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"My name is BASHARAT ALi (Born July, 04) I start Karate on five years age (not kyokushinkai karate other local karate) My first Sensei is Khalid Shahzad and Branch chief Inamullah Khan. I am running now Five Dojos In Karachi one of the major cities in Pakistan. I completed kyokushin karate in 100% Japanese terminology. My favourite fighter is Gary oNeil."
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Mas Oyama's Full Contact Kyokushin Karate
Kyokushinkai karate is in the martial arts known as the strongest full  contact karate, founded by the Korean Masutatsu Oyama who practiced all kind of martial arts styles from Kempo, Gojo Ryu , to Shokatan and Judo.Oyama took the best of all of these styles combined it and founded his own style and named it Kyokushin which means the Ultimate Truth, Kai means working together with respect to your opponents .An iron discipline in training , selfcontrol, character ,and respect is necessarily in kyokushinkai karate,and are also the positive points of someone's life.Kyokushinkai officially came into being around 1964.Now over 10 million members practising this style of karate.
ALi Academy of Kyokushinkai Karate Pakistan (HQ) (approx. 180 members)
founded July,04,1987.
Best student is SENSEi WASEEM ALI (Sandan) he is national champion 1995
(TKD) and also champion of Karachi open 1998 and 1st Inamullah Khan Open
Karate championship,March,23,1996 2nd champion and champion of
Karachi city Tournament 1999. Kata and Fight. He is most senior member and
his reg  is no 1 first student of  of the Academy.
Left (Branch Chief) Inamullah Khan, right Sosai Mas Oyama Founder of Kyokushinkai Karate. 
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