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Silver Siren
Copyright © Christi Mathews

dream, dream, dream to me...
long forgotten tales from beneath the sea. ostar2.gif

I am S/He
Of the spiral castle by the silver sea
I am without beginning and without ending
I am beyond sound and sight
I cannot be touched
I am S/He who dwells beyond the veil of matter
They ask if I exist
And I answer that I do
On the shores of the Sea of Time you will find me
My head turned to the wind
Watching the waves of the eons and waiting
For your Coming
In truth I was
I am and I will be
When all else has faded from your memory
I am something which you possess
And something which you seek
I am the question that is also the answer
I am that which binds and that which sets free
I am the beginning of things
I am the ending
Seek me and know me
I am S/He



Many tides have turned since the time when all knew of the world that exists beneath the waves. A world full of love, truth, and beauty where the purest of heart are known to dwell. A world inhabited by Mers...Mermaids and Mermen, Caretakers of the Waters of the Great Sea.

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Swim with me softly
Through seas thick with foam,
I am a Mermaid
And this is my home…,


It was an ancient long forgotten time, a peaceful time, so very different from today. The land-dwellers knew of our existence, as we knew of did not matter for we all lived in joyful harmony, our hearts open and flowing with love and compassion. We were respected and honoured by the land-dwellers, they knew us to be caretakers of the Life-Giving Spirit...the Sea, She who is the eternal Mother of All. For it is from the Sea that all life was birthed onto this watery planet you call Earth, and it is to the Sea that all shall return to in the end.


“I am the soundless, boundless bitter Sea,
Out of whose depths, life wells eternally.
I am the soundless, boundless bitter Sea,
All things in the end shall return to me.”


Alas, your world has changed in so many, many ways. For most land-dwellers, the land of Mers has long ceased to exist, drifting further and further from their world. Many have forgotten the magic of the ocean, the tides no longer run in their blood, the waves no longer swell in their heart and their souls are no longer connected to the rhythm of life...the Sea. However, for a few land-dwellers, the land of Mers still exists, it exists in their hearts, their souls, their world. For they have not forgotten, it is a distant memory but it is now, it is here, it is everywhere in this world and they will always see it.


“Legend has sunk it where the shoreless foam
goes scudding over unplumbed leagues of Sea,
but I have seen it glittering, dome on dome,
Spire on spire, in castled sovereignty…”

As I was saying, your world has undergone many changes. For once there was a time when a land-dweller could, if she believed with all her heart, and knew a bit of sea magic, swim through the gateway to the world of the Mers. She would be welcomed by all the Mermaids and Mermen with much joy and celebration for her accomplishment of this task. For she was now one with them in Spirit, linked together, the 'limits' of time and space ceasing to exist. For to be able to pass into the world of the Mers was to be able to pass through an inner level of higher consciousness, a Sacred Mystery unknown still to many land-dwellers. After emerging from the unseen depths, the land-dweller would return to her village to attend a joyous celebration that was prepared to acknowledge her as a Priestess of the Sea.

“Watery powers of the deep
Ancient secrets that you keep
Reveal the Mystery to me
For I am a Priestess of the Sea.”


To be a Priestess of the Sea was not only a sacred honour but a solemn responsibility. For the land-dwellers would at times, look to the Sea Priestess for guidance and comfort during times of illness or death. When a land-dweller was dying, the Sea Priestesses of the village would gather around them and perform the Death Ritual. As the tide of life began to ebb and the tide of death began to flow stronger from the great depths of the Sea, the dying land-dweller would be placed upon a raft and sent out to sea, accompanied by the Sea Priestesses. They would ease the transition of the dying land-dweller by singing to the soul as it journeyed on to its new beginning. To the soul of the land-dweller, the Sea Priestesses would appear as Mermaids, for indeed they had shape-shifted, their beautiful voices softly soothing the dying back into the primordial depths of the Great Sea.

Both Mermaids and Sea Priestesses were able to predict when shipwrecks would occur and so they would also sing to the souls of the drowning sailors as their ship perished and sunk to the silent realm below. This, by the way, is why land-dwellers of today have the misconception of Mermaids luring sailors to their death with their enchanting voices.

During this ancient time, land-dwellers were aware of the interconnectedness of all life. They knew in their hearts and souls that they created their own world, their own destiny with their thoughts and deeds. It was for this reason that they did strive to be pure of heart. For what your heart holds, your soul sees as your truth within and so you shall become as you weave your own destiny.


“Here between the land and Sea
Where awesome powers reign
I create my destiny
And all I would attain.
Ancient one of blue and green
Of foam and surf and sand
Grant the powers that I’ve seen
Between the Sea and land.”

Fear and hatred did not exist in land-dwellers at this time, all was in harmony with the land-dwellers and their joyous, playful way of life. They worshipped and celebrated the Great Sea under many names, always knowing it was still one, and realizing that only by the grace of the Great Sea did they exist upon the land.


