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Zoe is my first Changeling character.

Zoe K. Barbee is an odd sort of Changeling, in fact a rare one. She is a Non-Native American Yunwi Amai'yine'hi. On top of that her animal affinity would be rare for even a pooka. Her affinity is with Calopteryx Maculata or Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly. She has 4 black wings and a Native American style voile that shines with the blue-green iridescence of her animal mein.

What is even more amazing is how well she has adapted, considering that she went through her chrysalis alone and did not meet any fae: Kithain or Nunnehi for two months.

The Chronicle takes place in Hematite, a fictional town in Michigan, on the western shores of Lake Michigan, between the towns Ford River and Cedar River. Michigan is well known for its iron ore industries: mining, forging, and shipping. One of the landmarks in Hematite is the Ore Dock. At the Ore Dock, trains would load boats with the locally mined iron. Despite all the iron in the area both Nunnehi and Kithain call Hematite home.

The other characters are Delilah (a childling Pooka, some of you may know her player as either Shahar, Cary, or Gwen), Karen (an Eshu wilder), Johnny (a May-may-gway-shi Brave), and various NPC's that include almost every kith, Rock Gaints and Green Drawfs.

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