (10k)

Past Trials
Firsts. Blair must go to Boston to aid his mother. Jim shows up, so does Simon. (237k)

Polar Ice Caps
Drama. A misunderstanding causes Blair to leave Cascade, where he becomes a famous author. A past case forces his return. (258)

Drama, NYE. Jim thinks Blair has a date for New Years, and doesn't realise that Blair has been left off the invitation list for the Cascade PD ball. (66k)

Revenge is Sweet
It's Halloween, and everything happens. Blair confronts his past, Jim revisits his, and of course, there's a haunted mansion. (65k)

Running On Empty, Running On Empty 2
Drama. Blair decides to leave town because he thinks Jim doesn't want him. (110k)

Silent Night
Drama. Get the tissues out. Blair's dead, but since this is a Christmas story, a miracle happens. (62k)

Something to Talk About
Humour. Blair fronts the band for Major Crime in a band contest. (40k)

The Dip
Drama. Blair wants to ping Jim's gaydar. (69k)

The Healer
Drama. The Major Crime gang decide to play a practical joke on Blair, but it all goes horribly wrong, and Blair suffers brain damage. (230k)

The Wedding March
Drama. Jim and Megan get married, and then decide there's a better way to do things. (157k)

Two Faces
Drama, AU. Blair and Jim meet under different circumstances - Jim is undercover and Blair is "owned" by the mob. (384k)

Counted amongst the goddesses of hot sex.

Fruit of the Vine
Drama. Fruit and hot sex. (114k)

Proof and Pudding
PWP. Jim and Blair argue over who is kinkier. Nice and smutty. (24k)

Shadows and Light
by Mairead Triste and Aristide
Drama. Jim has problems with his sex life. (49k)

The Dragon
Drama, horror. This is also a collaboration with Aristide's alter ego, Mairead Triste. Long story and some gross scenes, but very interesting. (283k)

Counted amongst the goddesses of hot sex.

Exposing the Nape
Drama. Blair cuts his hair in preparation for the academy, and Jim decides he likes it. Nice smut here. (41k)

Territorial Imperative
Humour, Smut. Jim and Blair discover they can't keep their hands off each other. There are 8 stories in this series; the rest can be found at the archive or on Bone's home page (link above). (380k, each part is around 50k)

Out of Whack
by Bone and Aristide
Drama. An overheard conversation leads Blair to question his sex life. Nice and smutty, a classic. (163k)

Pulp Friction
PWP, humour. Blair comes home drunk and thinks the kitchen table is a great place to rest on. (16k)

Candy Apple
Candy's stories are very sweet and brilliantly plotted. She does like her endearments though, so put aside to read at a later date if it bothers you, but you'll read eventually. Everyone does.

All My Roads
Drama. Jim and Blair struggle to rebuild their life together in the wake of the dissertation disaster. One of the best TSbBS stories out there. (793k, in 6 parts)

On The Radio
Romance. Blair leaves Jim after the dissertation fiasco. Very sweet story. (49k)

Outside Influences
Crossover (Starsky & Hutch). This is the crossover to end all crossovers. And damn, but to reveal any more would be to spoil it. But a fantastic universe this is. (651k + 16k + 164k + 370k))

The Thirteenth Sacrifice
Drama, Horror. I don't do horror, as I generally can't get much of a feeling for the genre through written word. But this one gave me nightmares, so it must be good. Blair is the sole survivor of a serial mass murderer's bloody rampage. And that's not the worst of it. (849k, in 12 parts)

Walk This Way
Firsts. Jim takes Blair to an Aerosmith concert. Cute and fun. (35k)

Possibly the High Priestess of Sentinel slash. Her Nature series is classic.

Anniversary Story
Firsts. Jim decides he wants to do something special to celebrate Sandburg Appreciation Day. (29k)

Drama. Jim starts freaking out when he begins to have violent dreams about Blair. (69k)

by Francesca and Miriam
Firsts. Blair is sick of the way people perceive him, and decides to change his image. Wonderful story. (49k)

Dream Sequence, Reality Check
Drama. Blair starts dreaming about Jim, and eventually decides he's bisexual and wants to go to San Fran to check out the scene. Jim tries to be quietly supportive. Gorgeous story. (14k + 31k)

Drama. Jim tells Blair it's time to move out. (45k)

I Love You
Humour, Firsts. Blair watches Jim do the plumbing, and decides he can no longer hold back his feelings. Brilliant and very funny. (32k)

In The Eye of the Beholder: Videotape, Photography, Keyhole, Audiotape, Research
Drama. A hot series of standalone stories based on the theme on voyeurism. (18k + 17k + 65k + 68k + 53k)

Nature series
AU. The widely acclaimed Nature series is a must. Nature vs Culture is the first story in the series, which focuses on the development of Jim and Blair's relationship and also of their powers as Sentinel and Guide. The rest is at her home page (link above). Go there now!! (1502k, in 29 parts)

Nothing On
PWP. Mmmm, nice and hot. Jim and Blair wonder what to do when there's nothing worth watching on TV. (32k)

Pretty Boy
by Francesca and Emily
Firsts. Blair sees a new side of Jim. Great Jim stuff here. There's also a sequel called "Pretty Rough" but I don't like it. (54k)

Surface and Depth
Firsts. Blair contemplates his love life. (20k)

The Fire
AU. A case raises some memories that Jim would rather forget. (87k)

The Night Sandburg Graduated From the Academy
Firsts. Jim's POV. The boys celebrate, get drunk, get together. Gritty writing, but good. (32k)

Jack Reuben Darcy
A master of angst.

About Love
Firsts, Drama, Romance. Jim kicks Balir out of the loft, but quickly asks him to come back. (140k)

More and Less
AU, Firsts, Drama. Jim and Blair meet in a pub. (330k)

One Moment: Now I Know, Wanderlust, Hostage
Romance. Jim and Blair are in love. (65k)

AU, Drama. Set in Singapore in 1937. A man with troubled senses finds someone he didn't realize he was looking for. Learning to live with that fact takes time, patience and a lot of love. (495k)

The Good Friend
Firsts, Drama. Jim suffers in silence as Blair's heart is broken. (434k)

What You Wish For
Firsts, Drama. Blair wants Jim to convince a girl that he and Blair are a couple. Great story, but I'm not too fond of the experimental writing style. (121k)

Josephine Darcy
Good, well-rounded stories.

