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  Here You can Find out what all we are up to. Sometimes *grins* This is where newest news is posted.


Starting soon we are going to do a new Line of tack. We will take preorders but nothing will go out until I prefect the art of doing the tack (Take maybe a week LOL)

Here is a short list of what I am up to


We are going to bring out Midevil Costumes. Ladies an Knights. I see a few around but they are not exactly right. The costumes I make I will grantee you would see one of the same design at a Renn fair. The ladies costume will be Sidesaddle of corse. Of that time frame. Sorry I can only make lady riders for Traditional to Classic. I might figure out smaller later but I know these have riders I can tweak.This will be fun. The riders dresses will be the style of that time as well. I have One order for this set already an I am going to have a blast making it. Watch for pics of it in the making. Got one pic up. real slow becuse this is my first click here to see what I got so far an see my SM one. Medieval Costumes

We will also start regular sidesaddles. English style for now until I figure out the western ones.

WATCH THIS PAGE FOR A Perfect Fantasy!!!!!!!
More Latter Also I am quite busy here doing orders!!!

We are going into more saddle productions. We will trade tack for horses. Of corse depends on the horses. Also We have GREAT News!! Our Trad an Classic Saddles have been greatly reduced. Mind you if you want Rio Rondo stuff It is higher. I do Rio Rondo sturrups buckels an saddle gear for now till I can find a cheaper supplier. So if you know someone who makes saddle Trees an stirrups as well as buckels cheeper By all Means TELL ME!! If I have a supplier that don't charge out the ying yang I don't have to charge out the ying yang. This by no means is saying Rio Rondo is bad no. Just prices are getting a little to high.

I want to THANK EACH AND EVERY PERSON who has ordered from us!!!!!!!!

We Have a new rising star coming to us. Thanks to a wonderful trade deal. Cindy McHugh's Amarna RRH will be coming to us. I did business with her befor on an SM barn an am happy I am getting a chance to work with her again she is a great lady.

We are also adding a beautiful Arabian Costume to our tack. One by Heart Afire Farms. YAY. Watch out show world . My new Costume came in Click the link to see it Arabian Costumes

Here is our new Heard Sire for arabs. He is stanging to a very limited booking of outside mares. If you want to beed to him let me know. His Name is Lovesongs Leagcy. He is a Judy Renee Pop Resin Painted by Armana. This boy is going to go somewhere. Mind you his detailing an mane an tail was done by Miss Judy. Lounging Halter an line by Angel Creations.


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