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Advice & Info about Recycling/ Restoration items in UK
My webpage is all about Recycling & Restoration Information within the UK as a whole- from both an Environmental impact and practical advice/ implementation point of view.

These are based on sound knowledge, that I have learnt, been privy to or have found practically within my Horticultural Employment Background and my related Hobby interests.

At this point I must state, that I am political neutral, I am a practicing Celt, I do not believe in land or building ownership- as I am of the belief we were (as human beings), put on this Earth to manage the Earth's resource an it's natural environment to Nature's Benefit- how wrong was I !!

Unfortunately Greed, Jealousy, Religions, Shareholders, Venture Capitalists and Governments, have upset nature's balance.

My view is that I am just a Custodian put on this Earth to help, nurture and re- educate members of this planet called Earth, in ways to recycle and restore items responsibly...Not too much to ask!!

Anyone got some great ways to recycle or restore?
Does anyone have some useful and practical ideas of recycling those mundane or household items, that "we" as modern culture would normally offload to landfill rubbish sites, or just overlook it's recycling potential?


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