Choosing Guides
Firsts. Blair prepares a dossier of potential Guides for Jim to choose from. (24k)

Firsts. Rafe and Brown borrow Blair. Jim gets all possessive. (84k)

The Bond
Firsts. Jim and Blair go to Peru to find out more about the Sentinel/Guide bond. (102k)

Without Love
Firsts, Drama. Jim and Blair go undercover at a college party. (163k)

Always a delight to read.

Firsts. Jim's wedding anniversary, so he has sex with Blair. (20k)

As Usual
Drama, Post TSbyBS. Blair gets ready for the Academy, and Jim despairs that he could ever get lucky with Blair. (24k)

Bacchus Blessings
Firsts. Blair wakes up with a hangover and can't remember what happened between him and Jim the night before. But he assumes it was good. (32k)

Firsts. Blair's spine needs some work. Is Jim a gentleman? (12k)

If Wishes
Drama, Firsts, Post TSbyBS. Jim wishes Blair was in love with him. (40k)

Running Away
Drama, Firsts. Jim overhears Blair talking to his therapist over the phone. (40k)

Senses and Sensibility
Firsts. Jim has problems with his senses. Blair gives him a helping hand. (36k)

Seven Days
Firsts. Blair is in love with Jim. (24k)

Take Me Out
PWP, Firsts. Jim takes Blair to a baseball game. (12k)

The Right to Remain Silent
by Justine and Kass
Drama, Post-TSbyBS. Blair finds it hard to go back to the person he was before the Academy. A night out on the town with an old friend leads Blair to question himself. (40k)

Window of Opportunity
Drama. Blair's not sure if Jim's flirting with him. (28k)

Lanning Cook
Well-rounded, with great characterisation.

By The Book
PWP. Jim does things "by the book". (20k)

Firsts, Drama. Jim gets drunk, befriends the worm, and has a revelation. (118k)

Kindred Spirits
Drama, Gen. Jim gets angry, Blair goes missing, Jim gets worried and is visited by a ghost. It might be gen, and it might be a Christmas story, but it's a good one. (107k)

Ministers of Grace
Drama, Pre-slash. Grace Ellison makes an appearance and Naomi and Jim Have A Chat. Intriguing storyline, deserves a sequel. (98k)

Drama. Jim and Blair get rid of some old clothes. (24k)

True Minds, Little Company, Many Waters
Drama. After Blair drowns, Jim tries to make it up to him. (237k + 212k + 180k)

Another goddess, Legion is legendary.

The Navigation Series: A Kiss At A Time (Babysteps), A Touch Closer, Too Far, Too Fast, Rough Road
Drama. Jim's girlfriend is pregnant, and he must make some tough choices. This is now a WIP as the boys deal with their new relationship. (48k, 73k, 63k, 51k)

And I Want to Thank You
Firsts. A morning after reminiscence. Very sweet. (22k)

Crossovers (SG), AU. Loooong story, but fascinating. An alternate Jim and Blair come through the Stargate and offer help in defeating the Ga'ould.(256k)

And Now For Something Completely Different
Humour. Jim and Blair in drag. (33k)

Bid Him Come, Bid Him Go
AU. Jim moves into the loft and discovers and interesting "presence". (180k)

Drama. Blair is possessed by his own spirit. (58k)

AU, drama. Jim and Blair try to survive in a world decimated by a plague. (634k)

Firsts, drama. Blair discovers a new technology that enables him to hear like a Sentinel, and overhears a conversation between Jim and his brother, but Steven decides he wants Blair for himself. (77k)

PWP. Jim in a dress. (44k)

PWP, bdsm. Last of the Too Hot To Handle series, and there's a wedding! (67k)

Failure to Thrive
Drama. Blair's headaches are keeping he and Jim apart as Blair comes to terms with being gay. Jim gets sick and has to go to hospital. (196k)

PWP. It's a hot summer's day and Jim and Blair crew a friend's yacht. (20k)

Drama, firsts. Post TSbBS. About "one man who wants to love and doesn't know how and one man who knows how to love and doesn't want to." (110k)

Patterns of Shadow and Light
Drama. Someone is mysteriously trying to out Jim and Blair, who aren't actually lovers. (98k)

Perfect Fit
PWP, Kink. Jim thinks he's a sexual deviant. (41k)

Humour. The Major Crime team are assign to bodyguard a bigotted celebrity. (53k)

Regrets Aren't Enough, Remorse Counts for Nothing
Blair discovers that Jim is amenable to anything when Jim's in a hypnotic state. (46k + 141k)

Crossovers, Drama. Time seems to have travelled backwards, and Blair is the only one who seems to have noticed. (240k)

Storm Signs
Crossovers, Drama. Crossover with Quantum Leap, and an AU to Saraid's Panther Tales, which is only available in zine form currently. It's well worth reading Saraid's story before this, as it makes it all the more poignant and heart-wrenching. (447k)

Sunrise, Sunset
Drama. Incacha forbids Jim to have a sexual relationship with Blair. (148k)

Wheels Within
Drama, Crossover (Dead Zone), AU. Mixed up visions and dreams lead Jim and Blair to visit another gifted pair. (148k)

Lemon Drop
This goddess always produces stories that are simply breath-taking.

