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Dedicated to the name Marr which is derived from the ancient name of Mar.

I am willing to host information on the variations Marrs and Mair until somone establishes pages for these.

The Tribe of Mar

Chief: The Countess of Mar

Pans Plus

(Think More)


The Septs of Clan Mar:

Alexone, Bartill, Bartle, Benham, Breymer, Burnham, Burnhem, Burr, Dag(s), Dinnie(y), Don(n), Dondale, Dorward, Durrat, Durward, Eg(go), Ergo, Finden, Findon, Fructor, Fruktor, Fuktor, Gammack, Gartner, Glennie(y), Gratney, Hardie(y), Irvin(e), Irving(son), Irwin, Kaylor(er), Keilor, Knowles, Luncart, Mac Fructer(or), Mac Gil(le)glass, Mac Hardie, Mac Hinton, MacIlcachew, Mac Kinton, Mc Mair, Mair(e)(s), Maier, Mairis, Major, Maor, Mac Mare, Mare, Mar, Marr, Marus, Mayers, Mayre, Meagher, Strachan, Strackan(en), Thaw(e)(s), Wisehart, Youngson, Wells

Provided by: The Mar Society of Australia


Last update was:


Next update will be on November 20, 1998

Expect further historical information and our first set of Mairs will be added to the achievements page.


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