Another wonderful day of sorts. Biology thing still not fixed and worse I couldn't find my test. I also found my test number didn't really didn't matter b/c all the scantrons were different and matched with the test. Anyhoo, so glad that it's finally getting warm. Everyone's outside again and we all gather either in the concrete corner or the picnic table. Today Katie, Rachel, Russell, Remington and me all played volleyball. We played against some other people who sort of sucked, but not as bad as us. Rachel managed to serve the ball over the net and hit the ball in the right direction once. It was so funny. I heart you Rachel! I managed once to get something right (besides serving) and that resulted in me almost knocking myself in the jaw with the ball and Russell caught it from there and got it over the net. Remington runs like a girl, but he's not half bad at volleyball. Katie was the "professional" among us; it'd be funny when she'd get on to us about not hitting the ball or hitting it in the wrong direction and then she missed. We all got lots of sand in our pants and in some of us got it in our asses (not mine thankfully). There was a cute boy on the other team; tall, lanky, but with blonde hair. He had a big nose, but it didn't look so bad from the front, just the side. Then we all sat around the picnic table and Russell played the guitar and sang. He made a song about me too! Wisconsin and Crystal had a cookout w/ some other people; I got a baked potato out of it. Then we found out that DPS found drug or some kind of paraphanelia in Cliff and Logan's room, obviously it was Logan's as he's the pot head. Cliff to move out and into an empty room; only down side is the light wasn't working. We all helped him move out. Rachel just came in her two seconds ago, and we ended up in a very interesting conversation where neither of us was listening to what the other was saying, but still kept talking anyways. I'm so excited over seeing the pics of the touring cast of "Wicked." Glinda's new engagement ball gown is beautiful! And Stephanie Block is beautiful as Elphaba! I heard she's pretty good too, and then some say she's not so good. Kind of like Shoshana; some say both are kind of "poppy." I don't know as I've heard neither. I'm so in love with David Ayers, the new Broadway Fiyero though. He played Feyedka in Fiddler here at Actors Theatre in Louisville! I lent Rachel Wicked (the book); I feel so sad and lost and empty without it. I have my "copy of the show though." And that reminds me I need to call the guy about getting a copy of Midsummer. I also need to make out a class schedule for next semester to see if I'll be over any or not. Registration starts next week. I won't register 'til two weeks later starting at 8 AM! Speaking of 8 AM, shit! I have a bio lab tomorrow at 8 and I gotta read my thing. It's not a lot though. Then I have to read my phil after that b/c we have a quiz tomorrow. May not get to go gallery hopping tomorrow w/ Rachel as she may have to go home to get her computer fixed; it won't turn on. I can still go w/ Ty-Juana; we can take the TARC downtown and then trolleys will take us wherever else. I'm hungry. I need to eat some and then take a shower and read my bio. Means I probably won't go to be 'til 2 at the earliest. Damn. Always happens.

