The Strong Room: Where the Awards Are

When the temple had been in place 4 months, I was pleased that in that short time i received several awards. I thank the gracious folk who stopped to look over the Temple and liked what they saw enough to give me their awards for it.

One of the nice things about awards, is that YOU can drop by the award-giver's page and surf their list of award winners, which gives you a chance to look at a whole cluster of worthy sites, generally on a related topic. Just click on the award below to be whisked off to the award giver's site.

If you would rather stay in the Temple, go to
The Qadash Kinahnu Temple Directory
for links to the nearly 90 rooms in the temple.

The Web's Oldest Pagan Award

Pagan Best of Web Award


Circe is an Award Winner herself

Circe's Award of Excellence

On 30 March 1999, Circe forwarded a request from the artist of this striking award, asking that their art be removed from the web pending litigation. Some unscrupulous person was selling their work! I have removed the graphic to support the artist.

But i still thank Circe for her generousity in giving me this award, and the artist for having shared the beautiful art. I hope the artist wins their case. My best wishes to them both.

Tatianna is a Young Pagan

Tatianna's Award of Excellence

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