Canaanite Poems by Jacob Rabinowitz

Updated 15 January 1999

Here are some poems by Jacob Rabinowitz, another Neo-Canaanite. I thought they were so powerful that i asked his permission to have them here.

Jake is the author of several interesting books including:
The Faces of God: Canaanite Mythology As Hebrew Theology,
The Unholy Bible: Hebrew Literature of the Kingdom Period,
and his great book on Hecate, The Rotting Goddess: the Origin of the Witch in Classical Antiquity
The last two are published by Autonomedia.

by jacob rabinowitz

Anat sings out
       the will of Yahweh,
a goddess and a prophet
       of God to the gods,
stamping out dances
       on Zion's brink

       the language of trees,
what pebbles remember,
       what rocks recall,
the windy whisper
       of sky to earth,
how ocean feels
       when she mirrors back stars,
able to read
       what lightning writes,
what thunder mutters,
       what no man knows.

by jacob rabinowitz

Baal is dead!
The boast re-echoed
every world's headline:
God is dead!
Three words wiped away
the whole horizon,
showed the black past the blue,
starry and dark.

Mot bragged: I killed
your brother Baal,
the breath left him
like breeze, like smoke,
I chewed the thunderer
up like lamb,
crushed him under
my gravestone teeth,
made his blood
spurt out like cum

into the soundless
cold and nowhere
of outer space
in which earth floats --
a dusty mud-clump
in the black unwaters
by my dead rock-gardens
of asteroids,
where the light shines forever,
useless and pure,
unsoftened by mist,
unmuffled by cloud.
Baal is dead, now I am God
from eternity
to empty eternity.

Mot gaped like the grave
for all that lives;
chin resting on earth,
the roof of his mouth
was the blue roof of sky,
with his tongue he licked up
stars like sugar.

The author claims an anarchist anti-copyright, and it may be freely pirated and reprinted (although i think it might be nice to keep his name on it)

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