I would like to thank the following:

STOIC, my peers!

SHANDALLE and LACE, my dear friends and moral supporters

MARI and KYLE, the head artists of batch 2002-2003

SIR ERWIN, my 'informal' painting teacher

MEGHANNA STARSONG, writer and inspiration

MY PARENTS, for support

MY PATRONS, you guys know who you are

WEBMISTRESS LIZZARD, for putting my work in your site!

SUNRISE STUDIO, for creating Escaflowne

PEOPLE who told me about the broken links,

AND TO EVERYONE who took time to visit my site!!!

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DISCLAIMER: Escaflowne is owned by Sunrise, Bandai. This site is a fanart
site, defined as not original to Sunrise. The poems, original
drawings, and replications were done by a certain artist,
Maybelle Sibayan as a tribute to the animation.

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