Manufacturer: Muad'zin Records, a Skunkworks production.
disc 1(73:56)
disc 2(55:048)

    Disc 1
  1. Intro Everyone
  2. Love and peace or else
  3. Vertigo/Stories for boys
  4. Elevation
  5. The Cry/Electric Co.
  6. An Cat Dubh
  7. Into The Heart
  8. City of blinding lights
  9. Beautifull day
  10. Miracle drug
  11. Sometimes you can't make it on your own
  12. New year's day
  13. Sunday bloody sunday
  14. Bullet the blue sky
  15. The hands that build America
  16. Running to stand still
  17. Human rights declaration
    Disc 2.
  1. Zoo station
  2. The fly
  3. Mysterious ways
  4. Pride (In the name of love)
  5. Where the streets have no name
  6. One
  7. All because of you
  8. Yahweh
  9. '40'
02-04-05, Anaheim 02-04-05. This boot was made from lossless SHN files.

Sound Quality:
Good Audience recording by Edgar.

After the setlist problems of the previous night U2 solve by returning to the basic setlist they started with and swapping just a few songs instead of the entire setlist blocks of april 1. Love and Peace or else remains the opener and New year's day takes it place before Sunday bloody sunday. Meanwhile the old opener City of Blinding lights takes the place of New year's day. In order to maintain the opening momentum Elevation is moved forward after Vertigo so that the momentum release of An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart doesn't come to early. Simple, elegant, a definate improvement of the previous night. In conclusion, let us all bow down to the soundquality of taper Edgar's recording. In the words of Ali G, respect!

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