The Ardor of the Sun
Firsts, Romance. Blair starts having dreams about he and Jim, then Jim disappears. (110k)

Firsts, Romance. Jim and Blair are on a case in which wealthy people's homes are being robbed. Blair has his palm read. (161k)

Cloud Mountain
Romance. A wonderfully atmospheric romantic first time in which Jim and Blair housesit. (159k)

Drama. A Nescafe moment for Jim and Blair. (14k)

Desirous of Everything
Drama. Post TSbyBS. Blair is placed as head of security at the gay pride parade. (90k)

Distant Journey, Unknown Lands
by Martha and Lemon Drop
Drama. Post-TSbBS. Blair has trouble coping with the changes his life has taken, and runs away with Jim to try and sort things out. They take up residence in an isolated house on the other side of the country. (560k)

Like Praying
Firsts. Jim listens as Blair talks to him, Sentinel-style. (24k)

Listening to Blair
Firsts. Jim listens as Blair talks to him, Sentinel-style. With more sex than Like Praying. (16k)

Drama. Jim and Blair housesit in Mexico, where Blair discovers something of his past. (81k)

Ocean, Moon
Drama. Set in the weeks after TSbyBS; what changes us? (32k)

Well-rounded and great characterisation.

Air to Breathe
Firsts. S2P2. As Blair recovers from what happened with Alex, he gets to thinking about his place in Jim's life. (20k)

In Your Dreams
Firsts. Jim picks up after poker night, and Blair picks up on the fact that Jim has a thing for him. (24k)

What Overcomes
Firsts. Blair can't get his holster on quite right, and starts talking to the mirror. (40k)

Meredith Lynne
You'll want to read more than once.

Bright Destiny Series: Cosmic Justice, Karmic Justice
Firsts. Blair has trouble controlling his desire for Jim. (8k + 69k)

Days Like These
Humour. Blair has a tequila-sized hangover. Simon doesn't, but ends up getting one. (8k)

Domesticity I: House Rules, Domesticity II: The Infintite Circularity of Donuts
Pre-slash, Humour, sweetness and light, set after The Debt as Blair tries to find his place in Jim's life. (15k + 20k)

Major Crimes
Firsts. Blair tells Jim how he feels. (106k)

Memory Lapse
Firsts. The gang takes Blair out for a celebration, but Blair has no idea what it is. (40k)

People Like You
Firsts. Blair gets a shock when Jim tells him he is a member of PFLAG. Contains my favourite Jim comeback: "Change the record, Dr. Demento." (12k)

Water On Stone
Drama, Firsts. Blair has nightmares about loving Jim. (69k)

Rebel Dante
This is me, folks!

Who Needs Aphrodisiacs
PWP. Blair makes a special purchase on the way home one day. (28k)

Counted amongst the goddesses of hot sex.

Anoint, Midnight Oil
PWP. Jim objects to Blair's moisturiser, and after extensive testing, they come up with a compromise. (28k + 24k)

Blair lets Jim zone on stained glass. (16k)

by Livia and Resonant
Firsts, Drama. Jim develops ESP. (201k)

Firsts, Drama. Jim thinks Blair is leaving him. (53k)

Firsts. Blair tries out a new alarm clock. (65k)

Good stories, great characterisations.

Back Room Blues
Dark. What if the nurse Blair is "tutoring" sends him Jim's details too late? And what if Blair couldn't meet Jim until two years after that? Contains non-con elements. (159k)

Dirty Little Secret, You'll Always Be Chief To Me, You'll Always Be Chief To Me 2, You'll Always Be Home To Me, You'll Always Be The Best Of Me
Dark. Jim and Blair have regular sex in order to keep their sanity. (11 parts each around 25k)

Past Storm's Touch
Drama, Crossover (Beauty and the Beast). Blair finds out who his father is. A little bit icky, shades of bestiality. But some very sweet smarm indeed between the two boys. (233k)

Understand Me, This Flight Tonight, I Alone, First Vacation
Crossover (Millenium), Drama. Jim and Blair call in a specialist from the FBI for help on a case, as their relationship develops. When they finally come out, there's trouble at the station. (175k + 153k + 232k + 44k)

Sihaya Black
Good stories, great characterisations.

Shadow Boxing
Firsts. Blair gets angry when Jim runs a background check on his girlfriend. (45k)

The St Valentine's Day Massacre
Firsts. A misunderstanding occurs after St Valentine's Day. (81k)

Those Who Can, Part 2, Part 3
Drama. Blair's POV, first person. Not so much a series as a really long story. It'll take a good solid day of reading to get through. Excellent plot though. (155k + 147k + 167k)

Highly Recommended Stories

Whatever you do, read these. They're all different, but brilliant in their own way.
Hunger, Feeding Frenzy, Sated
by Kim Gasper
Drama. Jim and Blair find themselves at the same nightclub and end up going home together. Hot sex ensues. (38k + 41k + 61k)

Inferences and Innuendo
by Lenore
Dark and gritty, dysfunctional Jim and Blair. (194k in 5 parts)

Sacred Space
by Justine
Drama, Firsts. Jim and Blair create a ritual. (23k)

by Pares
Firsts. Jim likes it when Blair smells like fresh bread. (40k)

Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs
by Silk
A completely surreal short story. (8k)

The Edge of Beauty
by Lily
Firsts. Blair is in trouble at the PD, and he's been chosen as one of the 50 Most Beautiful people. Sweet. (94k)

The Fuck Me Smile
by Blarney Stone
Humour, Firsts. Jim reads one of Blair's books. Predictable but the imagery is hilarious. (9k)

The Wrong End of the Story
by Julad & Calico
Drama, horror. Shivery story that'll give you goosebumps. Jim and Blair get stranded in a storm. (134k)

Tongue is Great
by April Valentine
Missing scene from Blind Man's Bluff. This story flows so seamlessly into canon you wonder why they didn't show it ;) (28k)

Unified Fields
by Antimony Hayes
PWP. Blair lusts after Jim and then finally gets the message. (8k)

Alternate Universes

I'm an AU slut. I love seeing the boys doing different things.
A Dish of Lime-Vanilla Ice
by Scribe
Drama. In 1928, Jacob Schulman meets the reclusive Jeff Edmonds, and finds a soul-mate. A past-life story. (96k)

A Life Imagined
by JC
Firsts. Jim and Blair meet under vastly different circumstances, when Naomi and William hook up. (136k)

Bad Karma
by Elaine
Normally I avoid stories where Jim isn't a Sentinel, but this one is full of hot, steamy sex. Blair is the owner of a nightclub called Bad Karma, and Jim is sent to investigate. (211k)

