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Your Harrodsburg Ticket
Your Harrodsburg T-shirt
   Got your ticket? Got your Harrodsburg T-shirt? (cause we ALL know your a #1 fan!!) Then your ready to get your pants scared off! I have to admitt this is my favorite Haunted Attraction! This year (2004) will be my fifth year going. Of course I don't only go just ONCE! Last year I visited twice, and 3 times the year before that! I think I'll start a running tally....
Now your probably thinking "Is it really THAT good?" Well I personally I can't get enough of it! No matter how many times you go you always get that creepy feeling on the back of your neck and anticipate whats going to happen inside as you walk up the chilly, fog filled drive to the looming abode ahead of you, screams and shouts echoing in the dark.....(nice huh?!) And they never fail to catch you off guard and cause you to belt out a bloody-curdling scream!!
  Last year, in honor of the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, Leatherface came to visit Harrodsburg and sign autographs. My cousins and I were lucky enough to catch him there and got our Harrodsburg T-shirts signed! It was pretty awsome!
The fee for this fright you ask?
$7 for adults and $4 for 12 and under
For much more info such as directions, background, FAQ's, times and dates, or photos visit their hAuNtInGlY great website!! Just click on the computer bug!
I plan to go here:
This is only a Fan Site
I am not an affliate of nor connected in any way to the  Harrodsburg Haunted House
"To Jennifer From LEATHERFACE"  Isn't that sweet!?
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