The drive to Las Vegas !
The route we took to Las Vegas this time is our "Northern Route".  Instead of the plain trip down Highway 5, straight, flat, and boring, Mike Drew led us up to Marcus Smith's home, for a big brunch.  Then over the Sierras we went, twisty roads the norm.  The weather was good, and the roads clean, and clear.  The bad thing about this route was how hard it was to keep up with the group in the minivan, my Pantera down for restoration.  When I sped up to take photos of our cars, that spurred them on to drive even faster !  A couple of people realized what I was doing, and let me photo them.
PCNC just can't get enough of Tech Sessions.  Howard mentioned that a fan sounded 'weak', and the guys jumped right in.  Now you have to ask yourself, who travels with a stock radiator fan in the spare parts bag ?
Jack Bartole (on the right) helps Howard (red shirt) swap out the offending part.  The box in front is my electrical parts box, really !
With the cars checked out, the line consists of the cars of (near to far)
Jack and Judy DeRyke
Roger and Pam Sharp
Jack Bartole and ?
Howard and Sharon Renshaw,
Bill and Brett Santos,
Terry Morofsky and ?
and the last car is Anita and Jim Kuehne.
Lastly is the parts van, carry all, straggler, me.
OK, so we pull into the small town of Biship.  To save a couple of bucks I agree to share a room with Mike Drew.  Yea, yea, I know !
Anyway, Mike whips out the local phone book, flips to the BailBonds page, and dials a number !
Whoa !  Mike, what are you planning for us, that we need reservations with the bailbonds guy ???
Our bailbondsman arrives....In a Pantera !
OK, Now I get it Mike !  It turns out that this guy is also a former mayor of Biship, and happens to own this Pantera.  I guess in a small town, it's easy to have several careers !  This is a very nice car, and lucky the owner is to live in an area with wide open roads !

We head off to dinner, OVERWHELMING the best restaurant in town, and late that night we straggle back to our hotel.  As the last chore we stop at the gas station in a group.  Imagine the look on that young kid, mouth agape, stammering, "Wha...what are....ummmm, uh."
"No we don't have 106 high test !"  Sorry !
Then next moring came soon.  The excitment was building as we closed in on our destination.  We crossed another set of hills, on a very windy tight road.  The roar of Pantera thunder echoed across the canyon walls.
My poor minivan, tires squeeling, struggled to keep up with "LedFoot Kuehne" and "Allways out Front Sharp".  When I hear over the CB radio, "No honey, I'm not trying to keep up with the Panteras, I'm trying to keep up with that Damn minivan !"  (From the Cadillac bringing up the rear.)
We reach the flat lands of the Nevada desert.  Speeds increase, and the minivan drops behind around 110 mph.  Way behind.Way, way behind....We pass the Cotton Tail, the Bunny Ranch, and others.  I see no Panteras in the parking lots.  The group stops for a group photo, and bull session....time passes...I get within CB range and I am directed to keep going....Damn I miss a photo opportunity !  ME !  Oh well, for the better of the group.  They give me 5-10 minutes head start....running flat out.  moments later, a blur at 170 mph takes the lead into Vegas.
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