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Considering my Marriage began in 1984 at the young age of 19, my husband and I stayed together until 2002, when we seperated and went our own ways.  We had one child together who is very important in both of our lives.  Our Daughter, who I must remind you is always on the go at the tender age of 12, is also an avid soccer player, so of course many days, and nights are spent at the soccer field.  All in all, I must say that I have been fortunate to have been blessed with a good life. 
It takes work, but it is worth the effort!
Some of my FRIENDS on line have asked, "WHO IS THIS CONFUSEDLADY ?"  For those that have a burning desire to know a little about me, here goes.  Check out this site and I am sure that a little will be revealed to satisfy your curious mind! 
Born in Peterborough, Ontario Canada in 1964.  I have lived in Canada almost my entire life.  I still reside in Ontario with my partner and daughter.  I have been living a new way of life since April 27, 1994, and have no regrets for the choices that I have made.
My graditude is always apparent when working with others.  I have done my share of volunteer work to repay my debts to society, and continue to stick out my hand today.  I have learned in this life that it could end tomorrow.  Because of that knowledge, I try to be Thankful for my day.  I am human, and somedays that isn't always easy, but I do try to be thankful,

Just For Today.

I am grateful to those that helped me to view my life with a different perception.  I am no longer ashamed, or full of guilt and remorse.  I am a grateful for the lessons life has taught me, and pray that the cycle stops with me, and that my daughter has a chance to lead a full life without addiction.
My Favorite reading since joining into this new way of life is:
"DON'T QUIT"  By Jill Wolf.
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