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Adventures, risks and emotions for paths scrabbled up heights. Walking, pedalling, riding, maybe ascending a mountain covered with perpetual snow or facing the rapids of a torrent river that runs between vertical walls.

Peru Adventure Trek

Challenge, anger and honor... and the adrenaline overflows when flying over deep depressions, climbing rocks chiselled out by the beating of the wind or dominating the waves of a cagey sea that pretends to be still.

Peru Adventure Trek

For its geography of unlikely mountain ranges, rivers of diabolical torrents, deserts of infinite appearance and suffocating forests, the Andean countries are ideal for the practice of those sports that they take man to the limit of his possibilities and allow him "to challenge" nature, in adventures that bury - although for a moment - the maddening tension of the cities.

Peru Adventure Trek

The magic of the Andean world, is not only in the shades of its millennial culture, in the fabulous constructions of the prehispanic architects, in the incomparable beauty of its picturesque landscapes; but rather it also seduces with the charm of its coasts, magnificent for surfing and diving, its chains of mountains that tempt climbers form the whole planet and its belligerent torrents of water that don't tire of mistreating canoes and kayacs.

Peru Adventure Trek

It was in the decade of the 80s when adventure sports began to be developed with more intensity in these lands. It was an authentic awakening , a discovery that the old paths were potential paths for the lovers of trekking and cycling to ascend to the summit of a mountain - sacred and protective guardians according to the inhabitants' beliefs of the Andes - it was excitingly an unequalable experience and that the abysses of the mountain range, could be crossed by fragile paragliders.

Peru Adventure Trek

The cultores of trekking, rock climbing, diving, canoeing, kayak, off road, mountain bicycle, cavalcade, fishing, surfing, paragliding, hang-gliding, mountaineering and other adventure sports, would be able to breathe the winds of adrenaline in Peru, the mythical earth of the children of the Sun.

Be it on the coasts of the Pacific, in the mountain rumpled like paper about to be thrown in the trash or in the green labyrinth of the forest, there will always be an opportunity to practice a sport activity that will take one to the limit of emotion and frontier of risk. Prepare yourself to be part of this fantastic adventure and check the challenges, that are also part of the attractiveness of the Andean region.

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