“I am the soundless, boundless, bitter Sea.
All tides are mine, and answer unto me.
Tides of the airs, tides of the inner earth;
The secret, silent tides of death and birth.
Tides of men’s souls, and dreams, and destiny---”

For they had heard ancient tales of long ago, of how whole villages had been swallowed up by the Great Sea. It was said that they had lost respect for Her and no longer honoured Her, and so She had recycled them back into Her Sea-Womb of Creation. They had no intention of repeating that experience. They remembered the Sea was the source of all being, for life arose there in, form arose from the formless, the primordial, the Great Sea.

“Listen, listen, listen to my Heartsong,
Listen, listen, listen to my Heartsong
I will always Love You, I will always Serve You,
I will always Love You, I will always Serve You
Listen, listen, listen to my Heartsong,
Listen, listen, listen to my Heartsong
I will never forget You, I will never forsake You,
I will never forget You, I will never forsake You,
Listen, listen, listen to my Heartsong,
Listen, listen, listen to my Heartsong.”


Blessings and prayers were offered to the Great Sea for Her bountiful nourishment bestowed upon them daily....gratitude was a natural expression for those living in harmony. Before each meal they blessed and honored the spirit of the fish for its give away of life to nourish their own. In return, their nets were always full with enough fish to feed the village that day. Land-dwellers were careful to take only what was needed for that day, never would they take more that what could be used in one day, knowing that the Sea would provide abundance to sustain them when needed.


As well as their daily prayers and blessing to the Great Sea and Her caretakers, the land-dwellers would gather on the beach at every full moon to perform a sacred ritual. The Full Moon Ritual was intended to awaken the subconscious mind of the land-dwellers to enable them to communicate with the Mermaids and Mermen.


“O Golden Mermaid appear to me,
Spirit of foam, rise from the Sea.
The hour of the full moon-tide draws near,
Hear the invoking words, draw near and appear”


Through various practices of divination such as scrying, trance work and meditation, receptive land-dwellers were able to receive the wisdom of the Mers. These messages provided them with guidance and information that helped them to lead lives of harmony and happiness.

One of the arts taught to land-dwellers was the art of shape-shifting. Shape-shifting enabled the land-dwellers to change or shift from their human form to that of a Mermaid or Merman. For women this was often easier to do, perhaps because they like the Sea, have their own moon-tide rhythms. Shape-shifting into Mer form was more difficult for a man to achieve, hence the large number of Mermaids in relation to Mermen.

For some land-dwellers, learning the art of shape-shifting was enough, they were satisfied with their ability to switch between human and Mer form. The limits of shape-shifting were of no concern to them, being able to stay in Mer form for only one cycle of day light and darkness at a time, was enough.

But there was always another group for whom shape-shifting into Mer form became a burning passion. It opened up a whole new world, a world they desired to forever become a part of instead of returning to their human form. Eventually this burning passion became an obsession consuming their every thought, their every dream. For it is the Mers that bring the dream-tides of the soul, dreams that rule our destiny. Day and night their dreams were filled with longing, a longing that reached to the depths of their being, for the Sea had claimed them as Her own.


“I must go down to the Sea again
for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call
That may not be denied.”


Summoned by Her call, they gave their hearts freely, deeply drawn to Her rhythm, hungering to satisfy their longing to become one with Her in Spirit. Once a year on Summer Solstice, an Initiation Ritual was performed for these land-dwellers that had heard Her call and chose to answer it by becoming Mermaids and Mermen for the rest of their lives.

“Know then and remember
In this life and in all lives to come
that I have known thee and loved thee
And I have taken thee for my own.”

If any land-dweller was uncertain about the commitment they were about to make, they were turned away, for they would not survive the transformation unless their heart was free of doubt. On rare occasion this would happen but most land-dwellers instinctively chose to answer the call and went forth with the initiation.


“Open for me the Secret Way
The pathway to the Mers
Between the Gates of night and day
Beyond the bounds of time and space
Open the Secret Way.
Let your Will be my Will
And let my Will be your Will
Let your desire be my desire
And let my desire be your desire
Let there be no separation between us
For in you I have found myself
The source of my being
And to you I will return
The beginning and the end.”

All through the night the Initiation Ritual took place on the sea shore by the light of the moon, but of that I may not speak of. When the sun rose the next morning the transformation was complete. The land-dwellers were no more, in their place were Mermaids and Mermen, anxious to begin their new life in the world beneath the waves.

And so life continued in harmony for the land-dwellers and the Mers, day turning into night, solstice into equinox, year after year. All was well. Until the time of the sinking.

I can tell you that there was no plausible explanation or cause of the sinking that we could comprehend at the time but this I can say, it was not of our doing. Looking back now, I think perhaps it was the planet, shifting and stretching, evolving as every life form must do or cease to exist. Perhaps She was testing the land-dwellers, determining their state of enlightenment? Who can say, and what is done is done.

