Know ye not that YE ARE the temple of God, and that
THE SPIRIT OF GOD dwelleth in you?    (1 Corintihians 3:16)

 This site is for those who are interested in discussions of what LDS Temple endowment symbolism means.  This site also includes discussions of other symbols and allegories common to LDS/Mormon experience.

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The LDS Endowment
(Click on the name above to download The Temple Book.   This is an underground book that discusses some of the deeper meanings behind the symbolism of the endowment ceremony.)

(Click on the name above to download Temple Book II as one file.   This book is a compilation of writings about the meaning of the LDS endowment and temple experience. Individual chapters are below.)

Title Page      

Authors Preface

  1. Temple of God: Carnal vs Spiritual Understandings  
  2. The Meaning of the Apron  
  3. The True Order of Prayer  
  4. The New and Everlasting Covenant  
  5. The Great Pyramid and Temple Symbolism:  One Message in the Many
  6. The Name of the Second Token 
  7. The Meaning of the Sash: Sealing Power and Authority  
  8.  The Treasure of the Great Pyramid 
  9.  The Symbolism in the Temple Garment  
  10.  Playing Simon Says in the Endowment 
  11. Who is Eleazar?   It doesn’t matter and it is really about the meaning of new names.  
  12. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the LDS Endowment  
  13. The Meaning of the Kirtland Temple and Beyond   
  14. Symbolism in the LDS Endowment:  The language of tokens, names, and signs
  15. How All Things are Perfect
  16. An Experience of Yourself

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  Reflections in Mormonism:  Seeing beyond the image

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