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The Haunted Hay Ride is another fun place to go!! Its full of cool surprises and showings all within the VULNERABLE CONFINDMENTS OF - I mean a - perfectly safe - hay ride...... You've got Witches and strobe lights with crazy guys that like axes!! You even get the chance to be abducted by your galactic "friends" !!! But the best part, we think, is the amazing appearance of the Headless Horseman!!
Wait a minute... who's that coming out of the giant drain?....IIIIII - IT!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!
I'm not sure how long they've been doing the Haunted Hay Ride but this will be our 4rd or 5th year going. I reccomend it to anyone!! Its great fun!!
And now for the ticket price! 5$ around I believe but of course, I'll find out for sure. Again, theres no webpage but I'll find out the round-about location of it.
I Do know on the way you go by a road named
FluckMill Road....yes You read it right! Its not a typo!  haaaa!
I plan to go here:
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