As a compromise between my wife and myself. You see I like all white lights and she likes all color, so I set it up to switch back and forth from white to color every minute. So, with 5,000 lights we started our christmas light show.


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RULE OF THUMB: "If it's not visible from space, you don't have enough lights."
Halloween Setup
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christmas decorations
Christmas Lights on Tacky Light Tour
Our first year with christmas lights on our home, then.....
This year our display has grown in leaps and bounds, to 17,935 lights to be precise.Beginning in july, plans were made for our light to "dance" to music. Through the purchase of a Light-O-Rama program, the synchronization began on the computer. Several hours have been put into organizing the display on the computer. Then (after a bit of a detour for halloween decoration), we got all of the necessary materials together (more lights!) and got the house prepped. On November 16th, through the help of our wonderful family, the house and tree were covered in lights. After many test runs, the whole show went live on Thanksgiving night. It runs nightly from 5:30pm to 9:00 pm. Just drive by, tune your radio in to 106.5FM, and enjoy the show!
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