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Survey on Importance of Administrative Assistant

If you need a helping hand for all your business needs then administrative services are there to help you out. It is a broad job category that delegates an individual to provides variety of administrative services to individual and business groups. However, an administrative consultant is a general term, and they do not necessarily work for a superior, rather his work is simply like that of an administrative assistant to a manager or executive. Still the benefits or advantages of hiring an administrative Consultant can never be denied nor can their work be taken lightly.

An administrative consultant can be considered as another employee that has the ability to perform the task easily and has the ability to achieve the stated goals on time. These administrative consultants are trained to be flexible to be able to meet the challenging tasks of any business house. They ensure that all the work is organized and everything runs smoothly. Only a responsible person can take these responsibilities and work effectively. There are administrative consultants available online or on part time basis as well that can again be available to you within a click away.

The main purpose of having a virtual administrative personnel is that you can delegate or transfer all kinds of routine activities to them and you can probably concentrate on your core business ideas. You can then be able to look more into the prosperity and growth of your business as you don¡¯t really need to worry about anything else. Whether you own a small scale business enterprise or a huge one, a profit making business or a non-profit making one, virtual administrative consultants are meant for almost everyone. There are certain benefits of a virtual administrative consultants like you only have to pay for what they work. They do not require any official space, furniture, medical, dental benefits to be paid. They even do not get any employee benefits like retirement plans, holiday allowances etc.

In fact the easy and unimportant tasks can be done by these professionals like answering phones and transferring calls, setting up appointments, answering e-mails and many other. Alternative staffing is another way of delegating your difficult tasks to the professionally trained personnel who can basically do it with more ease and you can concentrate on all your important work.

So if you are exploring the idea of lowering down your work load then start working with a highly-experienced Administrative assistant.

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Authoritative Research on Reasons of Happiness

Happiness isn¡¯t easy to quantify, but a lot of people have tried: Bhutan has its Gross National Happiness survey, global research company Ipsos has its annual world happiness poll, and now Columbia University¡¯s Earth Institute has put out the first World Happiness Report, which has the ambitious goal of surveying the state of happiness in the world today and looking at how the science of happiness plays into it.

The report, commissioned by the United Nations Conference on Happiness (yes, that exists), contains over a hundred pages of musings on world happiness. Here¡¯s an ultra-abridged version of the findings.

Richer people are happier than poorer people on average, but wealth is only one factor in overall happiness. The same goes for countries, where factors like personal freedom, lack of corruption, and social support are more important.

Unemployment obviously reduces happiness, but not because of what you may think. It¡¯s not the loss of income, but the loss of things like self-esteem and workplace social life that lead to a drop in happiness. High unemployment rates can trigger unhappiness even in the employed, who suddenly become fearful of losing their jobs. According to the study, even low-quality jobs yield more satisfaction than being unemployed.

In some countries, the self-employed report higher levels of job satisfaction than the employed. The study found a positive correlation between happiness and self-employment in both American and European data, but not in Latin America. The possible reason: Self-employment may be a necessity in developing countries where formal employment is not as readily available. When it¡¯s not a choice, it doesn¡¯t lead to happiness.

Higher living standards correspond with increased happiness in some countries, but not all. In the U.S., for example, happiness levels have remained stagnant while living standards have risen over the past 50 years or so.

Levels of trust (i.e. whether you think someone would return a cash-stuffed wallet) have fallen dramatically over time in certain countries--including the U.S. and U.K.--but risen in others, like Denmark and Italy. One explanation may be that overall life satisfaction has dropped in the former countries, but has risen in many continental European countries.

Lack of perceived equality can reduce happiness. The report explains: "The most positive results are in an interesting time-series study using both the U.S. General Social Survey and Eurobarometer. This finds that in both the U.S. and Europe increases in inequality have (other things equal) produced reductions in happiness. The effect has been stronger in Europe than in the U.S. This difference probably reflects ideological differences: Some 70% of Americans believe that the poor have a chance of escaping poverty, compared with only 40% of Europeans."

Mental health is the biggest contributing factor to happiness in all countries, but only a quarter of mentally ill people get sufficient treatment in the most developed nations.

Married people across the world (studies have been done in the U.S., EU countries, Switzerland, Latin America, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia) claim that they¡¯re happier than single counterparts. A stable family life also contributes to happiness.

It¡¯s not hard to conclude from these findings that gross domestic product is not the ultimate indicator of happiness.

The report sums it up well:

"GDP is important but not all that is important. This is especially true in developed countries, where most or all of the population has living standards far above basic material needs. Except in the very poorest countries happiness varies more with the quality of human relationships than with income. And in the richest countries it is essential not to subordinate the happiness of the people to the "interests of the economy, " since the marginal utility of income is low when income is so high. The economy exists to serve the people, not vice versa. Incremental gains in income in a rich country may be much less beneficial to the population than steps to ensure the vibrancy of local communities or better mental health. "

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