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I'm almost over this cold deal. I'm feelin' a tad queasy right now, so I'm hoping I didn't catch your stomach flu virus Rachel. Rachel! OH NO!!! I broke my Lent thing last night!!! Me and my love for chocolate pudding. Well, it's not like I gave in to temptation, I just forgot! I mean if it were a chocolate bar or something, my memory would triggered. But my brain goes out the window when I come in contact with chocolate pudding. Oh well, I'll just deprive myself of it on Sunday to make up for it. Anyhoo, if you don't become an RA, you should so room with me. Our fridge and shelves would be forever stocked with food, chocolate pudding and milk among them. Ty-Juana and I are planning to make homemade chicken soup this weekend. I was telling her how sick the rest of my family had gotten lately. She and I are both used to everyone around us being sick, and us not being sick. Then us getting sick after everyone else is done being sick. Well, I've been sick, but it's not been half as bad as my sister, mom, dad, and stepmom. My sister has the flu I think; she had a fever the other day and one of the office ladies took her to the doctor since mom wasn't there. She even offered to stay with Mai, but Mai said no. My mom's friend checked up on her, and her friend Elizabeth's mom made her chicken soup. I always wondered why my sister would play with anyone who was willing to play with here; she never thought she was too old to play with little kids. Now, I'm grateful she does. Her younger friends are a hell of a lot better than her friends her own age. I don't see any of them calling to see if she's ok or making and bringing her chicken soup. I got a call from Mom today finally. She wanted to make sure I was ok. She's a bit a better but still can't sleep. My dad called yesterday and wanted to make sure I was ok too after talking with Mai. He and my stepmom both came down with the stomach flu. They're better now. Oh damn!!! Just broke my Lent thing again!!! That's DOUBLE!!! I've just been downing chocolate teddy grahams like nobody's business since like two seconds ago!! Do I need to make myself a sign that says no chocolate and write it on everything that has chocolate in it? Or just tattoo it to my forehead?! Tattoos can be sexy, and a tattoo that reminds me to do something good could be a double benefit. That's another sunday without chocolate. I went through all last Lent without eating ice cream at all even on Sunday, how can I not do it this year?! Oh well. I need to do homework. I just got done having a long conversation with Ty-Juana who invited me to go to the practice room with her. I just don't feel like doing piano right now though, plus it's cold outside. I'm hungry again. I think that's what the queasiness was from. It went away after I starting eating the teddy grahams. Now, my tummy just has that empty feeling in it. Ok, back to lab reports, philosophy readings, and math homework and biology readings.

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So, I've decided I don't loathe this day after all, and never will so long as there are people to love me and who I love!!! This has been the best Valentine's Day EVER!!! I just raked in everything big time!!! I have the best friends in the world, so forget a boyfriend!!! So let's recap my day: 1.) CIS- Boring, lots of work to do before lab on Wed., did fine on the quiz 2.)Skipped Phil to study for Math Test while immersing myself in Josh Groban music 3.) Went to lunch with Rachel and got my first valentine of the day. It was pretty, glittery, and HOMEMADE! 4.)Took vitamins and cough syrup and went back to studying with Josh Groban music 5.)Took test, did bad. 6.)Took a LONG nap, and got woken up by my cell phone. Tama called to wish me a "Happy Valentine's Day!" Talked with her for a little while, which was great. 7.)Found a bunch of candy grams hanging on my doorknob. 8.)Started easy power point homework for CIS 9.)Left to go meet Cara to eat out at Mai's Thai 10.)Got a rose from Cara (love her!) 11.)Left for Mai's Thai, ended up in Clarksville twice when we wanted to go to Jeffersonville, but finally got there in the end. 12.)Ate good food and drank Thai tea. Very good, authentic, and spicy! Got a tiny pink silk rose from the lady working at the cash register and a sucker. She gave me that b/c she thought I was much younger than I am. She asked my age, I told her, she was shocked and laughed, but was really nice. 13.)Came back and found my mom has gone to Vande already and is being taken care of. :) 14.)Came back talked with Brad about our sales of ass-less pants and hugs. Talked to Dan about how all the sorority girls want to meet him, the "cute Triangle." 15.)Got a knock on my door from Cassie telling me Cliff had a surprise for me downstairs. Go downstairs to receive a bouquet of giant fake, but pretty, daffodils and a big hug. He tried but couldn't find me dogwoods to wear in my hair (I went on a long spiel last night about how I wanted flowers that weren't roses, and wanted the dogwoods to bloom so I could pick & wear the flowers in my hair). 16.)Back up to talking and find out Dan has a present for me too, only I have to go up to UK to get it. 17.)And now I'm sitting here writing this when I should be doing something useful, like reading for Biology, practicing piano, reading philosophy, etc. So to everyone Happy Valentine's Day. To all my friends: I HEART YOU ALL! Kisses and Hugs to you all too! Oh other stuff I forgot to mention that are equally as important or mentionable. Emily sent me a sweet PERSONAL (not some lame forward) email about how much she cared about all her friends. And Tyler aka Walt's GSP Roommate aka my Senior Prom Date (don't even say anything) sent me a valentine...

