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Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Links

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Updated 30 January 1999

Index of this page:

  1. Institutionally Supported Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern Sites, including museums and universities

  2. Other Mesopotamian and Levantine Related Sites, from organizations and commercial outlets.

  3. Personal Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeological Sites

  4. Personal Pagan Mesopotamian and Levantine Sites

  5. Personal Pagan Greek and Hellenic Sites

  6. Mithraic Sites, from both Pagans and scholars.

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Institutionally Supported Mesopotamian and Levantine Sites

  1. ABZU: Ancient Near Eastern sourcesSPECIAL SITE at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. If you go up the directory-tree, you'll find a tour of the museum, complete with optional QuickTime experiences.
  2. What's New in Abzu is the place to check if you've already been to ABZU.
  3. The Edinburgh Ras Shamra Project has information about the ancient Canaanite city of Ugarit
  4. Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites, and Related PeopleSPECIAL SITE an archeological resource with photographs and texts.
  5. Selections from Ancient Near Eastern Texts by Pritchard, including bits of the Ginsberg translation of the Myth of Baal.
  6. The Phoenician Exhibit at the Palazzo GrassiSPECIAL SITE, A Retrospective, in Italy, has useful maps and some Phoenician art. It documents the 1988 exhibit I Fenici organized by famed scholar Sabatino Moscati.
  7. Bibliographies of Ritual in the Ancient Near East and in Graeco-Roman CulturesSPECIAL SITE, as well as great links to Ancient Near Eastern Sites on the Web. Note: probably moving to a new URL in July.
  8. Ancient Magical Egyptian Papyri, Mesopotamian Demon-Trap Bowls, & Mystic GemsSPECIAL SITE from the Hellenistic Near East at the University of Michigan.
  9. The Semitic Museum, founded in 1889, home of Harvard's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and a collections of over 40,000 Near Eastern archaeological artifacts. And be sure to check out the Ashkelon excavations for photos from the largest known Canaanite seaport.
  10. The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa in Israel has archaeological items and modern art. Don't forget to visit the Phoenician exhibit.
  11. Bibliography of Women in the Ancient Near East, from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.
  12. Women in the Ancient Near East, a syllabus from T. Wilfong's course at the University of Michigan.
  13. Women in Classical Mythology, from Princeton University.
  14. DIOTIMA: Women & Gender in the Ancient World especially Greece and Rome.
  15. A Collection of Papyri at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
  16. Ancient Egyptian Studies Assoc.SPECIAL SITE has links to museums, art, scholarly journals, scholars, and even three Ancient Egyptian games which operate (unfortunately) on Windows (i've got a Mac, OK?).
  17. The Museum of Classical Archaeology at Cambridge University in the U.K.
  18. The Hechingen-Stein Roman Open-Air Museum in Germany, a restored Roman villa
  19. The Israel Museum has some interesting finds
  20. ARCHAEOLOGY at the Israel Museum
  21. The M. C. Carlos Museum at Emory University
  22. The American Schools of Oriental Research publish one of the major scholarly journals on the Near East.
  23. The American Oriental Society also publishes one of the major scholarly journals on the Near East.
  24. Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  25. The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean at Dartmouth University
  26. flectere si nequeo superos acheronta mouebo, several pages of bibliographies on ancient magic.

Other Mesopotamian and Levantine Related Sites

  1. Sumerian Beer how Fritz Maytag, owner of Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco, followed the ancient cuneiform recipe, complete with hymns to Ninkasi, the Goddess of Beer.
  2. A History of Writing the oldest of which began in the Near East.
  3. VOV ALEP OnLine, an Assyrian Shop with ancient art replicas and T-shirts.
  4. Al Mashriq - The Lebanon Server, packed with information about the past and present of the Levant
  5. Costumes of the Levant from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, at Al Mashriq
  6. Tour'n Lebanon, a collection of e-zines about Lebanon, past and present, with some nice photographs of Lebanon and archaeological items.
  7. The Ancient Phoenicians as described by the Lebanese American Association.

