Bittersweet Memories

I remember a love, so sweet, beautiful and kind.
A love I knew was mine.
To only fade in time,
and become Bitter Sweet Memories.......

Words were passed.
And by both of us, choices were made.
Our love then faded into my heart,
there to become only Bitter Sweet Memories.

A love that none can see. The Lord, through you, brought out in me,
writings and words of poetry.
Now all I have to show for it all,
is Bitter Sweet Memories.

In time, into each of our hearts,
will fade the time and love we had together,
and all those Bitter Sweet Memories.

There forever in my heart,
always they will be cherished by me.
All those Bitter Sweet Memories.

As the years drifted into the bye and bye,
no one could ever take away,
the love and time you gave to me.

In my heart, a place there will always be,
that time and love you shared with me.
Thank you, my sweet sweet love,
for all those loving Bitter Sweet Memories.

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