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Sexy Love
By Kristjan Brezovnik

"Finally," Dawn said when Joyce and the Scoobs left.

Faith grinned at her.

"You've waited years for this night."

"Yeah. But now it's finally here and I want to… Em…"

"Yes?" Faith prompted her when Dawn trailed off, blushing.

Dawn's blush deepened.

"You know what."

Faith hugged her around the waist.

"Tell me," she whispered and licked her lips seductively.

"I want to have sex," Dawn said, suddenly nervous.

"Mmm, little Dawnie wants to become a woman."

"I'm not little," Dawn protested, pouting.

"Of course not," Faith said and gave her a peck on the nose. "Let's take a shower."


Faith thought for a moment.

"No, not tonight. You go ahead and I'll clean up a little. Then wait in your room." She grinned. "You don't need to dress."

Dawn blushed again.

"Okay." She gave Faith a peck on the lips. "I'll hurry."

"You do that."

Faith let go of Dawn and Dawn ran upstairs. Faith took a deep breath.

"Man, it's gonna be a long night," she said and grinned.

After Faith took a shower, she went to Dawn's room, wrapped only in a towel. She smiled when she saw Dawn sitting on the bed, obviously nervous.

"Nervous?" she asked.

Dawn blushed.

"A little."

"Don't worry, you can't possibly do anything wrong," Faith said and Dawn's blush deepened. She offered Dawn her hand. "Get up."

Dawn took the hand and got up.

"Now what?"

Faith licked her lips.

"Now we get naked," she said and Dawn blushed again. She spread her arms. "Wanna do the honors?"

Dawn took a deep breath and then reached for Faith's towel. Her fingers trembled a bit and she licked her lips in anticipation. She gently pulled the towel apart and then let it drop. She gasped when she saw Faith's naked body for the first time.

"You're so beautiful," she whispered.

Faith blushed.

"Thanks." She reached for Dawn's towel. "May I?"

Dawn took a deep breath and nodded.

Faith gently pulled the towel apart and then let it drop.

"Mmm, looks delish," she said and licked her lips, making Dawn blushed. "I see you took my advice," she said when she saw that Dawn had shaved her pussy.

Dawn looked at her crotch, her blush deepening.

"Yes," she said and ran her fingers across. Then she realized what she was doing and she quickly stopped, her blush deepening. "Eh…"

Faith smiled.

"It's okay, Dawnie. You can't imagine how much that just turned me on."

Dawn smiled. She thought for a moment.

"So, em, what's the plan?"

"Well, first I make you a woman and then we have wild sex all night long."

Dawn blushed.

"All night?"

"Hell yeah. I mean, your mom and Buffy aren't coming back till late morning, so."

Dawn smiled.


Faith caressed her.

"You ready for this?"

Dawn quickly nodded.


"Okay. Just remember, you can always say no. Okay? I want you to enjoy yourself, but if you want to stop, just say so. I don't want you to force yourself to enjoy yourself just for my benefit."

Dawn smiled and nodded.


Faith grinned.

"Then let's get sweaty. Lay down."

Dawn got on the bed and lay down.

Faith rubbed her pussy, squirming.

"Man, I'm horny just from looking at you," she said and got on the bed as well. She lay beside Dawn and gently ran her fingers along her body, from her neck, between her tits, across her belly and down to her pussy. "Just relax and enjoy the ride. And don't be shy. Feel free to scream."

Dawn blushed and Faith got down to business. Faith first kissed Dawn, who eagerly responded. Then Faith trailed wet kisses down Dawn's neck while her right hand gently massaged Dawn's breasts, twisting her nipples a little. She smiled when Dawn's breathing quickened.

She cupped both breasts and then started kissing Dawn's breasts, first around and then closer and closer to the nipples. She sucked on the nipples for a while, massaging both breasts at the same time. Then she slowly ran her right hand across Dawn's belly. She flattened her palm against it and rubbed it for a few moments before sliding her hand downward to Dawn's pussy.

Dawn gasped and tensed when Faith cupped her pussy and Faith looked at her.

"You okay?" she asked and lifted her hand.

Dawn quickly nodded.

"Don't stop."

Faith smiled.

"Just relax, Dawnie."

