The Stanford Concours d' Elegance is held annually at Stanford University.  This year of 1999 our Impala was chosen to be in the circle in front of the Sheraton Hotel  the night of the Judges dinner.  It was quite an honor, as only a few Concours cars were chosen. 
Parked in front of us was a pale blue  40's Ford Convertible.  Parked in back of us was a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray.  There was also an impressive, newly restored, Aston Martin.  There were about fourteen cars displayed around the circle.
The day before the Concours at Stanford, some of the Concours cars met at Stanford Stanford University for a sponsored drive over the mountains to the Pacific Ocean and back.  It was a beautiful ride with about thirty other classics.  We drove over twisty, curvy, mountainous roads.  These roads were really too narrow for the size of our Impala.  We stopped at a Redwood Park to enjoy a box lunch.  It was fun, but would not do it again, not in a car our size!
The day of the Concours it was very hot.  Mike  found himself in the shade while resting in the trunk.  People love to view our trunk.  They cannot believe the size!  If we leave the trunk open just a little, they will lean over to get a peak inside.  We have heard many interesting comments.
California Wine Classic
Stanford Concours d' Elegance 1999
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