"REMEMBER HOW GREAT IT WAS TO JUST GET IN YOUR CAR AND DRIVE?"  We do, and have been doing it since 1965.  I drove it for eighteen years.  Mike and Vickie learned to drive in this car.  This Impala has many stories to tell.  We find that we are unusual owners.  At every event we hear at least one story about someone who had a car just like ours and how sorry they were that they sold it.  Rudy and I enjoy remembering how he wanted me to buy a Volkswagon, instead of this Incredible Impala!
I Am
In 1990 we completed a ground up restoration.  The Impala  was stripped of all its mouldings, bumpers,scripts etc.  The engine compartment and interior were empty.  Our son, Michael, was in charge of the restoration.  He and his friends, each with their own expertise, accomplished the major part of the restoration.  The 283 engine was sent out to be rebuilt.  The transmission was also rebuilt, although it had over 100,000 miles on it, it showed no signs of wear!
Chevrolet 283 Engine
Impala Facts
Some History About This Impala
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