Join the Cardassian Union and serve with loyality

This is how this section is intended to work :-

Im sure im not alone in feeling that the Cardassians are the best race to ever come out of the star trek creation. However there are no groups for people to express their devotion to the cardassian Union, yes there are Klingon, Romulan, Federation and even Ferengi groups.......... but no Cardassian! So here it is.

Why join ?

Because you want to be part of a Cardassian Comunity

Whats in this for you ?

Whatever you want to get out of it :-
1)Be part of an interesting Community
2) Set up a gaming group or clan for online games
3)Start a Star Trek Sim PBEM or live
4) Maybe you want to write newsletters

At the end of the day this site can be used for whatever purpose YOU want. I will do my best to support each and every member in their aim and hopefully together we can make it thrive.

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What you would like from this community

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