Cute Rachel's Profile

Rachel's Photo  My Name: Rachel
         Birth: November 1981
    Gender:  Female (MTF, Newhalf, Shemale, Tranny, Ladyboy, Transsexual, Transgender) *1
     [ Taking feminine hormones (Hormone replacement therapy) from 2007. ]
      Figure:  Height 171 cm (5'7") / Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)
      B/W/H:  Breast 34C / Waist 25 / Hip 35
  Marriage:  None
   Country:   Taipei, Taiwan, Asia
Education:  PhD student (Major in Technology Management)
                      , Master degree (Major in Bussiness Administration/Management)
Language:  English, Chinese, Taiwanese
  Interests:  Movie, Classical Music, Travel, Concert, Writing
Sexual Preference: With Woman (I'm a lesbian) *3

*1: It means Male to Female
*3: I like to date with woman

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