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Scary Links!!
Have an obsession for Halloween and Haunted Houses? Your not alone! Want some advice on where to go? ..I can help you with that!
Great Haunted House Directory for all states!!
Another Great HH Directory!
Personally Horrifing Haunts!!
Fright Manor
Courthouse Catacombs
If your like me, you can't wait for October to come around because it only means one thing! Halloween and Haunted Housing!! My family has started a haunted housing tradition and we've gone to some pretty fun places and they keep adding up! So I'm going to tell you where we've been and I suggest you go to them all if you live in the Indiana area!!    Happy Haunting!!
Harrodsburg Haunted House
Haunted Jail
Haunted Hotel
Haunted Hay RIde
Bakers Juction Haunted Train
Mullin Farm
  Corn Maze
Courthouse Catacombs and The House of Lector
Spring Mill's Haunted Villiage
Mullin Farm Cornmaze
Haunted Hotel
"Whats that George? A fat, naked witch just flew across the moon!?"
          -Sammy Terry
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Victim- I MEAN guest!
(Those attractions next to a demonic mouth are not for reccomended the faint of heart or stomache and not for most small children. Be prepared to be scared! Thats what it's all about! But you can be the judge! *Sounds & graphics may take a few mins to download*)
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Halloween Horror

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