"Em, I heard it… hurts when you lose your cherry."

"A bit, but it quickly passes. But don't worry, you won't have time to feel the pain."

"Okay," Dawn said and relaxed a bit.

Faith returned to sucking Dawn's nipples. She gently rubbed her palm against Dawn's pussy and Dawn slowly spread her legs, relaxing. Faith then trailed a highway of wet kisses across Dawn's belly. She stopped for a few moments when she reached Dawn's navel and then continued to Dawn's pussy.

She gently blew on Dawn's pussy and Dawn squirmed.

"Spread your legs for me," Faith said, her mouth watering already.

Dawn obliged and Faith lay between her legs. Then she started to lick around Dawn's pussy.

Dawn took a deep breath and spread her legs even further.

Faith grinned and ran her tongue down Dawn's slit.

"Oh god," Dawn breathed.

Faith looked up, grinning.

"Nope, just me."

She ran her tongue around Dawn's pussy and then a cross the slit a couple of times. Then she gently pried apart Dawn's outer pussy lips, which were already parting on their own. She licked between the inner and the outer lips a couple of times, purposely avoiding Dawn's clit. Then she spread the inner pussy lips as well and plunged her tongue into Dawn's core.

"Oh Faith!"

Faith grinned.

"You bet, Dawnie," she said and returned to pleasuring Dawn.

She sucked on Dawn's pussy for a while and then thrust two fingers inside to keep Dawn open. She could see Dawn's hymen and she pushed her fingers inside to touch it.

Then she finally turned her attention to Dawn's clit, which had already come out of its hood, demanding attention. She flicked it with the tip of her tongue a couple of times, making Dawn squeal.

She grinned.

"Lift you legs," she instructed.

Dawn did so and Faith then licked Dawn's asshole, making Dawn squeal again.

"Like it?"

Dawn blushed.

"Yeah. It's just…"


Dawn hesitated for a moment.

"I didn't expect you to lick me there."

"Don't worry, it's clean." She frowned. "You did clean it, right?"

Dawn nodded.


"Good. Then relax and enjoy the attention."

Faith fingered Dawn's pussy with one finger and rubbed Dawn's clit with another. She ran her tongue across Dawn's ass crack a couple of times and then concentrated on Dawn's asshole. She tongued it for a while until the spinchter relaxed. Then she quickly pushed a finger inside to her first knuckle.

Dawn gasped and the spinchter tightened again.

"Just relax, Dawnie, you'll like this," Faith said.

Dawn took a deep breath and tried to relax.

Faith held her finger still and started licking Dawn's pussy again. She pushed her tongue deep inside Dawn and flicked Dawn's clit at the same time. When she felt Dawn's spinchter relax, she slowly started to wiggle her finger deeper. The spinchter tightened a bit, but Faith kept pushing her finger inside, all the while licking Dawn's pussy.

When her finger was as deep inside Dawn's ass as she could push it, she started wiggling it around a bit.

"Ooh!" Dawn said.

Faith grinned and started pumping her fingers in and out of Dawn's pussy, sucking on Dawn's clit.

"Faith!" Dawn screamed as she came.

Faith quickly pushed her finger deeper into Dawn's pussy, breaking the hymen. Then she continued to stimulate Dawn to prolong her orgasm and to make her forget the pain.

"Oh god," Dawn said when she calmed down.

Faith grinned and pulled out her fingers.

"You're a woman now, Dawnie," she said and moved up.

"Really? I didn't feel a thing."

Faith smiled.

"Good," she said and kissed her.

Dawn quickly responded and they kissed for a few moments.

"I want to lick you," Dawn then said and blushed.

Faith smiled.

"Okay. Just hold on a moment."

She reached under the bed and pulled out a bag.

"When did you get it under there?" Dawn asked.

"While you were showering."

"What's in it?"

"Just this," Faith said and pulled out a couple of paper towels and a strap-on.

Dawn blushed when she saw the strap-on.

"What are the paper towels for?" she asked.

"This," Faith said and wiped Dawn's pussy. "See?" she said and showed her the blood.


Faith crumpled the paper towels and threw them in the bag. She put the strap-on on the nightstand.

"So, ready to lick?"

Dawn blushed.

