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I recall my fourth high school days when I would come to school bearing that HUGE sketch pad, or dragging along a HEAVY paper bag with (is it 6 kilos) 10 bags of plaster of paris and a fore-arm's length of plywood with a 1" x 1" stick ominously protruding through it. Even if I don't hear it, I can imagine, "Oh my God! It's a walking sketchpad!" being exclaimed from the scores of batchmates and school people I pass going to and from my classrooms. I wouldn't have made it into the painting room with that load if I didn't love arts. =) And you probably know how small I am. Teeny weeny...

Anyway, I personally think that painting class has the most bubbly groups of students who sing and joke around while their sketches get ruined. I've freaked out when I had dashed a line accidentally through a facial profile because I can't avoid giggling from the pranks my elective mates came up with. And our very lenient instructor does nothing but laugh.

Sing-alongs, anyone? (hi abi!)

Simulated game shows? (hi ethel!)

Clay darts? (hi mae!)

Plaster on the wall, anyone? (hi ...!)

How about the people who turned their faces into canvas? (hi val q.!) =)

Lastly,... HI EVERYONE!!! You guys made the year more fun! =)

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