You find yourself unboarding a ferry, bags hoisted up onto your bag. Foreign sand, white as snow and as smooth as silk, envelopes your toes. You stop a few feet away from the plank and take a deep breath of salty, island air. You made it. You've found the little unnamed island of Kalaecrom. You shuffle over to one of the many carts lined up in a make-shift parking lot and toss your baggage onto it. You slip into the front seat and lean back as it drives itself mechanically towards the laboratory.

A few minutes later your stepping through the front door of a large, white building. The smell of antiseptics and unusual chemicals invades your senses, not altogether pleasant but to bear it. A young man with long, brown hair and a clean goatee rushes up to you, his lab coat flying out behind him.

"Sorry for the wait,"he pants,"They always buzz me at the last minute. Come along,"he grabs your elbow and steers you down one of the many hallways,"I assume you're hear to learn about our experiments. Right this way then, right this way..."