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Lilinah's Links
to Sites of Myth, Mystery, Mysticism, and Dark Goddesses

When you see this icon: SPECIAL SITE - it means i especially recommend this site.

Updated and Redesigned 22 February 1999

Index of this page

  1. A Melange of Pagan, Mystical, and Spiritual Sites

  2. Myths and Mythic Art
    1. World Mythology Sites
    2. Resources for Mythic and Deity Art and Jewelry

  3. Sites Dedicated to a Few of my Favorite Dark Goddesses
    1. Kali and Durga and other Tantric Sites
    2. Sekhmet
    3. Hekate

  4. Traditions of Shamanism and Trance
    Traditions from Indonesia, the Arctic Circle, and elsewhere.

A Melange of Spiritual, Mystical, and Pagan Sites

  1. SPECIAL SITEAnders Main Page
    possibly the greatest links to sites of paganism, magic, weirdness, discordianism. Don't miss this if you are curious or have a sense of humor! I cannot recommend this too highly if you want to find the best weird sites.
  2. The Global Hindu Electronic Network
    features Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and Sikh scriptures and deity art, religious events, and lots more.
  3. The Julian Society
    named for the last Pagan Emperor of Rome, is dedicated to the preservation and spread of Paganism today.
  4. The Gallae are Back!
    A very intimate site devoted to cross-gendered spirituality. Good reading list; moving personal stories.
  5. The Sigil TempleUpdated!
    a mix of magic and fine art, displays meditations, poems, chants and powerful paintings.
  6. SPECIAL SITEAnamchara, House of Breathings, a Virtual Sanctuary
    is a good site, blending Western and Celtic mysticism, a nice spot to stop and contemplate.
  7. Gnostic Mystic Union
    interesting and HIGHLY analytical account of a personal spiritual emergence

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World Myths and Mythic Art

  1. SPECIAL SITEIlluminationsUpdated!
    a complex site of art, myth, Biblical debunking, the Necronomicon, and conspiracy theory, all beautifully designed and illustrated. Reminds me of Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy. Maybe Mr. Shand is one of the Illuminati?
  2. SPECIAL SITEChris Siren's Myth FAQs
    FAQ's of allsorts, see especially Canaanite, Hittite, Mesopotamian, and Sumerian mythology.
  3. Lysator Pubpages Religion Index
    More myths and info of allsorts on a wide variety of religions
  4. SPECIAL SITEPib's General Folklore and Mythology
    covers a wide range of stories and cultures.

  5. Pib's Flood Stories From Around The World
    Mr. Pib's collection of flood stories - got one to share?

  6. The Encyclopedia Mythica
    with a broad collection of mythology, folklore, and legends.

  7. The Mythmedia Project
    mythology as shown in Western art.
  8. Classical Myths Homepage
  9. Basque - Tenacity in religion, myth, and folklore

  10. Archaeology, Myth, Magic and Pagan Religion

  11. A source of multicultural art and myth
    at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.
  12. Mythology on the Web
    is a list of links to mythology pages.
  13. Ancient Religions
    Hmmm, i haven't been able to locate this recently. It has whoever links to it - a mixed bag but useful.

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Resources for Mythic and Deity Art and Jewelry

    JBL logo
  1. JBL Statues
    a commmercial site, they are a great source of clay deity statues from many cultures, made in a traditional manner in India. Useful and interesting, but the images and the descriptions of the deities they represent aren't always accurate. But, hey, if you need a Pagan idol, this is a good place to get it.
  2. Ancient Circles
    a commercial site, good source of Pagan jewelry, lots of interesting motifs and some Goddess and God pendants. Since it's not all on-line, be sure to get their catalog to see all their stuff. You don't have to be Pagan to appreciate what they have.
  3. Goddess Art by Joanna Powell ColbertNew!
    a fine artist i used to know when we both lived in Southern California. Her portraits have real depth.

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Sites Dedicated to a Few of my Favorite Dark Goddesses

  1. SPECIAL SITEDark Goddesses
    a personal site dedicated to the darker aspects of a number of goddesses from several cultures. Details from myths and history, as well as illustrations. If you've already tried enlightenment, now try endarkenment.

Goddesses Kali and Durga, and other Tantric Sites

  1. Kali Mandir
    a real-world temple to Kali also on-line. Take a break and contemplate Her here.
  2. A Cybershrine to Kali, Durga, and moreFixed!
  3. Hurricane LeFran's Magick Theatre: Kali-MaNew!
  4. Hindu Tantrik Home PageNew!
    at its UK site
    at its US mirror site
  5. Tantra Goddess
    an essay about Kali, illustrated with Indian art

  6. Kali New!
    a personal essay by Bhagwat Shah

  7. KaliNew!
    personal reflections as well as photos from a Singapore Kali temple.

  8. The Dark Goddess site's page on Kali

  9. Sri Vidya
    another place to meet the Indian Goddesses

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a lion-headed Egyptian goddess similar in some ways to the Canaanite Anat

  1. Sekhmet, a Modern Poem
    by Margaret Atwood, on a rather interesting, non-Pagan literary site.
  2. Temple to Sekhmet
  3. Sekhmet, A Description
  4. Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet
    at Phoenix and Arabeth, a great graphic artist, now producing tattoo art! Look around this site for more interesting art and information.
  5. Egyptian Mythology
  6. All Things SekhmetNew!
    a devotional site.
  7. The Goddess Sekhmet TempleNew!
    near Las Vegas Nevada.

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an Eastern Mediterranean Chthonic Goddess

  1. SPECIAL SITEThe Horned Owl Library: Hekate in Early Greek Religion
    a condensation of an academic paper by a Pagan, concerning the origins and meaning of this goddess. Lots of Greek art and very useful information. If you're interested in Hekate, be sure to read this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  2. SPECIAL SITE The Temple of Hecate OnlineNew!
    a graphical journey with very little text (not for browsing with graphics off). Leave Her a virtual offering and She'll give you "reading".

  3. HecateUpdated!
    has lots of personal interpretation of the goddess and Her place among us today. Includes Greek and other illustrations of Hecate. Worth a look.
  4. Hecate's Shrine
    with quotes from various sources.
  5. Michael's Shrine to HecateFixed!
    with rituals and personal anecdotes.
  6. Orphic Hymn to Hecate

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Traditions of Shamanism and Trance

  1. SPECIAL SITEThe Incantor
    Aado Lintrop's WWW Pages about Siberian Shamanism and the religions of Finno-Ugrian peoples
  2. Javanese Mysticism
    has information about the mystical Indonesian form of spirituality known as Kebatinan.
  3. Psychedelic Shamanism - Indigenous, Traditional, and Modern
    at the Deoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone.
  4. SPECIAL SITESeeker1's CyberAnthropology Page
    has great essays on such subjects as trance-possession, Cyberpunk as a Counterculture, Modern Primitives, Anthrofuturism, and other fascinating topics.

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Additional Pagan Links

Other Rooms in the Temple

A Canaanite-Phoenician Temple

  • The Main Temple Directory complete list of over 85 rooms in the Temple.

    Neopagan Rooms

  • The Neopagan Circle, subindex for pages of polytheology, rituals, and links

    Personal Space

  • The Priestess's Quarters, a thing or two about me...

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