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So I am home this weekend. It was kind of a sporadic move. I probably wouldn't have gotten the nerve to do it if it weren't for Ty-Juana's motivation. Last night I found out how bad things are really getting, and it really upset me some. My mom can't sleep period and has been off work for at least two weeks now. My sister is ready to spaz. She had to take a two month leave of absence from work, so she could stay home more and be there in case something happend to my mom. She's had to take care of herself and mom for a while now. I got a ride from Cory (aka Catholic Boy for those of you who don't know) and he was super nice. Uber cute but taken. *sigh* He gave me a big hint today (I guess he was thinking I was still somewhat hung up on him, which I am NOT; gave up a WHILE AGO). We were just talking about relationships and clinginess and dating friends and stuff, and then he goes "I know one of my good friends really likes me but I'm not attracted to her." He then went into this long spiel and tangent about how he's not vain and by "not attracted" he didn't mean she was ugly or didn't like her personality, he just didn't have "thing" for her. I'm like I get what you mean; I didn't say outright I can take a hint. Most of the ride was pleasant and fun though. He's a great guy, and really came through for me. Anyhoo, back to home. It SUCKS. My mom is like majorly depressed. I listened to her talking to my aunt today on the phone, and she said the insomnia and depression reoccurred about six months ago when her brother called and said he couldn't sleep. I think she got paranoid thinking it could come back, and that stressed her out. Then I haven't been home since I moved back in early January. My sister said it had gotten real bad since then. Then my sister kept giving me evil looks everytime I tried to get close to my mom. She said it was my fault for being in the stupid play and that I didn't do anything and should just go away. And I'm like HOW CAN I?!! I'M IN FUCKING LOUISVILLE IN FUCKING SCHOOL AND DON'T FUCKING DRIVE THERE I'M SORRY!!! (That I do mean. Cory chided me for saying "I'm sorry" too much; he said it's become like a common phrase and has lost its original meaning most of the time it's used) My mother said no one was to blame. Then she broke down and asked what she did wrong for God to punish her. My sister said she'd been praying and wrote a letter to God (she's 16, but mentality in situations like these is much younger)and that God is probably just testing my mom. I didn't say anything, but I've been praying and trying to be as good a Christian I can be. Then my sister told me later that she thought God might be punishing her for not reading the Bible. I bet I know where she got that from. Her little uber pseudo Christian preppy friends who go to church, socialize, and pretend to be good all sunday then go out and live immoral lives during the rest of the week!!! Sometimes I don't know about this whole God/religion deal. There's so much I don't know and have been told, It's all confusing and jumbled up. My heart tells me that God is all loving, and that he's also forgiving. Yet sometimes I want to doubt or I just don't think about the issue of whether he exists or not. Somedays it's like if he exists cool, I'll be a decent person; if not, oh well, I'm still a decent person. Often I just don't know what I believe in. So my mom's not the best person in the world; she's one of the best moms/daughters/sisters in the world. She always comes through for her family in a pinch. God punishes only when one commits a grevious wrong (of course there you go getting into philosophy again; 2nd paper here I come). My mom's not committed any grevious wrongs that I know of; maybe by Catholic standards like not going to church regularly. I think she's been going to church more frequently now. At least a small amount of good had come out of this. My sister is learning to be independant, though she's far from being so. I'm just really worried that my mom will have to go to Vanderbuilt again (because when it comes to treating mental illness, paducah's hospitals are worthless). She may have to stay for three weeks, but if she has to stay longer...my sister can't stay with her friends forever, and what about Ty (Tiger my cat)? My sister refuses to go to my dad's though. She never really developed a bond like I did with him. She's always been glued to my mother's side. One of my aunts offered to come down, but my mom told her she had her own life to live. She's the anal, OCD clean one anyway, so that wouldn't work. So now it comes down to choice and sacrifice. Ha, funny enough what Lent is about. My mom doesn't think she's capable of taking care of us anymore right now. She's already made my sister memorize where the emergency numbers are at, the procedure on what to do if something happends, written out checks in case of emergency expenses, and worst of all made us know where her will is located. So is it fair to make my sister give up her life here when I can come back and go to school here and then transfer/or go to Murray? Even if I went to Murray, I still couldn't take care of her full-time. However, I can't necessarily get a high-paying job if I go to PCC. Should I be ready to make sacrifices like my mom did for us--to take care of our family? What sort of sacrifices should I make? I really hope there's something out there to help my mom. She needs both therapy and drugs is what she said, and not some BS group therapy from some lame doctor who won't write her a work excuse if she doesn't go who she only sees twice a week!! She needs the best care she can get and that probably means going to Vande for at least three weeks like last time. After she got back from there last time, she was so much better. I know this seems a cheesy stupid way to end, but if you have even a smidgen of sympathy or any love for me, send any and all positive energy towards my mom. Cast a spell, say a prayer, cross your fingers, make a wish, whatever. This is a freaking LONG entry! Oh my goodness, I don't think anyone is still reading by this point. If anyone is I thank for your time and patience. This thing is just getting me really upset.