Behind Bars
by Mia Athlas
Hot prison story. Blair is wrongfully accused of murder and such and goes to jail, and ends up sharing a cell with Jim. Very convenient. (113k)

by Ariana Lussier
Jim plays bodyguard to Professor Sandburg, profiler extra-ordinaire. (405k)

BJ Sandburg
by Gillian Middleton
Blair turns into a woman for a year. Sounds icky but it's actually quite well done. This is the web archive version - scroll half-way down the page to get there. (889k)

Call Waiting
by Ceares
Firsts. Jim and Blair first meet via a wrong phone number. Cute. (16k)

by Dolimir
Jim needs help; Blair is reluctant. (62k)

Degrees of Truth
by Sorka
Drama. Jim belongs to a secret organisation called the Family. (122k)

by Emily Brunson
What would have happened if Jim hadn't been able to meet with Blair? (313k)

Did Sleeping Beauty Have an Older Brother?
by Scribe
From My Mongoose Ezines. A Sentinel version of the movie "While You Were Sleeping". (134k)

Dr Blair Sandburg, Travelling Medicine Man
by Scribe
From the My Mongoose Ezine "Many Seasons of Love". Set in the 1800s, Blair is a travelling medicine man who sets up shop in the small town of Cascade. Jim is the local sheriff. (305k)

East of the Sun, West of the Moon
by Brighid
Drama. The fifth of the author's "faery tales", and is based on the Mercer Mayer retelling of the story. (25k)

Harbor of My Heart
by Romslinger
Romance. Blair is a cop, Jim is an escapee from a military hospital, forced to live on the streets. (484k)

In the Beginning
by Lisa Duncan's Twin
Jim and Blair meet under different circumstances. (12k)

by akablonded
A film-noirish story based on the film of the same name. (163k)

Life Lived Like A Mentos Commercial
by Mallory Kohn
Another Groundhog Day story in which Jim tries to stop Blair having sex. IMO, the best one in this genre. (94k)

Lonely Hearts Club, Lonely Hearts Club 2
by Toshua
Drama. Supermodel Blair meets army ranger Jim. (76k + 105k)

Loving Captain Ellison
by Romslinger
Firsts. James Ellison wins the Purgatory Lottery, and is given the chance to win his heart's desire. (272k)

by Dolimir
As a Guide, Blair is the target of a group of Sentinels during the Moonhunt. (100k)

Night Watch
by Brighid
Drama. Pre-slash. A superhero story based on Batman. This claims to be the first installment in the series, but I've yet to see the rest. So let's start begging the author! (39k)

North by Northeast
by MrsHamill
A great Jim-and-Blair-on-the-run story. (203k)

One Kind Deed, Chance Encounters, Reversals, Beloved, Homecoming, OKD: A Celebration of Love
by Dolimir
A kind deed by a young thief leads him down a path he never dreamed he would take. Blair as an elf! (40k + 39k + 62k + 67k + 137k + 36k)

Picture Perfect
by Barbara Nice-Miller
Drama. Jim poses as a fashion model as photographer Blair is suspected of murder. (138k)

Quantum Luck, Sweet Child of Mine
by Kikkimax
Does Blair have bad luck because of all the things that happen to him? Or is he exceptionally lucky because he always manages to land on his feet? Maybe it's a matter of perception. (58k + 77k)

by L. Bright
What if Blair had gone to Borneo after all? (50k)

Sang de Bouf
by Lily
Drama. Jim and Megan go undercover in Blair's pottery class to catch a criminal. (71k)

Sense and Psychicability
by Gena Fisher
Drama. Blair is a TV psychic. (37k)

Sentinel, Interrupted
by elaine
Drama. Jim and Blair meet as children, and are then torn apart. (173k)

Skew Lives
by Kelyn
Drama. Suspend belief, this one's got quantum physics in it. For the science geeks out there. (51k)

Something Evil This Way Comes
by Dolimir
Drama. Set in New Orleans, Blair is a white witch and Jim is the army captain sent to capture the bad guy. (230k)

The Aegis Group
by Veronica
Drama. When Eli Stoddard is murdered in Lima, Blair becomes the prime suspect. (long) The Body Thief
by Russet McMillan
Dark. When Jim lands in hospital, he wakes up as someone different. Based on the Anne Rice book. (253k)

The Break
by Annabelle Leigh
When Blair leaves town, Jim finds another roommate. Supernatural stuff. (278k, in 4 parts.)

The Long Goodbye
by Kikkimax
Drama. Prison guard Jim Ellison tries to prevent the impending execution of convicted serial killer Blair Sandburg, AKA the Manifesto Murderer. (121k)
Do Not Go Gentle
by Nancy Taylor
A slash sequel to Kikkimax's story. (42k)

The Lonely Heart
by Mererid
Drama. Blair hears about an eccentric man who pays for company. (107k)

The Sentinel Conspiracy
by Kikkimax
Jim and Blair agree to pretend they have bonded in order to get the government off their backs. (143k)

The Ultimate Costume
by Akablonded
Surreal Halloween story. Blair needs to find a costume for the annual party. (34k)

The Wrangler
by Romslinger
A My Mongoose E-Zine story. Based on a movie called "Wrangler", which takes place in Australia 1899. Entrepreneur Jim Ellison is a risk-taking, cool-headed American business entrepreneur. Blair Sandburg is living with his father and stepmother on a beautiful ranch/estate called Minnamurra where they breed horses. Jim risks everything, including his heart, to help Blair save his family ranch from a dastardly land baron. Blair is 18/19 years old and Jim is twelve years older. (187k)

Turn Upon A Dragon's Wing
by Sorka
Set in Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern universe. (243k)

Until Proven Innocent
by J.C.
Blair is framed for smuggling, and decides to align himself with Jim in prison. (89k)

Who Are You?
by kyanoswolf
Jim overhears a conversation between Blair and Naomi. (19k)


Good crossovers are few and far between, but these absolutely rock.
Due South

by Lily (122k)

