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The Spring Mill Haunted Village is a fun Halloween Event  for all ages to attend! It's full of spooky surprises and charactors that obviously only dwell in the wee hours of the Village night!  Witches and giant spiders.....Ghosts......Surgery at the Sawmill!!.....a harmless Scarecrow - OR IS IT??  And of course, my personal favorite, the loveable yet psychotic Chainsaw Guy!!
The Haunted Village has been put on for as far back as I can remember. I was about 10 or 11 when we first went. It scared the crap out of me and I swore I would never go back, but we did! And now I'm 18 and still attending!
Unfortuneately mine and my family's Haunted House cravings require increasingly more frightening factors each year, so we've decided to put our money toward newer and scarier events and to forego the Haunted Village this year.
But don't let this discourage you! Everyone should experience the Haunted Village, and it's obviously a perfect place for the
passive Haunted Houser!!
The price for this haunt is $4 which only is the gate fee into the park! The Haunted Village is held throughout -you guessed it!- the Pioneer Village and will be running on October 16th, 2004 from 6-9 PM.
The Park has no website but their phone # is 1-812-849-4129
This is a only a Fan Site
I am not an affiliate of nor connected in any way to the Spring Mill Haunted Village
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