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I CANNOT afford TO buy cards at this time! This message will be removed WHEN and IF I can. Thank you.

As of 10/5/00 - I am working on verifying that all of my lists are up to date. This may take me some time, but I hope it is worth it and quick. I plan on working on at least 1 set per week. Please be patient as I do this. I may also be unavailable for trading for a while. If you would like to be notified of when I'm done with all of my sets, please drop me a line Here

I am currently TRYING to get myself back into sorting my cards. I have limited time. Thank you for your interest, and good luck on your pursuit of the perfect (for you) card collection! Hopefully you won't be too frustrated as I try to get rolling again with really updating frequently.


Here you will find a list of all the lists I have online at the moment that are, to the best of my knowledge, completely sorted, and ready for trades & sales. I may be adding cards to the sets as I go through the boxes, because even I don't know what lurks in my 14 (and counting) monster boxes, & numerous semi-completed set boxes, not to mention the boxes of unopened packs!

I've decided to re-arrange things to make this front page load faster. From here you may choose the following destinations further in my pages:

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