One West Waikiki

Sugar Is Sweet
by Russet McMillan (317k)

Queer As Folk (UK)

The Jealousy Angle
by Mia Athlas
With Stuart's assistance, Blair makes Jim jealous enough to finally take some action. (27k)

Sports Night

by Kit Mason
Jim meets Casey McCall in a bar. Blair meets Dan Rydell. Jealousy ensues. (244k)

Stargate SG1

by Legion
Fascinating. An alternate Jim and Blair come through the Stargate and offer help in defeating the Ga'ould. (262k)

Destiny's Bond
by Wolfling
After gaining his PhD in Anthropology, Daniel Jackson surprises Blair with a visit, which leads to a job with SG1, which leads Blair to Enqueri. (241k)

by Martha
On Christmas eve, Blair saves Daniel Jackson's life. (296k)

Twice in a Lifetime

Twice in a Lifetime
by Romslinger
Blair gets a chance to make things right. (101k)

Xena: Warrior Princess

Beyond The Setting Sun
by Blarney Stone
First person, Jim's POV. Strangely surreal. (17k)


Repeat after me: "Angst is good".
by Dolimir
Firsts. Blair loses his virginity. (35k)

All But Branded
by Tangent
Another Blair-gets-drunk-and-gets-a-tattoo story. And a nice tattoo it is, too. (32k)

At the End of the Day
by Veronica
Firsts. Blair's just started at the PD as Jim's permanent partner, but receives some bad news. Another gorgeous story by this author. (98k)

Become the Moon
by Maggie B.
SVS-19. Season One of the Slash Virtual Season. Jim and Blair track a ritual murderer through a path marked by jealousy and desire. (97k)

by Elizabeth Butler
Blair can't settle down after a close call. (23k)

by Veronica
Blair thinks normal isn't all it's cracked up to be, but then discovers that what he thought was normal, wasn't. (122k)

by Lily
An unusual story wherein Jim hears Blair's music. (85k)

Carefully Taught
by MrsHamill
SVS-15. Season One of the Slash Virtual Season. There's a new hate group on campus, and it threatens to come between Blair and the two things he loves most; Jim and teaching. (129k)

Cop of the Year
by Montserrat
When Jim is awarded the Cop of the Year award, his past comes back to haunt him in a spectacular manner. Blair discovers that his lover is not who he thought he was. (211k, in 2 parts)

by Destina Fortunato
Jim reads Blair's dissertation, and finds something else. (40k)

Dream or Memory
by Merri-Todd Webster
Jim has to buy Megan a birthday present, and finds something that triggers a past-life memory. (53k)

Driven By Instinct
by Jayd
Jim finds he's attracted to Blair. (219k)

by Anna
What's a little spanking between friends? (54k)

by Destina Fortunato
Blair records his observations during his time with Jim. (103k)

Familiar Stranger
by Annabelle Leigh
Jim and Blair get a case involving a serial rapist who gets his kicks out of destroying his victims' self-image. (435k in 7 parts)

Fucking Dr Joyce Brothers
by Dolimir
Jim and Blair walk into a bar... From the POV of the bartender. (19k)

Grey Areas
by Wax Jism
Dark. Blair does what he has to do to get Jim, Simon and himself out of a bad situation. (36k)

by Kim Gasper
When Jim's second marriage ends in divorce, he goes looking for Blair. (28k)

Honest Words
by Virg Vaughn
Jim is afraid of losing Blair, so he keeps Blair exhausted. (72k)

I Believe
by Dolimir
Blair tells Jim what he believes. (12k)

I'm Not Saying
by Donna Jones
Episode-related: Night Shift. (90k)

It's About Trust
by Deirdre
Blair freaks out when he has sex with Jim. Nice angst. (126k)

Laying On Hands
by Annabelle Leigh
When Blair gets seriously injured in an accident, he turns to a faith healer for help, much to Jim's dismay. (156k in 2 parts)

Love's Bitch
by Lenore
Episode-related (Prisoner X). Something happens to Jim when he's on the inside. (90k)

Maybe Sandburg Should Drive
by star
A nice, sweet, sexy coming out-type story. (47k)

Middle Ground
by Maggie B.
Blair keeps stealing Jim's women before Jim can even get started. (74k)

by Nita
Gorgeous short story. Jim reads Blair's diary. (7k)

by Cara Chapel
Jim and Blair have trouble sleeping. Some nice smut here. (81k)

by Sigrid
Blair has trouble coming to grips with being a police officer. (55k)

by Rentgirl2
Post TSbyBS. Blair moves to Pinecrest and tells Jim not to contact him. (154k)

by Brenda Antrim
Blair is forced to reveal a secret from his past. (64k)

Rapture and Roses
by Lyrica
Firsts, Episode (Switchman). Darkish. Jim and Blair have sex in a public toilet. (30k)

by Kim Gasper
Firsts. Jim has a problem with his senses, until finally he has to face up to the truth. (150k)

R U There?
by Kit Mason
Jim and Blair go online. (173k)

Running Scared
by Virginia Vaughn
Blair is insecure in his relationship with Jim, and freaks out when an ex-lover returns. (29k)

Salsa (A Study In Subtext)
by Penelope Whistle
Jim likes Blair's chilli salsa, but ends up going to hospital anyway. (75k)

Speaking Volumes
by Lily
Jim decides to buy Blair a rare book for his birthday, but is shocked when he realises what it is. (75k)

by Stormy
Firsts. Jim and Blair get to know each other. (6k)

by Rogue
Jim shows Blair how he feels. (16k)

Target, A Sentinel Story with a Focus on the Guide
by Brenda Antrim
Blair loses his memory. (77k)

by lady of shalott
Another Sentinel arrives in town. (61k)

by Persephone
Blair helps Jim with the Sentinel-sex thing. (35k)

by PJ
When everyone thinks that Jim is dead, Carolyn throws Blair out and takes over the Loft. (95k)

Wandering the Maze
by Destina Fortunato
Episode Related (Cypher). (65k)

Waste Places
by Virg Vaughn
A bad case brings up bad memories for Jim. (104k)

