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This is a very selective and subjective set of links and i'm always on the look-out for something a little different. I prefer pages that are enriched with incredible art (graphic or poetic), contain amazingly detailed information (especially if also intellectual), are robed in deep wisdom, exite me with their sensuality (doesn't have to be sexual - smell, sight, taste, touch (texture, temperature, etc.), hearing, spacial orientation, and directional orientation are all senses), or just plain evoke the personality of their creator, like Sade's. Some pages even do all of the above.

Updated 15 June 1999

Here's an idea of what's back on my Pagan Links Page:

  • Institution-Supported Mediterranean & Ancient Near Eastern Sites, includes museums and universities. Here you'll find, for example, an exhibit of Mesopotamian Devil Trap Bowls, Fragments from one translation of the Myth of Baal, ancient deity images, and more.
  • Personal Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern Pagan Sites, of Greek, Levantine, and Mesopotamian Pagans on the Web
  • Afro-Diasporic Religion Links, such as Vodou, Santeria, Umbanda, etc.
  • Other Mystical, and Spiritual Sites, such as the House of Breathing, and some of my favorite Dark Goddesses.
  • Myths and Mythic Art, including JBL Statues, who have all sorts of deities from all over the planet at reasonable prices.
  • Here's a different neo-Pagan Page on this site:

  • Neo-Pagan PolyTheology, with definitions and discussions of what is Paganism, Animism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Mythology; Ritual Structure, and more.
  • amazing color-changing pentacle Some of my Friends in the Web amazing color-changing pentacle

    Many of the people here i actually know in "real" life, but some are my "virtual" friends, whom i have only met via the wonders of electronics, especially e-lists.

    * Sky Leaf's Pagan Temple. He is a Witch and a psychiatrist. We were in a coven together for about four years, until i moved back to Northern California.
    * Updated Link! A Faery Grimoire by Francesca Dubie of the Third Road and Victor Anderson's Faery Tradition. She offers classes, too, if you're in the S.F. Bay Area.
    * Updated Link! Rowan's Page. A primarily Celtic Witch, she has lots of great links to art, myth, and other religions - she is deeply involved in Interfaith work, one of the best ways for neo-Pagans to achieve some measure of acceptance in the larger religious world - she also maintains several interesting sites, including the Northern California COG Local Council, Bay Area Pagan Assemblies, and two interfaith groups.
    * Hrafnar, "The Ravens," is the Norse group begun by Diana Paxson which is reviving the seidh, an ancient shamanistic method. And if you haven't done so yet, you should read some of her novels - she does lots of research and they're packed with wonderful lore.
    * The Temple is filled with great information, reviews, rituals, essays, and more. Lynna is an outspoken and articulate witchy woman.
    * Updated Link! Hieron Mysteria, my e-friend Jasmine's pages. Now devoted to Ancient and Classical Civilizations, this site includes overviews of major moments in history from the Ice Age through the Roman Empire, lists of major deities from a number of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern cultures, Usenet newsgroups and e-lists.
    * Wiccan Qabalah and Grimoiric Magick, from another of my e-friends, Khephera777, does as the name suggests, blending neo-Pagan Wicca, Grimoiric Magic, Qabalah and some Ancient Near Eastern Paganism.
    * Lair ov thee Wolfkitten is the Web home of another e-friend, Sade, one wild and crazy goth-punk-hippie, and her partner Sindar, who perform one kind of magic on stage and another in private. Prepare to chuckle at Sade's outspoken pages, while Sindar's are imaginative and erotic.

    amazing color-changing pentacle Neo-Pagan/Witch/Wiccan Sites of Note amazing color-changing pentacle

    * Circle of Winter is one of the best introductions to Neo-Pagan Wiccan-influenced Witchcraft i've seen. The stark sophistocated simplicity of the page design enhances the complex, well-organized, and expressive (and very personal) thought and extent of information contained therein.
    * CyBitch, home of the CyberWitch, is a site of immense beauty, with passionate poetry and evocative art by Ariadne, the WebMistress. An amazing intimacy and mystery fills these pages. These pages are feminist, hot, and juicy. The design of the site is excellent and exemplary of what is possible on the Web when visual richness is combined with depth of content and feeling.
    * Updated Link! The Faerie Quest is an interesting site with lots of thought provoking myths, ideas, and rituals. The chief themes are Celtic and Nordic Faerie, Ogham and Runes, and Sean's own interpretation of the Tarot. Once it was visually dark, full of long-to-load graphics, music, flickering JAVA torches, etc. Now it is light, bright, even a bit whimsical, and quite sophistocated looking.

    Some EcoPagans in GeoCities

    * The Pagan Ecologist, part of Vanessa's Pagan Place, with good suggestions for environmentally-conscious living.

    I'm looking for more eco-Pagans. Yes, i know, we all care about the environment. What i want to find are more sites with information which link pro-active environmental behavior and Paganism and Neo-Paganism.

    amazing color-changing pentacle Neo-Pagan/Witch/Wiccan Resources amazing color-changing pentacle

    GeoCities Pagan logo Pagan Sites on GeoCities, full of links to and descriptions of many of the LARGE number of Neo-Pagan sites here in GeoCities.

    CoG logo The Covenant of the Goddess, one of the oldest legally-recognized Witchcraft organizations in America, now over 25 years old. Not a worship group nor a tradition, rather it represents a variety of existing groups and individual practitioners, with local councils around the U.S., as well as international members. One purpose is to see that Witch and Wiccan priestesses and priests enjoy the same rights as the priests, ministers, rabbis, etc., of other religions. Another purpose is to educate the public about what Witchcraft is. A third is to foster communication among various Witchcraft and Wiccan traditions.

    ADF logo ar nDraiocht Fein, an organization dedicated to Druidism and Indo-European Paganism, encourages both creativity and scholarship. It was started by the famous (or infamous) Isaac Bonewits, who has some really good PolyTheology pages.

    Witches Voice logo The Witches' Voice. I saw their banners all over the Web, so i finally dropped by their site. These folks seem to be performing an incredibly valuable service - helping to alert us to legal actions against Witches and helping to raise funds to support our legal rights. They have lots of information and they deserve our support.

    Witches' Web logo The Witches' Web is a great resource of information, with a Chat Room, info on religious freedom and Christan cults, and the Witches Web of Shadows, a participatory Book of Shadows. Although it has been greatly expanded, the wonderful and familiar Witches Web of Days with sacred days, sacred nights, and lunar deities and symbols, is still there.

    * Reclaiming Site, web home of Reclaiming, a politically-active neo-Pagan organization based in San Francisco, and of Starhawk, the author of that wonderful book The Spiral Dance.
    * Pagan Best of Web, graphic site linking sites that have won their award, truly among the finest on the Web.
    * Grandmother Spider's SpiritWeb, lots of links and resources.
    * Circle in the Sand, formerly High Plains Pagan & Magic Page, a good general resource, with attractive design. Includes links and resources for teen pagans.
    * Links to Pagan and Alternative Religions and if you go back up the tree, you'll find the Fantasy Realms Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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    Sites of Mysticism, Spirituality, and Magic

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