What ever the reason for the sinking, the land-dwellers began to panic as their land started to quickly disappear, swallowed by the Great Sea. We tried to help those that were experienced shape-shifters by initiating them, transforming them into Mer form, but many were not fully prepared for this and drowned. Others shape-shifted into Mer form immediately, desperately trying to avoid their fate. They chose to forego the initiation, forgetting their stamina to stay in Mer form was limited. They along with many others drowned during this sinking of land.

Some land-dwellers had left the village at the first sign of sinking and had headed for higher ground, hoping to rebuild their way of life as they once knew it. Unfortunately their fate was not to be so easy. They encountered many hardships they were not prepared for, many died, leaving only a small population to start anew. Those that remained were suspicious of us thereafter and refused our help or guidance. Blaming us for the catastrophe, they turned away, wanting nothing more to do with us.

And sadly, the dream began to blur, engulfed in transparent ripples as if underwater, amd sunk beyond reach. I do not know how many moons have passed since then, indeed time passes differently for Mers and alas, the tides of the world have changed with the ending of the dream.

The world beyond the Mers has ever accelerated, continuing at a frenzied pace, desecrating and destroying much in its path. The Great Sea and Her creatures are dying, much of life on Earth is threatened with extinction. And that is the reason this tale may not remain secret any longer.

For among you now in human form are the Spirits of Mers, descendants of the land-dwellers that had undergone the Initiation Ritual. The genetic make-up of those that underwent the Initiation Ritual has allowed for the possibility of their descendants to be born as land-dwellers. They have much knowledge and a great deal of responsibility set upon them. They have chosen to return as land-dwellers to help with the healing of the Great Sea before She and Her creatures are destroyed.

It is not possible for the Mers to inhabit the Great Sea in physical form at this point of the earth's cycle, and now the time is drawing near when their kin, the Whales and Dolphins will no longer be able to inhabit the Great Sea. Perhaps in service, they sacrifice themselves to bring awareness to humanity, convinced we will awaken before it's too late? Perhaps the toll has become too great for their physical bodies and they can no longer continue on their path? For eons these sentient beings have cradled and nurtured this watery planet with their songs and love vibration. Should the day come when their songs cease unwillingly, the Great Sea Herself shall die and shortly after, all other life forms on earth will also perish. Take heart dear ones, it is not too late to turn the tide and restore peace and harmony by becoming an embodiment of Love and Joy.

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“Blessed Be the Sea who sighs with love
Blessed Be the wave that caresses the shore
Blessed Be the sand which succumbs to Her
Blessed Be the shell that is cast up from Her
Blessed Be She, the Mother of Pearl”

It is up to land-dwellers to decide if they are ready to do something about the current situation or just stand idly by while their world comes to an end....the choice is yours. You may ask, "How can I make a difference, I am but one among millions?" Imagine if everyone was to say,

"I AM only one but I Can do something, I Will make a difference."

Can you comprehend what would happen, almost overnight? Such power you land-dwellers could have if only you realised it.

And so I urge you to look deeply into your heart, expand your boundaries of compassion and awareness, know that we are all ONE. Know that you can make a difference by beginning with yourself. The waters of the world can be healed, begin by healing yourself and like a stone dropped into a pond, the ripples will flow out and over the rest of the planet. Open your hearts and allow the energy of Love and Joy to flow from within and without.


May life-affirming Peace flow over the oceans, the lands, and the creatures of this Water planet.
May your Hearts open and Flow with the Love and Joy that is your Spiritual birthright.
May you Know the Greatness of your Spirit.
May you be Blessed.

For I have sung the Song of the Sea
I am Her, She is me.
Ancient Mother who claimed my heart
From Your love I shall never part.

For I have dreamt these tales of Thee
I am Your Priestess of the Sea.
Although in human form I appear
Tis only to speak to those that can hear.

For I have been given a message to tell
I am connected to those who dwell
Beneath the waves in realms below
A voice from the silent depths of my soul.

For I have been saddened by what I see
I am asking you to hear my plea.
The ocean is sick, Her creatures are dying
It stems from fear, there can be no denying.

For I have seen the pollution you create
I am begging you before its too late
Change your ways, have respect for the Sea
Send Her your Love, unconditionally.

Heed this warning, listen to Her call
For She is the eternal Mother of All
Form from the formless, life from the Sea
Ruler of the death-tides and your destiny.

For I have sung the Song of the Sea
I am Her, She is me
Ancient Mother, Queen of the Sea
Awaken the humans to this plea.

© 1996 Oceanna de la Mer


Awareness rises like tides of the seas. You are the current within, within the living melodies, the attention beneath these endlessly undulating tapestries whose mysteries ripple outward now, rise upward now, on waves, symphonic waves, the currents of your eternal whole.
~Ken Carey

Treasures of the Sea













You are the Sea of eternal awareness lapping on the shores of time. You are a wave of eternity splashing upon this temporal shore, the Star Maker awakening beneath a sensuous film of water and biologically textured clay.
~Ken Carey


Created Summer Solstice 1996

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