Roxie is . . .
A loveable, sweet Mastiff  who gets lots of attention for being so cute. She  was born in 2005. Her pedigree is  Fawn Black Mask.
Fun Facts:
Roxie is an Mastiff who is quite large  . But she's generally friendly.
She loves to be called Roxie but will come to Lady or Baby Girl.
Roxie doesn't like to swim in the pool but she makes up for it at the beach.  She loves to run up and down the beach.
She can sit, lie, shake paws, and jump, especially if you have food.
She loves to ride in the car and have the windown down so she can see everyone.
More about my pet:
Roxie lives in Largo, Florida . She likes to lick my hand.  She also sniffs everything when she  goes on walks.  She has an older brother that she loves to play with.   She loves to get a pig ear for a treat and will do a little dance for it.
Neat Links:
Fun for Pets
Email Roxie!
- female humans, chldren and adults

- her  leash (for walks)

- long naps

- going for a car ride

- running on the beach
- going to the vet

- enclosed spaces

- vegetables

- when she  is left alone

- water, baths

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