Welsh Terrier

Maxxi passed away on Jan. 10, 2005

The American Kennel Club recently gave me this award

This is Mr. Scary. He stays outside, and sometimes he will grab hold of Dad's hands and drag him around the yard. I don't like Mr. Scary.

This is another Mr. Scary. This one stays in the house, and I don't like him either.

Me and Mom being interviewed on TV

Here's me letting a kid hold me at a Christmas picnic.
There is another picture of us on my leash-holder's page, Sunny Beach.

Here's a cute Border Terrier I met at the same picnic.

Max performing a daring rescue of Liath, who fell into the pool.

Our Therapy Dog club had a display booth at the local mall, and I met a new friend there.
Her name is Molly... she's an Airedale. I'm on the right.
You can tell we like each other, because both of our tails are wagging.
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Am I good looking, or what?
This is a picture of me. I've lived with this family since the spring of 1999.
There are two laps that live here with me.

I was born on May 23, 1993. When I was young, I was an AKC champion, and then had several litters of puppies
while I lived at the breeder's house. Then, I had my last litter in September of 1999.
You can see pictures of those two daughters on the next page.

I have just been registered as a Therapy Dog. I go to hospitals, recuperation facilities, and
schools for challenged students, to lick people and be petted. It's fun.

My new friend Bisou, a West Highland White Terrier

I'm a very good student.
Here's Dad explaining some html details to me for my webpage.

Where did they hide the Escape key on this thing?
They tell me I can't use the laptop because I don't have a lap.

I'm going to lean away from this puppy.
This is my cousin Liath and me.

Enough with the camera, already.
Maggie and me.

I'm so cool.
I like to watch Lassie on TV, and most shows on Animal Planet.

Sssshhhh... Tiger is putting.
Oh yes... I like golf too. Tiger Woods is my favorite.

If he'd get a job, we could afford this boat.
"Mom, can we get a sailboat like this one?"

Sometimes I fall asleep, if I have already seen the show.
I love laps.
This is me resting on one of the laps.
Oh, baby.
Me, smiling.
I love to go fast. This thing seems to be rocking.
I love the water. The picture on the left is on a power boat, and a sailboat on the right.
I'm an experienced beachcomber. I especially like driftwood.
sniff I think I smell a crab.
Hmmmm... just barnacles here. I'd like to take this home and bury it.
That is pretty.
And I am NOT afraid of a Portuguese Man-O-War.
You'll never get me in there.
Here I am playing near our pool.
Winner gets a chewy.
When we race, I ALWAYS win.
Eeewwww... that tickles. If I'm good, I'll get a treat.
I hate it when I have to go the beauty shop.

I'm so embarrassed.
They made me wear funny pants right before I went to see my boyfriend.

My favorite drink

This really isn't mine.  It belongs to the president of The Maxxi Fan Club
My license plate

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My site was selected as

Cool Dog Site of the Month
for May of 2000.
Thanks to all my friends who voted for me.

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