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I'm still lovin' the 80s, especially the cartoons!
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Funny, Midsummer is over but somehow I still feel exhausted some days and like I don't have enough time for everything. Maybe if I didn't procrastinate so much. I would be making progress on my homework instead of just starting if I just wasn't such a damn nice person. The RSA (resident student assoc.) was selling candy grams and since they were cheap I bought a ton and sent them to just about every person I like. I sent one to my ex-room mate to be nice; I figured she'd appreciate it and thought I'd make sure I'd give her one in case no one else did. I was just gonna write names and happy valentine's day and sign my name, but then I saw Andy decorating hers. So I thought I'd do that too. It took forever!!! It took me so long because I'm a crazy OCD perfectionist type person and I wanted to personalize the decor for each person. Towards the end I just started making generic designs like swirls and stars and hearts. Then I got stuck reading two issues of Cosmo for at least an hour, and having to deal with Dewayne acting stupid. *sigh* I'm making progress in piano. Learning how to play with both hands now, although still on the white keys. Know how to play the black keys and what they are, just got to learn how to read the music so that I know what note is sharp or flat. I don't think I'll ever be good enough from just two semesters to play even one song from my Wicked song book. "Loathing" thus far is the only one I can play and have it sound remotely correct. I need to get my homework done and study for my quiz tomorrow in Bio and test in Math on Monday. I also have to work on my solo piece that I will have to do for my final. Then there's a paper coming up in about a couple of weeks for philosophy I think. Bullshit can get you a long way so long as you use quotes and proper grammar. Funny how we've just been discussing BS lately and I've BS'ed a lab report and Phil paper and gotten almost perfect scores on both. Procrastination can pay off at times. It just comes at the price of exhaustion. Won't be going home for another two weeks. Keith's co-oping and G&E, so he doesn't go home as often. Vagina Monolouges are this weekend; I'm just sad Rachel isn't going to be here to see it with me. She's going home because she's feeling kind of depressed and stressed. I bet Ty-Juana will go, and she's always a hoot to be around. Yesterday I was helping her study for her History of African Music class, and she would just crack me up with her dancing and mock singing and her answers to my questions. Ok enough, go do homework says my conscience! P.S. I'll be posting pics from Midsummer eventually!

