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Up-Dated 16 June 1999

If you've visited the rest of this site, you'll see that this part of the site is a little different. While much of the rest of this web site is Pagan, this part is Neo-Pagan. I've got some poems and rituals here, as well as the beginnings of a Pagan Polytheology. It's not Poly-THEA-logy, because i don't worship only THE Goddess. Perhaps i should call it a Poly-THEOI-logy, since i'm dealing with the deities as plural.

You'll notice that some of the articles contained here are written by LunaSea. That's me. Neo-Pagans often take on a new name for magical and ritual work at initiation. Some people have several names for working in different traditions - Celtic, Norse, Wiccan, etc. (not to mention, of course, one's mundane birth name). So i have more than one name myself. I'm a long-term eclectic syncretic Witch, also trained in NROOGD and Victor Anderson's Feri Tradition.

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Pagan Polytheology and Apologetics

Apologetics doesn't mean we're apologizing for anything. It's a branch of theology which is concerned with the defense of one's religion, not as in "defense versus offence", but an apparently logical, rational description of one's beliefs, tenets, ethics, etc. Unfortunately, most theology is defined in Christian terms. I'm trying to approach from a pluralistic or polytheistic point of view.

* Polytheology, Part One - An Introduction to Theology and to Ethics
* Polytheology, Part Two - A Few Definitions: Paganism, Animism, Panpsychism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Polytheism, and More!
* Polytheology, Part Three - What is Mythology, and What Does Mythology Do?
* A Theory of Polytheism - excerpted from the book Hindu Polytheism by Alain Danielou, author of Shiva and Dionysus
* Polytheology, Part Four - The Deities and How We Find Them
* An Analysis of Neo-Pagan Ritual - a detailed outline
* Basic Beliefs of Neo-Paganism and their Implications - from the Fellowship of the Spiral Path

* If you are interested in other approaches to PolyTheology, you'll want to visit the multitude of pages by Isaac Bonewits.

* I am starting an E-list to discuss PolyTheology. My personal view is open-ended, that there is no one Neopagan PolyTheology, but a spectrum of thought. I think it's worth sharing our various perspectives. I have a working description for the e-list.


* The Feast of Hekate, August 14th.
* Recipes for the Feast of Hekate, incuding Hekate Incense, Dark-Moon Poppy-Seed Butter Cookies, Herbal Dream Pillows, and the Flaming Cauldron.

* Samhain, A Journey to the Underworld

Poetry and Invocations

* Aphrodite
* Brigit
* Lilith

Pagan Psychology

* The Reverse "Voodoo Doll" - Poppet Magic for Mental Health, an essay by a friend and Witch who also happens to be a psychiatrist, Sky Leaf.


Sorry, nothing here yet. I've still got stuff to do back in the Canaanite Temple.

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Yes, folks, there is a difference - See Polytheology, above

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