Writing on the Wall
by Justine
Post TSBS, Blair goes walkabout to sort out his relationship with Jim, ends up calling Jim and they go to the Temple of Sentinels, where mystical shit happens. (98k)

First Times

A splash of angst, a dash of humour, a dribbling of sugar and alcohol, and get the boys to discover each other.
A Long Time Looking
by Anna
Jim and Blair go to see Life is Beautiful, then have icecream and run into an old acquaintance of Jim's. (67k)

All But Branded
by Tangent
Post TSbyBS. Blair gets a tattoo. You know it's going to be a good story when the first line is "Blair didn't often come to the loft smelling like the inside of a beer bottle, so when he did, Jim noticed." (32k)

An Unexamined Life
by Helen
Jim gets possessive. Blair gets his own back. (64k)

And On The Eighth Day
by HYPERFocused
Romance. Jim courts Blair. (17k)

And So It Goes
by Justine
Drama. Jim interrupts Blair with Christine. (68k)

As You Wish
by Dolly Llama
Jim finds an old fairytale book in Blair's room and insists Blair reads it to him. (152k)

Between Friends
by Helen
Jim shows Blair how to use handcuffs. (64k)

Clearly, For the First Time
by Valentin
Humour. Blair gets clocked on the head and can't remember the last 6 years. Best line: "Jim felt ridiculously pleased, then embarrassed by his pleasure. When your big thrill of the month was a compliment from a man with a head injury, it was way past time to look into getting a life. " (39k)

by Ettalynn
Blair has showers. Lots of them. (24k)

Close to Perfect
by Tangent
Blair has a commitment crisis. (13k)

by Adoratrice
Valentine sappiness. Sort and sweet. (3k)

by Kalena
Blair wants Jim to kiss him. (10k)

The Cure for the Common Zone Out
by Brenda Antrim
Blair discovers a way to bring Jim out of a zone. (48k)

Dancing in the Dark
by cmshaw
Baileys and drunken sex. Nice. (33k)

Eating at Home
by Helen
Jim and Blair go on stakeout at a seedy nightclub, and discover they'd rather have sex. (62k)

by Pink Dragon
Jim sends out a sound, and gets an echo back. Sweet first time. (25k)

Eros Epistolary
by Brighid
Jim kisses Blair seemingly out of the blue. Blair of course, needs to process. Sweet. (20k)

by Annabelle Leigh
Blair's artist girlfriend decides to display some erotic art in a public gallery, with Blair as the star. Blair, of course, objects and Jim offers his assistance. (77k)

Face To Face
by Dolimir
The boys find it easier to declare their love via email than face to face. (35k)

by Dolimir
PWP. A goodbye can lead to a hello. (11k)

Honeymoon Suite
by Dangermouse
The boys pose as honeymooners in order to catch a serial killer. (143k)

by Trekker
Blair gets drunk, Jim gives him a blow job, sex ensues over a period of time. Blair eventually has an identity crisis. (52k)

In The Cards
by Duranee
It's poker night at Jim's place. Blair gets a little tipsy and makes a bet with Jim. Nice and smutty. (29k)

In Thicket
by Martha
Episode-related (Nightshift). (71k)

by Miriam
An interesting perspective on Jim and Blair's first time. Sweaty mechanic Jim here! Woof! (20k)

Jim's Gift - All Heal
by Veronica
Christmas story, very sweet and cute. (55k)

Leaning and Falling
by Kalena
Jim and Blair go on holiday to Key West. (93k)

by Kit Mason
Blair obsesses over Jim's legs. (46k)

Living with Perfect
by Brighid
Blair contemplates perfection at a Major Crime barbeque. (18k)

Looking For Sandburg
by MrsHamill
Drama. Jim and Blair discover that they don't really know each other. (53k)

by Justine
Jim and Blair go for icecream. (32k)

Men of Letters
by Dangermouse
Jim and Blair communciate via a series of notes. (11k)

Never Goin' Anywhere
by Pink Dragon
A beautiful, slow awakening of Jim and Blair's relationship. (24k)

by Marmoset
Jim overhears some comments about his relationship with Blair. Cute. (76k)

One of These Nights
by Thomas
Blair masturbates. Again. (96k)

Other Kinds of Things
by Helen
Jim tells Blair he has "a thing" for him. (68k)

Over the Edge
by Alleycat
Cascade experiences a heat wave. (50k)

Poetic Justice
by JM Griffin
Blair gets a magnetic poetry kit for his birthday. (5k)

Point to Point
by Scala
Fluff. Blair noctices Jim. (10k)

by Helen
Blair stands his date up for the night and Jim decides to keep her company. (81k)

Say Forever For me
by James Walkswithwind
Drama. In the lead-up to Valentine's Day, Blair receives a phone call that would shatter his life. (53k)

by cmshaw
Jim encounters trouble when he wears silk underwear. (33k)

Sliding Home
by JC
Blair is unaware that he has crossed some lines. Sweet. (19k)

by Sheffield
Jim surprises Blair with a banana. (11k)

Superbowl Surprise
by Lady of Shalott
Joel, Henri and Rafe get Jim and Blair drunk and put them in a compromising position, so Jim and Blair concluse that they must have had sex. (33k)

by Cori Lannam
Blair is featured in a prominent Cascade magazine, leading to speculation about the nature of his relationship with Jim. Lovely story. (47k)

Talking to Santa
by Caro Dee and pam h
Blair tells Santa what he wants for Christmas. (30k)

Testing, Testing
by Dawn M. Pares
Jim decides to test Blair's senses. (45k)

The Magnificent Eight
by Boyd
Humour. This is The Love Boat, Major Crime-style, when the gang wins a holiday at a New Mexico dude ranch. (225k)

The Perfect Blind Date
Blair finds Jim's perfect date. (61k)

There It Is
by Strandia
Jim greets a visitor from his past and Blair gets jealous. Great line: "He loves me; he must, because Jim would not do that to his best pants." A funny, sexy little story. (29k)

by Gloria Lancaster
Humour. Jim goes primal and when the panther wants to eat, who's Blair to say no? (13k)

