Cute Rachel's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

[ Common questions / About school / About parttime jobs ]
[ About family / About transsexual / About love ]
[ About sexual life (If your age is under 18, you're prohibited to view this!) ]
[Common questions]

Q1: How many years do you CD (Crossdressing)?
A1: I was start crossdressing at 1996. (I wear my mother clothing at my junior high school)
    I bought my own female clothing at 1998. (it's my senior high school)
    I was start fulltime crossdressing after my university graduation examination.
    I was still fulltime crossdressing in my graduate course.

Q2: Why your photos without your face?
A2: Because of the climate and press media here, they still give the negative impression on TG/CD/TS.
    So my photos without face just for privacy reason.

Q3: Would you be think of a freak when you go out?
A3: Not at all. And I don't care other's sight.

Q4: Did your voice will be recognized as man when you go out?
A4: My voice is neutral. Doesn't like man's voice obviously but also doesn't very feminized.

[Questions about school]

Q1: Are you dress as female when you go to school?
A1: Neutral usually, very feminized sometimes.

Q2: Did classmates know your situation?
A2: Someone knows and my female classmates as my good sisters.

Q3: Did teachers know your situation?
A3: Teachers were a bit known, but they always take care of me.

[Questions about parttime jobs]

Q1: Did you ever get parttime job with the female identity? the boss knows? the boss can accept?
A1: Yes. I ever come out to the boss and loss some jobs, but fortunately some boss accept me.
    Some boss let me do parttime job with the female identity and take care of me.

Q2: What kind of parttime jobs did you ever been?
A2: The staff in Hotel/Resort and the assistant in company.

Q3: Did you have been work in the night clubs?
A3: Not at all. It's complicated environment, so I didn't ever work here for safety reason.
    It need to drink a lot of alcohol and it's full of smoke, so I don't work here for health reason.

Q4: Did you ever want to get the "drag queen show" job in the future?
A4: I don't have interest now.

Q5: What do you do after you graduated from school? Did you still crossdressing to find a job?
A5: I hope to work in female role, and just want to be a female staff in the company.

[Questions about family]

Q1: Did your family know your situation? Did your family support you?
A1: My family was very traditional and they can't accept. (I was tried the trial questions)
    So I still not come out to them, living outside the family and back home rarely.

[Questions about transsexual]

Q1: Did you take hormone medicines?
A1: Yes! I have been take female hormone from 2007 and take hormones from natural food and herbal medicine.
    The breast growing bigger by years, and the body getting beauty, too.

Q2: Do you want to do the transsexual operation (SRS, Sex Reassignment Surgery)?
A2: I am poor student now. I may do operation after I was married and the company support me.

[Questions about love]

Q1: Do you love man? Do you still love woman?
A1: I still love woman and I ever have a girlfriend before.

Q2: What gender role do you want to be in love? with female role or male role?
A2: I hope to use female role to fall in love.

Q3: What gender role do you play when you date with female?
A3: 1. I hope to use the female role to date with female.
    2. My ex-girlfriend can accept my situation, so I use female role to date with her.
       But sometimes she ask me to dress as man to go out with her or neutrally at least.
    3. We were boyfriend and girlfriend and also be a sister each other.
       We have been window shopping (pick female clothings, shoes) together.
    4. About my sexual life with female please see the "Questions about sexual life".

Q4: What gender role do you play when you date?
A4: 1. Totally in female role.
    2. It's feel good to be a honey and dear in someone's shoulder.

[Questions about sexual life] (If your age is under 18, you're prohibited to view below!)

Q1: Did you have been sexual relationship with female?
A1: Yes, but I only have sexual relationship with my girlfriend.
    (And single sexual relationship at one time)
    And I think must have love relationship before sexual relationship.

Q2: What do you do in sexual activities with your ex-girlfriend? Who be the female role?
A2: I was being the female role and wearing female clothing during activities.

Q3: Why normal woman want to date with you? She can accept you?
A3: She likes the male me, and can accept my female side.
    My girl friend answered as below:
    Although he wants to be a girl and likes wearing female clothing.
    But he still have penis. And he can be my boyfriend also can be my sister at the same time. It's so good.
    He is not only have man's sexual life and I also can experience the sexual life with the female.

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