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I had a cool day today. Still gotta spend a shitload of money before Thursday. I hate it! However, I went down to Bardstown Rd. with a bunch of friends. We stopped in this local leather shop called "Leatherhead." It was a supremely awesome store. My friend Cliff bought his mom a gorgeous rose shaped belt buckle. While he was paying, I noticed some photographs on this rectangular "pole or column." Two were of Orlando Bloom, one of him with the shop owner and another single, autographed photo! I knew he came down to Louisville to film some movie, and then to find that I was in the same shop he had been in was so cool! The wife of the owner noticed me staring and told me she and her husband had made a pair of shoes for him. She said he was a striking person both physically and emotionally. She said she was an old woman and even her mouth dropped at the sight of him. She said he was very nice and didn't have the "I'm a famous actor, don't you know me?!" attitude. Then, she started naming off other people who'd shopped there. The list included a ton of people like Johnny Depp, Melissa Ethridge, The Judd sisters, John Lennon, and a ton of others. It was so cool! I want to own a shop and one day meet someone famous in it. I don't get to change rooms 'til January which sucks. Also, EVERYONE IS LEAVING TOMORROW!!! *WAILS AND SOBS* Just think only one more day! And NO HOMEWORK! I'm still somewhat nervous about my finals though. The only one that's been posted is my communication. I have an A in that class. I want to go home, but at the same time, I don't want to leave all my college friends either.

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Yep, well finals are done. Anthropology sucked and pissed me off because we were tested over specific details that really didn't have much to do with whether or not we knew the material. My portfolio was a pain in the butt, and for a little while I was in a frenzy and panic thinking I wasn't going to get it done and turned in by 4 PM. I did though. I better get at least a "B" in that class, or I'm going to be pissed. I got screwed in the english professor department. Like I keep saying, you think English 102 would be somewhat beneficial; this class wasn't. I sold almost all my books back. I kept Having Our Say, Tuesdays With Morrie, and the MLA Handbook. The first two are good reading books and the last ought to come in handy for writing papers. My friend Ty-Juana and room mate for next year has a freakin' awesome English book; it's got all kinds of pictures and photographs along with articles. I'm so glad to be switching room mates next semester. My current one is kind of gross and uber creepy. Oh! Fun and exciting thing happend today. This girl stumbled across my OWFU fic on FF.Net and thought it was funny. That's not the cool part; the cool thing is she goes to U of L and knows Jennifer (my angry lesbian, Wicked the Musical lover, hook up for "Wicked Stuff (*cough cough*) friend). She and I are meeting on Wednsday after her final. I'm stuck here until Thursday morning because my ride home won't be done with his finals 'til Wednsday. Oh, well, but we have snow. And I'm so in love! Adore this Catholic boy who just happens to live in Paducah too! So cute! Drew his name in Old English Calligraphy and colored it using water-color pencils. I wrote him a message on the back with my phone number. Crossing my fingers, but still highly paranoid. He's been very flirty lately, and it was only recently that I realized how much I was attracted to him. I just hope he's not just playing around. Have to hook up my friend Rachel here with the cute liberal boy I know. Her b/f broke up with her after seven months abruptly, and she's taking it pretty well now though for a while I had to threaten to beat her if she mentioned the boy or about not being good enough and being lonely forever. I introduced the two on Saturday, and she's taken a liking to him. She may come to Paducah too sometime over break; I keep begging her to. She lives in Owensboro. Ok, this is enough. I'm so bored. Done with finals; it feels strange that I'm not doing anything. Check out the nice new icon done by me.

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Ahhh...once again so in love. There's this guy who's one of my co-actors in Midsummer Night's Dream and SO CUTE. Fell in love with him the first day of rehearsals. Well today the table I happend to sit at during lunch today in the SAC was right behind his. I saw him when I sat down, but since all I could see was his back, I wasn't sure. I identified him by his short, blonde hair and leather jacket he always wears. I figured I had no chance with him and observing he was with a group of people (whereas I was by myself), also figured he wouldn't notice me. Well, he did. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed he kept looking around and over at me. Of course I wasn't gonna be caught staring, so I pretended to be engaged in my food and not notice him. Then we both happend to look at each other at the same time, and he smiled at me and waved. I did the same. Then this girl at his table asked who I was, and he said I was a girl he was in the play with. He smiled again too. *Sighs* Still in love with my learning assistant, though he has bad taste in sweaters. Well, the sweaters he wears are not really ugly, just rather distracting. I'm in love with multiple people and things all the time. The lady who plays Titania in Midsummer brings her little boy to rehearsal. He's so adorable; he's our little changeling boy, and I'm so in love with him too. I throw the word around which I suppose is kind of bad. Maybe I do so because I don't think there'll ever be a time when I will seriously be able to use the word in reference to a significant other. Just really don't have much luck with guys, and the ones I do manage to snag aren't the right ones and turn out to be stupid not long after I find them. *Sighs again* Ces't La Vie. Wow, this is rather short for me. Here's a fun quiz I found on Live Journal and took:

Who is in your celebrity family? by cerulean_dreams
User Name
MomMeryl Streep
DadBen Stiller
BrotherNorebert Leo Butz
SisterLucy Lui
BoyfriendOrlando Bloom
Best friendJohnny Depp
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I just remembered one more thing, "Phantom of the Opera" the movie, which is done Andrew Lloyd Webber, the musical's composer (yay!), is coming out THIS CHRISTMAS! Let's see more exciting releases include "Alexander" (drool fest) and and oh crap forgot what other movie I was so excited about...oh wait! There's a new movie coming out by Zhang Zhimou, the guy who did "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero" among various other movies! It's called "House of Flying Daggers." Ziyi Zhang is once again playing a major role in it. She was in the two previous movies as well. I think I'm beginning to see a trend here...Zhimou's movies tend to be very artsy and beautifully choregraphed though. Another thing, go to J.K. Rowling's official site and you can read a short excerpt from one of the chapters of book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (yes, that is the official title)! The release date is still to be set; all we know is that it's going to be in 2005. So mad I can't enter the contest to meet J.K. and the cast of the Harry Potter movies. You have to be age 7-17. That reminds me, I fooled a group of ppl in the elevator. I made them think I was 12 and a child genius. That's another story, which I'll finish tomorrow.

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Ok, time to update. I got cast in Midsummer Night's Dream just recently. I auditioned for it last Friday, the director decided not to do callbacks, and just casted the play after the last audition day. I'm a fairy, specifically Peaseblossom. I went to my first read-through tonight, learned the production concept, and saw the costume designs. The costumes are amazing, and the concept is really original! I'm not going to get to go to NY to see Idina before she leaves "Wicked," *sobs*. Oh well, at least I saw her and the original cast once, and in San Fransisco no less. My desire to see Mozart's (my fave composer) "Die Zauberflote" or "The Magic Flute" (sorry, I don't know how to get the accent mark to show up) has been heightend even more after listening to the most darling song. "Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-Papagena!" I LOVE "Papageno's Aria;" it's one of my favorite Mozart pieces, and the aforementioned piece is when Papageno finds his love, Papagena (duh!). In Papageno's aria, Papageno talks about his main desire, to find a wife. My theatre professor recently mentioned that "The Magic Flute" has been revived and is playing in the Metropolitan Opera. In addition it has gotten rave reviews. Poo on living in Kentucky. I also want to see "The Mikado" after watching three clips of three different versions of it. It's an opera that's a satire of British society, but it's set in Japan to kinda be a little subtle. It's really funny and the one song I heard was VERY catchy. Another funny thing, I just found it's written by the same guys who wrote "Pirates of the Penzance" (mucho cool, though I have not seen it all; I watched a good deal of the Market House performance of it on Paducah's local station one night). Once again, I am getting to verbose. I have made two new icons, or rather one, in two different versions. Guess that's enough for now.

"Bow! Bow! To his daughter-in-law-elect!" --"The Mikado"

