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Do you know Leslie Anne Small (maiden name), born nee Kirk April 28, 1964 in Toronto, Ontario to Claire Ruth Gold? She's my half-sister and I have not seen her since childhood! Please have her contact me, before I am old and grey!!!!!

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  • TOMSMarch 28, 2008

    (I found this song when I attended a concert on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, at a music festival. A band by the name of Iron Horse, from Glasgow, Scotland was playing. I have reproduced their song here without permission... though I hope to receive it as soon as possible.)

    A song by Lynn about the passing on of traditions and ways of life, and with that, values and an identity.


    Where you walked I will go
    Seeking your soul amongst the turning sand
    Between the breakers and the burning land
    Where you walked I will go

    And what you learned I will know
    Hearing lost answers on the whispering wind
    Your blood is my blood, we are kith and kin
    What you learned I will know

    What you dreamt I will dream
    Waking thoughts from the source of the stream
    Waking and working to know what they mean
    What you dreamt I will dream

    And what you left I will sew
    Into the fabric of my own life now
    Our coat of conscience will behanded on down
    What you left I will sew

    Where you walked I will go
    Seeking your soul amongst the turning sand
    Between the breakers and the burning land
    Where you walked I will go

    Poetry Selections Presented by Angela

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    Genealogy - Personal Homepages


    Celtic Studio
    Valuable Scottish Clan and Irish Family Name information

    Most reliable source of records: judicial,
    property, probate, vital records, church,
    fraternal alliances, life insurance, military
    and newspapers.

    Least reliable: family traditions,
    printed family histories, DAR
    lineage books, Federal Census,
    tombstones, death certificates, obituaries,
    reference works and family group sheets.

    *Old Titles*

    Did you know that the word inmate used in old papers may refer
    to a person living in the home of another person, not necessarily
    an institution? Freeman is a designation once used to mean an
    unmarried man. Domestic once meant a housewife, not nesessarily
    a servant. Housekeeper would mean a property owner, male or
    female. Mrs. or Mistress with a woman's name usually meant she
    was a wealthy woman, and that was the proper way to address
    her. Mr. or Mister was used only for a man of wealth, or one
    who was educated. A retired man might have been referred to
    as a gentleman.

    "Aliens" in the Census

    In the 1920 Census, column 14, AL=Alien, NA=Naturalized and
    PA=Papers have been filed for citizenship. So how could a
    nineteen year old woman, shown as born in California be listed
    as an alien? From 2 March 1907 to 21 September 1922, a woman
    marrying an alien lost her citizenship in the USA. Such a woman
    would have to apply for citizenship, filing a Declaration in
    Intent, just as any foreign born person would. It's important
    to be aware of the different laws that governed citizenship
    and naturalization.

    The above I obtained from Rails Fun Facts Please take a visit to find lots of interesting information.

    Write to the Barnardo Homes at: Barnardos After Care Department, Tanner's Lane, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex 1G6 1QG England Phone: 081-550-8822 Fax: 081-551-6870

    The little immigrants from Britian
    Little Immigrants by Kenneth Bagnell

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