Meadow Land's:

Diary of a Damsel in Distress

Who is Meadow?

Meadow is my alter ego. She is the kinky girl my parents know nothing about. Since I was a girl, I always liked to dress up in frilly, girly things. Always a girly girl. I also liked to pretend I was kidnapped and tied up.... a "damsel in distress". I didnt understand the sexual nature of this interest at the time, it was just agame I played by myself or with the neighbors.

As I entered my teens and started becoming a young woman I began to understand the sexual nature of it. Now that I am a young woman I am free to explore it.

I still love to dress up, but my tastes have matured. 5"+ high heels, sheer pantyhose and stockings, short skirts, lacy panties. I love to put on a sexy outfit... sometimes Im dressed for work as a secretary. Pantyhose and a pencil skirt/white blouse combination, and pumps ... sometimes Im dressed for an evening out. Lacy panties, garter belt and stockings. Short skirt or dress and sinful fuck me heels.

It always ends the same though... I get kidnapped,tied up, and taken away..

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