The Purple Book of Magic

Lilinah's Introduction To Magic
Focus on the Ancient Near East


As of 4 July 1997, the first 5 chapters were placed in the Temple. Five more chapters were added on 25 March 1999. Unfortunately, i lost the rest of my work in a hard drive crash, so i will not be adding to this section.


  • Chapter 13. An Introduction to Divination, Ancient Near East Style
  • Chapter 14. Sortilege: Casting of Lots and Other Simple Divination Techniques
  • Chapter 15. Omens: What Are They and How to Read Them
  • Chapter 16. Scrying: Using Oil on Water or the Smoke of Incense
  • Chapter 17. Bibliomancy: Messages in Books
  • Chapter 18. Do You Have the Guts? Hepatoscopy, Haruspicy, and Other Forms of Divining using Sacrificed Animals' Internal Organs
    NOTE: Before any one "has a cow," this is HISTORICAL documentation, not an incitment to practice.
  • Chapter 19. You're a Dream: Dream Induction and Dream Interpretation
  • Chapter 20. Palmistry: A Vague Introduction
  • Chapter 21. Trance Work: Some Hypotheses
NOTE: You will undoubtedly notice that i have left Astrology out.
It is an ESSENTIAL part of Ancient Near Eastern Culture - There was no clear separation in the Ancient Near East between Astronomy and Astrology, they were combined and of extreme importance in Science, Religion, and Magic - This is also an incredibly complex topic - Rather than flaunt my ignorance, i will include some links, as i find them, to other sites with information about Ancient Near Eastern Astronomy and Astrology.


  • Appendix One MAQLU
    Here is the abbreviated version of this tripartite Mesopotamian ritual which i have performed at dusk, midnight and dawn.
  • Appendix Two Ancient Near Eastern Prayers
  • Appendix Three Magic Bibliography
    Until this is in place, please see my General Bibliography which contains many books on Magic
  • Appendix Four Links related to Ancient Near Eastern Magic
    Until this is in place, please see my Pagan Links Page, which contains many related links, including a link to an exhibit of Helleno-Egyptian magical papyri, Mesopotamian demon trap bowls, and magical and Gnostic gems and talismans

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Due to a hard drive crash from which nothing could be recovered, i will not be adding to this section.

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