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Sign promoting the Jail
The Bedford Haunted Jail is another great place to go to get the crap scared out of you! Its full of fast movement up and down stairs and crazed inmates trying to get ahold of you around every corner. In the begining ,as you wait in line, you get to watch the Charlie Brown Halloween movie with the rocking chair strangly rocking on its own..... then...THE FUN STARTS! Theres the guy preforming surgery with a circular saw and the ever popular Mr. Electric Chair man!! But beware!! You'll never know who you find hiding in the shadows and what horrifying warnings you'll read written on the walls in Red!! But I'll have to say the coolest part about it is that its actually held in the Old Bedford jail!! Thats what makes it creeepy.
I'm not sure how long the Jail's been around, but this will be my 5th year going! It has to be my second favorite haunting attraction!
The price for the Jail?
5$ . Unfortunatly, there's no website to visit, But if your familiar with Bedford, its on J.st just off the square.
I plan to go here:
The jail was fun once again this year! The psycho inmates succeeded in scaring the crap out of me and causing me to jump about 2ft in the air! ha I especially enjoyed the surgen guy who loved his patients limbs too much and made hamburgur out of them..... Fun times! And I'm going again tonight! yipee!! (10/18/03)
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I am not an affliate of nor connected in any way to the Bedford Haunted Jail
Newly Heard INFO! 8/2004
I'm not sure of its truth, but I heard it mentioned that someone bought the Bedford Jail and it won't be put on as a haunted event anymore. I hope its not true! People line up every year  to enjoy it frightful escapades! It would truly be terrible if they closed! Have Any Information? email me at : darkshadows86@hotmail.com
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