Travelogue Sumonder,  Minahasa, North Sulawesi

These pages present travel information about Sumonder villages

Halaman ini menyajikan informasi travel mengenai kampung-kampung Sumonder

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How to get to Sonder Minahasa

Palm Sugar Industry in Rambunan village


Rambunan village, center for palm sugar home industry in Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesiaversi bahasa Melayu New

Rambunan is for its palm sugar production. The palm sugar that the villagers produce is of very high quality. It can be considered as an organic farming produce. Farmers in Rambunan do not use chemicals both on the plants and the production process of palm sugar.

The village can be reach by one and a half hours ride from Manado, the capital city of the province North Sulawesi.

Watu Tumotoa, the calling stone of Minahasan people


versi bahasa Melayu  new


Literally, watu tumotoa means "the calling stone." The name uses Tountemboan language, one of the local languages in Minahasa. Watu means stone while tumotoa can be translated as "is calling." This was the stone where villagers of Sonder gathered and performed mareindeng ritual around it.

English Program in Sonder's Elementary Schools

Schools in Sonder sub-regency have started English program beginning from third or fifth grade. The introduction of English is considered very strategic for the development of Sonder as another center of tourists destination in Minahasa regency.

Unfortunately, the implementation of this program faces a number of problems which have to be overcome by the schools, the government and the public at large.

Sonder's fish have the best taste in the world

Grilled Mujair Fish poured with chilli sauce"The taste of Sonder's Mas and Mujair fish is the most delicious in the world," claimed Ronald Rawung, one of the villagers who live in Tounelete. There are a number of restaurants providing Minahasan cuisines in Sonder.

My favourite menu is mujair goreng/ bakar rica-rica (fried or grilled mujair with chilli sauce). I like to eat it with kangkung tumis (vegetable), and rice.

It seems that the Sonderese are not joking with their claim. The taste of fish is not only influenced by the food they eat but also by the water environment they live.





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