I Am the Wife of a Police Officer

By: Lynne Kruse

I am the wife of a Police Officer, And for that I’m very proud
It’s amazing the different looks I get, When I say that very loud.
You call him a pig or a jerk that bullies you,
But I wish that you could see him all the ways I do.
He loves his job “To Protect and to Serve”,
But rarely gets a thank you even though it’s well deserved
He’s spat upon and sneered at, yet he wipes it all away,
Then gets up the next morning to put in another day.
A Police Officer might be his job, but he’s also expected to be,
A mechanic, a fireman and even an EMT.
Other jobs are trying and they’ll put you to the test,
But how many days do you go to work wearing a bullet proof vest.
He wears his uniform everyday his badge shining on his chest,
Praying daily that he’ll make it through and he’ll always do his best.
Sometimes he eats cold meals, sometimes he doesn’t eat at all,
Sometimes he sits down to eat but then gets another call.
So off he’ll go to help someone, he’ll go out on a limb,
But if that person doesn’t get their way, they’ll blame it all on him.
You get mad at him for jailing you when you choose to drink and drive,
But my husband only does that to keep you and others alive.
When someone is breaking into your house the cops are a great relief,
But when they write you a ticket for a law you broke, you say “I’m gonna call your chief”.
He has to listen to testimonies of children that have been abused,
Then he has to comfort them so they won’t feel used.
He has to tell then that your loved one died, there was nothing he could do,
Then he lets you cry on his shoulder and sometimes he cries too.
No he doesn’t have to do this he could have chose another career,
He lives his life to help people, your safety is why he’s here.

Every Time a Cop Gets Killed

By: Lynne Kruse

Every time a cop gets killed,
A chill goes down my spine.
I close my eyes and thank the Lord,
Grateful it wasn't mine.
I married him because I love him,
I gave him all my life.
I didn't realize how hard it would be,
To be a Police Officer's wife.
Even if it's just a minute,
That he's late coming through the door.
Tears well up in my eyes,
As I pray to the Lord.
Lord please bring him home to me,
Please protect his life.
And please help me do my best,
As a Police Officer's wife.


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