Neopagan Beliefs and their Implications

From The Fellowship of the Spiral Path

This document was given to me while i was taking the Collegium offered by the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, which is a 2-year long non-tradition-specific program of Neopagan priest/ess/hood training. While i do not agree 100% with everything here, any differences i may have are relatively minor. I find this to be an invaluable way of considering religion in general and Neopagan theology in particular.

* All paths and theologies have validity; there is no One True way to the truth ** No individual or group has the right to impose its kind of religion on others.
* The original religious traditions of all lands have many ideas and practices in common. They are all part of the Old Religion. ** The religious liberties of traditional and native peoples should be defended as our own, for they are our own.
* The Divine Principle is eternal, all-powerful, and beyond all personification. ** Human attempts to define Divinity are inherently limiting.
* In order to relate to the Divine Power, human beings use symbols and images, especially personifications based on human characteristics. Each deity represents part of the Divine Power. ** No single deity or other symbol should become the sole focus of worship.
* Both genders are equally human, and equally Divine. ** Goddesses are as powerful as gods. Both men and women are spiritually powerful.
* The manifest creation is holy; a continuum of consciousness from inanimate objects to the pantheons of deities and spiritual beings. ** Reverence all life and treat all things with mindfulness.
* Earth is the mother of us all, and all created beings are kindred. ** We have a family responsibility to protect the environment.
* The human body is as holy as the rest of creation, and enables us to perceive life in its fullness. ** We should train the body, but not torment it, and celebrate our physical and sexual natures.
* Individuals are responsible for their own spiritual development. ** We must choose, and keep choosing, to follow the Path. No one can do it for us.
* Holiness is most meaningful in the context of community. ** We should be involved and productive members of our communities, and help others along the Path.
* One's life may be shaped by events from one's past, or a past lifetime, but one has the free will to make a new, positive choice at any time. ** We should never despair.
* What one does to others will return three-fold, for good, or for ill. ** We should avoid negative thinking or action.
* Birth and death, creation and destruction, are part of the natural cycle of existence, but the spirit is eternal -- only the form of its manifestation is changed. ** Death should not be feared.
* Evil is the result of the perversion or unbalancing of natural functions, phenomena, or energies. ** We should try to work with the pattern of nature.
* The physical and spiritual worlds are equally real, and by altering one's consciousness, it is both possible and natural to make contact between one and the other. ** Everyone should learn an effective technique for prayer or meditation and practice it regularly.
* As above, so below. ** What is done on the spiritual level can affect what happens on the physical, and vice versa.
* By using words and symbols, one mind or many working together can change the world. ** Magic works.

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Copyright, 1986-1997, Fellowship of the Spiral Path

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