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The Links page

For your surfin' delight, here are some links to other interesting sites, and especially people I have traded with. A great many thanks to you all. And to think it all just started with getting a few boots to jam along.
These links haven't been updated in a while.
  • U2 messageboards One of the bigger U2 messageboards. Home of the U2 Newmedia peer to peer trading software. Seems to be going the way of payed membership for full participation though.
For love of money! Quintessential site for bootlegcollectors
 and just plain surfin'. A great thanks to FLOM for al the 
reviews I've ripped. This site has been totally revamped, 
not to mentioned gone into new owners and looking very good!
  • Pat's U2 CD Page Excellent, reliable, patient and fast trader. Seems defunct now, unfortunately.
  • U2 BOOTLEG COLLECTION Fellow native from my place of birth. Has an awesome collection. He does sales.
    Site seems to be dead
  • Shaft all Another fellow native from the deep south. Fast and reliable.
  • Chris Choboter Reliable Canuck. Thumbs up.
  • Bucky's U2 Trading page boots from the Big State of Texas.
  • Another U2 bootleg page: CD-R and minidisc U2 boots from Belgium. Give her a call!
  • The Hugo Morganho Collection Portugeze trader who seems to be doing quite allright.
    Site seems to be dead
  • Justin's U2 CD-R Trading Page Mister Zoo himself. If your looking for a obscure show on CDR, chances are that this is the place. Except for the Skunkworks of course.
  • Excellent trader from Berlin. Look him up!
  • Matt Houston's Australian U2pageWebring HTML obsessive but very ironic Australian. Never traded with this guy but very entertaining.
    Site seems to be dead
  • This is were I get the bulk of my setlists. Nice looking site with lots of other info too!
  • U2 Guitar ArchiveVast depository of fanmade tablature of almost every U2 song. Jam along with your new bootleg. Try to find some of my contributions.
  • Ever wonder how to you can jam along with your
new bootleg AND sound the same as the Edge? Go here and find out.
  • Home of the best CD-recording software, CDR-Win!
  • Good traders against bad traders! This is a great site where card game traders (of which I'm one also) keep score of themselves. IF you are good you gain in rank, if you are bad you are kicked out and you come on the black list. Now why don't we bootlegtraders have something similar?
  • Babylon 5 CCG Trading via This is one of the best tradepages I have ever seen. Now why don't we have somithing similar? It's a tradepage for the Babylon 5 collectible card game. Here you can apply for a tradepage, list your wares, search what hundreds of others have to offer and so do some serious tradings.
    If only I knew more about HTML! By the way, I'm up there too, somewhere!
  • Dynamic drive is the place where I get my javascripts. Easy to configure ready scripts to brighten up pages for even javascriptphobes like me.

Yes, there was 1 bad trader. When I get of my lazy ass and finally finish my good trader/bad trader section I'll tell ya all about him.

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