Ok, let me be honest from the outset: Blade of Darkness (BOD) is my favorite game without any doubt. I have been waiting for a good swords and sorcery epic for years. While Rune was graphically beautiful and a lot of fun, its game play just wasn't very deep, as reviewed elsewhere. To be more specific, combat in Rune amounted largely to the choice of whether to attack or block while moving. In contrast, BOD is what Rune should have been; i.e., a tactically deep and richly engrossing hack-and-slash epic.

But make no mistake: the game can be incredibly frustrating at the outset. This is not a game that you can just pick up immediately and play a few minutes here and there; rather, it requires some hard work to master its intricacies. I say this both in light of personal experience as well as the comments I've seen posted in the Rebel Act Forums. Since a truly helpful walkthrough exists elsewhere already (see the links below), this site will instead provide basic advice toward getting started with and continuing onward in the game. Perhaps others won't have to endure some of the frustration I experienced. Check out the following links for more information.

  1. Choosing a Character
  2. Getting Started with Combat
  3. Advanced Combat
  4. Understanding the Journal
  5. Screenshots
  6. You know you're been playing BOD too much when...
  7. My review of BOD
  8. Support/FAQ
  9. Understanding the Story


This site is neither the end-all be-all of Blade of Darkness sites, nor is it intended to be. I have found all of the following sites useful at one time or another in my experience with the game thus far. If you know of a site that you think is worth being on this list, please send me email to that effect. If I agree with you, I'll add it.

Official Sites

Rebel Act Studios - main web page
Rebel Act Studios - discussion forums

Fan Sites

Blade Universe (mirror)
Blade Mods
MarcusSparcus' Tribute Site
Severance Mod Page
The Order of the Sword
Walkthrough Online's BOD Page

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