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OMG!!! I'm SUPER EXCITED!!! Although, I'm stressed to the max about Anthropology, no Chandler, my uber cute learning assisstant, did not ask me out on a date, but I FOUND THERE ARE NOW AT LEAST 6 WICKED FANS AT U OF L!!! Two of them are in my theatre class!!! How freakin' awesome is that!!!! I was just talkin' to this guy after class, and he mentioned that the first day of class I wore a "Wicked" shirt. And I go "OMG!!! You know 'Wicked!!!'" He was like "Yeah, I saw the show in NY over spring break last year." He has a pic w/ Norbert Leo Butz and an autographed program!!! He also told me that a girl in our class is also a "Wicked" fan. I was about to go into cardiac arrest!!! Definitely having a "Wicked" night this Friday!!! Jennifer (the girl who lives down the hall from me) and I are planning to set up a booth outside our dorm advertising "Wicked." We also want to make a fanclub with t-shirts. She suggested wearing a shirt that said something like "Holla if you love 'Wicked'" Whoops, had my soundtrack blaring too loud in my excitement; a girl just asked me to turn it down. When I'm excited I forget everything but what's going in my own little world. I figured most people would be in class by now. Oh well. I'm going to go around with a huge grin on my face for the rest of the day, and be in a super good mood for the rest of the day. Everyone's gonna think I'm nuts, but hey that's ok!

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I'm mad because my plans to go NY to see "Wicked" before Idina Menzel leaves is in serious jepordy! Not gonna go into it, or I'm gonna get super riled again. She keeps asking if I did better in Anthropology when I only went there last Thurs. and we haven't done ANYTHING YET! Have quiz Thurs. though, and I'm prepping and praying and hoping I do well. I was so mad because I could've sworn that I knew the at least 80 % of the questions, yet I come out with a 66! At least it's above the average which was a 58! Not gonna go into more detail on that or I'm gonna get riled again. Too many things are making me irritated lately. Oh, but I did finally talk with and meet Random Wicked Fangirl. Her name is Rana and SHE LIVES IN MY DORM!!! She hasn't seen the show, is hooked on the soundtrack, has the shirt, but I don't know if she's read the book yet. Her b/f, who also goes to U of L, has seen the show though. So that makes 4 "Wicked" fans of sorts that I KNOW OF CURRENTLY who go to U of L!!! Exciting!!! Love the people on the He-Man.org forums!!! Well, except those who think POP is all fluff and a waste, not mentioning any names. Kat, the silly fangirl who wrote an awful "Wicked" fic inserting herself in there (as a Mary-Sue) no less is stalking Emily and me, though more Emily because Emily actually talks to her more often. I think she tries to hard to be sweet, although she says it's "natural." Emily thinks she just really wants friends. Well, I may be an elitist bitch, but I'm not above helping people who want it. She though my last chapter was funny although it picked heavily at her. I got another lovely flame though from yet another anonymous person. This person couldn't even spell or tell me what they didn't like about my story. Question: Why do people read all the way to the end or last chapter if they don't like a story that much? It's one thing to think a story will get better,be disappointed and leave a negative review (NOT A FLAME), but another to flame without reason or proper spelling and grammar. Ok this is getting too long now, so toodles!

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My small tribute to Elphaba and both the book and show Wicked.

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Agrabah rootbeer:the other drink

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"I have been changed for the better."


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Theme Song - - - Walkin' on Sunshine
Jelly Bean Flavor - - -cinnamon
Woman of Beauty - - - World Beauty
Woman of Royalty - - -Countess
Type of Soap - - - bath soap
Movie Heroine - - - Princess Leia
LOTR Man - - - Legolas (of course)
Mists of Avalon Character - - -Morgaine
Pirate Name - - - Dirty Anne Kidd

I am the beautiful warrior.
My magick style is witchcraft.
I am a snow fae
My, My Little Pony personality is Fizzy.
My Ideal Disney Guy is the Beast.
I am 40 % Cher

A bend in the road
My Awards

This by far is my fave layout! All the praise goes to my fellow ya-ya and bestest friend rachie ! This is VIII:Walking Man's Road. It's in case you didn't know a scene from the movie The Last Unicorn based on the novel by Peter S. Beagle. It's one of my faveorite movies and fairy tales of all time! It took me forever to find a good pic but after much trial and devotion I found one at Chanth which by the way is a gorgeous TLU site! In addition the title came from one of the songs from the movie, Walking Man's Road (duh!) arranged and performed by America. The quote although pretty and suiting has nothing to do with either the book or movie.
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