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My first costume an my first saddle an bridal set made for Stars Of Gold is going to the Razorback Roundup in Ark in April. This shows my tack is LSQ an Winning in the ring As well as Nam'ing


Abu & Al Baddia Amir

This is one of my first creations. Took over a year to get just perfect.

Then again it was a first one. Normal costumes take me anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete one. This one here has Rio Rondo buckles even on the girth. The tassels are hand made an have rings at the top to make it easier to replace. I always make my costumes to fit the horse you want. If I have the horse that is. This one started out on the PAS then migrated to the Huck Bey. I did not get a pic of it but it has a head piece that 2 tassels hang off of attached to the top of the bridal. The brestcoller is two tiered an kept together with a tiny chain under the tassels. The crupper only has 6 tassels because of how full they are an also to many would make it look bad.


Dream Of Me Shows off a holywood style Arab costume. For the ones that has not figured it out this is the Grand Champion Micro Mini. Took me almost 6 hours to make this costume. Only thing wrong with it is the tassels need trained. This is hand sewen an has alot of special attinchion to detail done. It was partly modeled after a real costume but with my special touches. This costume carries my signiture on the botten. Few carry that but this was exceptional. My time was well worth this costume. As you can tell I put tiny surrups an added a girth. Most the tassels atr trained but a few are being rouges. If anyone has information on the weareabouts of this costume please let me know. I'd like to get it back.

Statis: DONE

Owner: ??


Now this is one of my more imaginative costumes. This is a princess costume for a Classic. This costume the first year I showed under it in a class of around 20 (most arab an parade costumes) placed 2end. I think Design Unlimited beat me out with a ladies costume she made on a PS WP horse. This is an good example of what I have to offer. As I said I only do work I can be proud to call my own.

Stasis: Finished

Owned By: Tom France of Mt. Vernon Ark.


ok I cheated I bought this one off E-bay. the Huck Bey is not mine the PAS is. This is a perfect example of creativity. A moveable saddle an an awsome looking outfit. Don't ask why I make costumes then bought one from someone else. At best the only explnation I can give.. I liked it *grins* Sorry I won't sell this costume. It's maker was right the pics don't do it justace. everything was put into place by hand an glued. Little more glue then I like but heck for this lovely I am very proud of what I spent on it. This one ended up making it's way to my workbench. This is the finished project even if it Hates Legacy.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures I am still new at this.

Some horses for sale at times. Some tack is for sale at some times.

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