Under the Radar
by Lynn Zo
Jim decides he likes it when Blair greets him after a hard day's work. (27k)

Wine, Women and Schlong
by Brighid
In which Blair tries to steal a pen and gets more than he bargained for. Cute. (31k)

The Word
by Firefrog
Romance. Jim has something to tell Blair. Sweet. (6k)

Valentine Mystery
by Toshua
Blair courts Jim. (36k)

by Owlet
Jim and Blair have some ice-cream. Very short story, I almost didn't rec it but it's such a delicious scene! (8k)

by Miriam
Jim and Blair define the terms of their relationship. (48k)

What I Really Want to Say
by Rhiannon-Jehane
Romance. Blair experiences Christmas at the Ellison household. (13k)

Where Friendship Takes You
by Tazy
Romance. Blair and Jim get a cat and a dog. (136k)


Love and laughter, a brilliant combination.
Cascade Olympiad
by Corbeau
Jim and Blair watch the Olympics. (62k)

by Johanna C.A. Fally
Jim gets sick, but is determined to save Blair from his kidnappers anyway. (61k)

by Jane Mailander
The MC gang as dogs? (95k)

by Blankety
Blair lands in jail and calls Jim to bail him out. (30k)

In Vodka Veritas
by Gloria Lancaster
Blair gets drunk. (17k)

by Marag
Jim insures Blair. (26k)

Jim of the Jungle
by Jane Mailander
Jim goes Tarzan. (100k)

Kids Under Twelve Drink Free
by Mallory Klohn
Jim takes Blair to Vegas. (45k)

by Caro Dee
Filk. Yes, filk. To the tune of This Old Man. (3k)

My Boyfriend is Inflatable
by Scribe
PWP. Blair finds one of Jim's old toys. (24k)

by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PWP. Jim and Blair's neighbours get fed up with the noise. (7k)

Passion on the High Seas
by Jayd
PWP. Jim and Blair enact a pirate fantasy. (41k)

by Debra Fran Baker
Not sure if this is gen or not, but it kept me snickering continuously. (4k)

Sensual Rhythms
by lady of shalott
Jim and Blair versus the forces of the universe. Another cutie. (71k)


Life before the clue-bus comes along. You know it's just a matter of time.
Everything You Need In One Convenient Location
by Julad
Humour. Jim and Blair go shopping; Jim ogles Blair's butt. (32k)

House Beautiful
by Peruvian Gypsy
Drama, Simon's POV. Simon has a good look at the loft. (6k)

by Molly
Blair gets bored on stakeout, and tells Jim a secret. Great line: "You're asking me to detail the nuances of my random mutters? Man, you must be really bored." (46k)

It's Only Television
by Justine
Blair explains Xena and Gabrielle to Jim. Nothing really happens here, but I'm a sucker for Xena *g* (5k)

When The Dealing's Done
by Adoratrice
Poker night at the loft, and Blair thinks he can out-bluff everyone. (21k)

Plot, What Plot?

Sometimes hot, hot sex is all you need.
Absolutely Impossible
by Merri-Todd Webster
Jim fantasises about Blair. (9k)

All I Want
by Zen & nancy
Kinky sex. Lots of it. Kinda dark. (39k)

by Grey
Blair has a sock fetish. (8k)

by Panther
Blair goes to a sex club. Jim follows. Lotsa kinky sex. (135k)

Beat the Clock, Every Frivolous Whim, Beautiful Friend
by Katrina Bowen
Jim and Blair go camping. (8k + 11k + 16k)

Captain Ellison Loses Command
by Caro Dee
AU. Jim and Blair meet in a bar. WARNING: Ending not quite happy, but I'm assured there is a sequel in the works. (16k)

On Edge
by Shadow
Jim plans a little surprise for Blair. Good smut. (This story is loosely a sequel to It's the End of the World As We Know It, published in Angelwings Press's Whispers of the Heart 2, but this works well as a standalone.) (31k)

Fire in the Jungle
by Brenda Antrim
When Blair has trouble dealing with being a cop, drastic measures are called for. (39k)

Prove It
by Xfreak
Blair proves to Jim that he's very flexible. (11k)

Salt, Tequila, Lime
by Lyrica
Kitchen table challenge. Long story with a bit of plot, actually. Jim and Blair are lovers, and Jim goes out on a date. (68k)

Scoring Opportunity
by Jane Mailander
Humour. Blair does the whole soccer team for $20. (60k)

Secrets and Vices
by Terri
Jim and Blair have kinky sex. (46k)

by Lisa, Duncan's Twin
Firsts. Blair discovers that Jim has a little dick. (16k)

Skin Flick
by Cara Chapel
Jim and Blair watch a video. (30k)

by Caro Dee
Jim and Blair get hot and heavy (and wet) after The Rig. WARNING: Ending not quite happy, but I'm assured there is a sequel in the works. (27k)

by Ceares
Jim and Blair go undercover in a strip club. Jim is turned on by Blair's act. (32k)

Tan Lines
by Deirdre
Blair decides to sun himself on the roof. (55k)

The Maddening Crowd
by Dolimir
Jim confronts Blair in a nightclub. (9k)

The Sea Wolf
by Marion
Jim and Blair enact a pirate fantasy. (31k)

Toss and Turn
by Basingstoke
No plot, but no sex either. Couldn't figure the category so I plonked it here. A cute story about the guys doing housework, memorable for Jim's comment on washing Blair's socks. Short and sweet. (7k)

Toy Story
by Alanna
This story actually has a plot, but it revolves around sex, hot sex, so I put it here. Blair takes time to, ahem, prepare himself, for Jim. (35k)


When one story just isn't enough.
Blair's Food: Cheesecake
by Kitipurr
This is the last in a series of short snippets, but works well on its own and has more plot than the others. (75k)

Choosing Life, Choosing Love, Choosing Laughter
by Myrna
Drama. Blair has an accident that leaves him disabled, and they must cope with the consequences. (130K)

Degrees to Heal, Degrees To Love
by Monica
Romance, Firsts. An illness leads to a discussion, and a discovery, as old wounds heal. (35k + 90k)

