Oops... I used up most of my storage so I had to move quite a few of my larger images to www.applepics.com- but they are the best anyway!!! I hope it doesn't shut down.. but anywho..
I'm looknig for a new host, cause Geocities is just too small.. and all those indie sites whioch give 300MB and unlimited bandwidth.. they always shut down and it's like ARGHH GO BURN IN YOU FO0! Ok sorry...
So any volunteers? Anyone? Pleeease?
*Sigh*... I'll just make do with Geocities... for now. I think I should finish off the FIRST episode summary, don't you? I'm so lazy.
-Peace, Shanna.

NEW UPDATE!!! I just bought the FIRST Yu-Gi-Oh! Graphic Novel!!!! YAAAAY! I'm so happy... although it was kind of expensive. I would scan them on, but it's quite thick and I don't want to bend the spine of this precious book.. *hisses "precioussssssssssssss" and runs into corner with book*. *cough*... so instead, for all you lucky people out there who actually visit this site... I'll put up some summaries, okay? Sounds good? Hehe. And please please PLEASE sign the guestbook! PLEASE! Thank you. That is all.

YAY!! I finally got accepted into the webring- I'm so happy ^_^. Also, yesterday I think I sort of puffed-out the scabber but the colouring pages are here! And also, one puzzle. Jeese, you guys are lucky... I had to pay for all those things! Hehe... well, right now I'm focusing on scanning up the LAST of the pages, then I might start on the Card info. Well I better get to work.. laters for now.

Yesterday I did... another large chunk of the General Info.. and I added some pictures to it! Yaay! Now it doesn't look so bland. Err... I submitted this site to a few search engines, so hopefully I won't be the only one coming anymore ^_^'. I started off the Character Bios too, and the episode guides.. maybe I should just shorten everything, eh? Oh well. And please sign the guestbook!
-Shanna = )

Ok, well yesterday I wrote like... 5000 words in the General Info bit, and I'm still not nearly half done so it's gonna be pretty long... oh, and I've got some clipits from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie which is due to be released on the 13th of April 2004 so we're all looking forward to that, right? Hmm. It better be released in New Zealand. Anyway, you can view the trailer by clicking here, or if you've got dial-up here are a few snapshots from it. Please don't take any, because I'm a cheap little faggot who can't do screen captures so I have to use someone elses. Thanks.

A big thank you to Kokoro no Naka for these pictures.

Yes, I know. This is probably like... the millionth time (I'm serious!) I've tried to make a website, but hopefully this one will pull through. Flying Pig was quite successful, except the server screwed up and all my stuff was lost so... that was the end of that.
Well, since all my other sites were made up of useless junk, I thought I'd try a different approach...
No, Yu Gi Oh! is NOT useless junk!
But never fear, I will put some random things here and there for ignorant non-Yu Gi Oh! lovers. SO, sit back and enjoy my site!

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