  8. The Levant under Roman rule as described by the Lebanese American Association.

  9. The Lebanese American Association for more information about modern Lebanon and the Lebanese community in America.
  10. Fertile Crescent Home Page, a collection of pages about the many countries in the Fertile Crescent, including Syria and Lebanon
  11. Maghreb Net, information about the Near Eastern world, from Morocco to the Levant.

  12. Encyclopaedia of the Orient
  13. The Belly Dance Home Page (Oriental Dance) for information about teachers, get-togethers, mailing lists, excellent essays about the history of belly dance, a belly dance FAQ, and more. Now in its new permanent location, with excellent content and many links to other good sites.
  14. Middle East Dance Resource Guide has several interesting articles and discussions of issues relating to Near Eastern and belly dance.

Personal Mesopotamian and Levantine Archaeology Sites

  1. Trade at Ugarit In the 13th Century BCE. Farras is an electrical engineer of Near Eastern origin with a strong interest in the Ancient Near East - take a look at some of his other pages of ancient wisdom.
  2. A Story of Carthage, from a Japanese fan of things Punic, lacks textual detail but includes many interesting photos
  3. Seeker1's CyberAnthropology Page
  4. This site has essays on such subjects as trance-possession, and other fascinating topics.

Personal Pagan Mesopotamian and Levantine Sites

  1. Jewish Pagan Resources with info on the Jewish Pagan e-list. Renee has been expanding these pages, so if you've gone before, you might want to look again.
  2. A Shrine to LilithSPECIAL SITE dedicated to the demonic demi-goddess, plus lots of info and links. Very personal and elucidating, one of my favorite sites.
  3. A detailed discussion of LilithSPECIAL SITE at the University of Pennsylvania, using frames format.
  4. Shemhazai's little R'Lyeh on the WebSPECIAL SITE Urk! He has moved and his server has been down. But He'll Be Back! He's just beginning to set up his pages again.
    His Babyloniaca has prayers and rites from Mesopotamia. Some of Shemhazai's other pages have information on the Necronomicon, the Nephilim, and an excellent compendium of Rituals and Rites.
  5. Twin Rivers RisingSPECIAL SITE, a Neo-Pagan non-Wiccan Sumerian tradition, has good info on Sumerian relgion and myths, thoughtful essays on worship and magic, and a Sumerian dictionary. GACK! It's gone! This was such an excellent site, i'll see if he's moved.
  6. Middle Eastern Mythology at Khephera's Site of Wiccan, Grimoiric, and Kaballistic Magic. Includes Cyrus Gordon's (uncredited) translation of the Myth of Baal.

Personal Pagan Greek and Hellenic Sites

  1. OmphalosSPECIAL SITE a Site for Greek Neo-Paganism, another favorite site, has lots of links to member's pages and other resources.
  2. Biblioteca ArcanaSPECIAL SITE has great Neo-Pagan Greek and Pythagorean material, another favorite site.
  3. Information on Pythagorean Paganism
  4. Spyros Tyrakis' Greek Pagan site
  5. The Hellenic Home Page of Patrick Dunn Jr., another Greek Pagan site.
  6. The Corpus Hermeticum Link Updated! on-line, an essential theurgical and thaumaturgical resource from the beginning of this era.
  7. The Naked God, an intense and personal site, concerns dedication to Dionysos, but --CAUTION-- the "wallpaper" consists of a full-length view of the back of a naked (and quite attractive) male (no naughty bits are showing).

Mithraic Sites

  1. A Site Dedicated to the Sun God Mithras by Payam Nabarz. A very personal exploration, including guidelines for self-initiation, illustrated beautifully with pictures of actual historical altars and sites.
  2. The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras by David UlanseySPECIAL SITE, is a detailed and illustrated article detailing the recent reinterpretation of the Roman cult as astrologically and astronomically based. When you're done with the article, well worth the read, and so is his book (see glowing praise at the end of the article), check out David's amazing collection of links. And you thought academics didn't know how to have fun?

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