Fantasy Series:
Howl, On Your Knees, Private, Growl, Salute Me, Private
by Caro Dee
PWP. Jim. Blair. Sexual Fantasies. (13k + 11k + 17k + 15k)

Dorset County: I Still Believe, Iceberg, Pilgrimage, First Annual Dorset County Folk Music Festival, The Greater Public Good, On The Way Home, Obscure Music
by Dasha
Romance. Jim becomes increasingly ill, forcing him and Blair to move out of the city. They head for Dorset County. (140k + 92k + 44k + 144k + 104k + 180k)

Earth Angel, Earth Angel 2, Earth Angel 3, Earth Angel 4, Earth Angel 5
by K9
Humour, AU. Blair is a smart-ass, horny angel sent to earth to straighten out Jim Ellison. (10k + 10k + 10k + 15k + 18k)

Five Senses: Make You Mine, Places I'll Remember
by Pumpkin
Firsts. Blair attempts to seduce Jim by focusing on his senses. (94k + 59k)

Insatiable I, Insatiable II, Insatiable III
by Carodee
PWP. Jim becomes addicted to sex. Kink warning! (97k + 66k + 8k)
Also some snippets in this universe, of which my favourite is Tongue.

Kissing Friends, Interlude: Camping, Being Friends
by Basingstoke
Firsts. Repressed!Jim meets Tenacious!Blair. A series of short stories wherein Jim tries to resist Blair's attempts to seduce him. (4k + 4k + 8k)

Learning Curve, Truth, Death and Donuts
by Antimony Hayes
Pre-slash, Firsts. Jim and Blair slowly feel each other out. Gorgeous writing. (20k + 51k)

Map of the Sentinel Heart 1 , Map of the Sentinel Heart 2
by Scala
Drama. Post TSbyBS. Blair takes a holiday in order to process. (137k + 116k)

The Midge Goldblatt Universe
by Kyanoswolf
Cute series of snippets. (9k)

Morning After, Night Before
by Marag
Humour, Firsts. Blair gets drugged on a stakeout and wakes up with a massive hangover. (18k + 32k)

No Big Deal I, No Big Deal II, No Big Deal III
by Dasha
Firsts. A different perspective on canon. (184k + 184k + 277k)

The Online Series: You Have Mail, One Message Waiting, Restore Default Settings, At A Different Pace... plus two more to come.
by Sammy (15k + 25k + 28k + 39k)

Promises To Keep, Miles To Go
by Myrna
Drama. Loooong, very sad story in which Blair and Jim deal with Blair being diagnosed with cancer. But very worth reading if you're in the mood for a wallow. (369K)

Resurrection: Resurrection, Counterpoint, Adjustments, Beginnings, Confrontations, Love's Greatest Gift,
by Dolimir
AU, Drama. A year after Blair is presumed dead, Jim is certain that Blair is alive. He is, but he is also greatly changed. (24k + 31k + 16k + k + k + 22K)

Sixteen Instinctive Behaviours
by Betty Plotnick
Funny, smarmy, cute series of vignettes wherein the boys get to know each other.

Songs You Know By Heart: More Than Words, Hands to Heaven, Insensitive, The Price of Love, Please Come Home For Christmas, I Cross My Heart.
by JR
Drama, Songfic. Blair leaves Cascade for a new job in Virginia. (36k + 50k + 48k + 89k + 30k + 85k)

The Sports Series: Check That Little Pitcher Out, Screen Ball Hinder, Learning How To Fall, MisQ, Blind Pass, Touching Pieces, Sticking Point, It's All In The Timing, Gliding Closer To Home, Broken Play, One in the Dark,
by Romslinger
Firsts. Blair and Jim become more than friends - but it's not all smooth sailing. Gorgeous series!. (20k + 32k + 20k + 36k +200k +248k +249k +240k +365k +31k +49k)

Sweet Memory: If You Give This Man a Ride, Sweet Memory Will Die, Take a Long Holiday, Into This World We're Thrown, Make Him Understand, Riders on the Storm
by Sasquash
AU, underage sex. What would happen if Jim and Blair had met before Jim was lost in Peru? (182k + 166k + 89k + 81k + 27k + 127k)

Truth or Dare, The Best Policy
by Rainy Day
During a camping trip, Jim and Blair play "Truth or Dare", with predictable consequences. Some excellent smut. (137k + 289k)

Waiting in Vain, The Wall
by Myrna
Drama. Blair starts dating an FBI agent, and then it all goes horribly wrong. (250K)

Where Are They Now? #1 Finding The Path, #2 Where Are They Now?, #3 Where Are They Going?
by Dolimir
AU, Drama. Blair's past catches up with him when a local karaoke band recognises him as Dakota Jones. (13k + 44k + 156k)

Without Fear:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6 , Part 7, Part 8 ,
by Scala
Drama. Post TSbyBS. Blair finds life is tough in the aftermath. (76k + 76k + 99k + 67k + 108k + 85k + 95k + 104k)


I'm not a gen fan, as they tend to make me feel cheated. But the following are so good they can almost be considered pre-slash.
A Rose By Any Other Name
by LRH Balzer (17k)

Angel of Death
by cmshaw (36k)

Deep Cover
by DL Witherspoon
Drama. Jim goes undercover as a gay cop, with Blair as his domestic partner, to root out corruption in another city's police department. (151k)

by Martha (30k)

by DL Witherspoon (7k)
Smarm. Blair is home.

by Jane Mailander
Drama, horror. "Supernatural mythology", as Jane puts it. Blair falls victim to an old fishing legend. (48k)

by Martha
Drama. Blair goes off to test a drug which supposedly enhances his senses. Jim is not impressed when he is called in to rescue him after Blair disappears. (61k)

To Do List
by Aubrey Robin
What happened between the shoot-out and the job offer in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. (55K)
To Do List, Too
by Veronica
A short sequel to To Do List by Aubrey Robin (10K)
Will You Be My Sentinel?
by Robyn and Becky
Holiday, humour. (32k)

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