"Yes." She hesitated for a moment. "I'm nervous," she then admitted.

Faith caressed her.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine."

Dawn smiled a little.

"Okay. Lay down."

Faith obliged her.

Dawn ran her eyes across Faith's body, licking her lips excitedly. Then she put the palm of her hand on Faith's belly and leaned over to kiss her.

They kissed for a few moments and Dawn moved her hand up to Faith's breasts, cupping her right breast. Then Dawn kissed her way down Faith's neck. She hesitated for a moment and then covered Faith's left nipple with her mouth. Faith moaned and Dawn started sucking while gently twisting Faith's right nipple.

Faith reached up and ran her fingers through Dawn's hair.

"You're doing just fine, Dawnie," she said, moaning.

Dawn smiled at her and switched nipples.

After alternatively sucking on Faith's breasts, Dawn moved lower, but instead of kissing, she ran her tongue across Faith's belly. She paused at Faith's navel for a few moments and then continued to her final destination.

Faith spread her legs and Dawn lay between them, staring at Faith's pussy, nervous.

"You don't have to," Faith said when she noticed Dawn's hesitation.

Dawn looked up and her and smiled.

"I want to."

"You sure?"

Dawn nodded.


She looked back at Faith's pussy. She moved her head closer and sniffed. It smelled like a combination of shower gel and Faith. Dawn extended her tongue and tentatively ran it down Faith's slit, which was already wet with Faith's juices. Then she rolled her tongue around her mouth, wondering what Faith tasted like. She had tasted her own juices while playing with herself and also when Faith had kissed her after she took her cherry, but she had never tasted another woman before. She decided she liked the taste.

She ran her tongue around Faith's pussy a couple of times. Then she pulled Faith's outer lips apart and licked between the outer and the inner lips for a while before spreading the inner lips and plunging her tongue deep into Faith.

"Oh Dawnie," Faith moaned as she arched her back.

Dawn feasted on Faith's pussy for a while, adding two fingers to her tongue and using another to play with Faith's clit while she wasn't sucking on it.

"Lift your legs," she then said.

Faith looked at her.


"Lift your legs."

"Eh, you don't have to, you know."

Dawn smiled, blushing.

"I want to."

Faith grinned back.

"Hmm, a real slut, ha? I like it."

Dawn blushed.

Faith lifted her legs and Dawn looked at her asshole. Dawn hesitated for a moment and then moved her head closer and sniffed. It smelled like shower gel and Faith, so she gave it a tentative lick. It tasted like Faith, so she got bolder and tried to push her tongue inside. Faith's spinchter quickly relaxed and Dawn stuck her tongue inside. She was relieved that Faith had thoroughly washed her bum. She pushed her finger inside and returned to licking Faith's pussy.

The combination of Dawn's fingers in her holes, Dawn's tongue on her clit and the general state of arousal she was in brought Faith quickly over the edge.

"Oh Dawnie," she breathed just before the orgasm shook her.

Dawn kept licking and fingering Faith, prolonging her orgasm.

When Faith calmed down, Dawn pulled out her fingers and licked them. Then she moved up and lay on top of Faith. They kissed passionately.

"How… How was I?" Dawn then asked shyly.

Faith squinted her eyes.

"Are you sure you haven't eaten pussy before?" she asked suspiciously.

Dawn's eyes went wide as she blushed.

"You know I haven't."

Faith grinned.

"Don't worry, you were great," she said and caressed Dawn.


"Definitely. I loved what you did with your lips."

Dawn blushed.

"Thanks." She thought for a moment. "Now what?"

Faith grinned again and reached for the strap-on.

"Now I fuck your brains out," she said and Dawn's eyes went wide. "If you're up to it."

"Eh, okay," Dawn said.

"Here, take a look at it," Faith said and gave Dawn the strap-on.

Dawn kneeled between Faith's legs and Faith sat up.

"It's kinda big," Dawn said.

"Don't worry, you can take it. It'll be a bit tight at first, but your pussy will get used to it."

"Oh. It looks so real. What's this thing?" Dawn asked and pointed at a smaller dildo on the inside of the strap.

"That's for the wearer, so she doesn't get left out of the action," Faith explained.

"Oh," Dawn said, blushing.

"And this is how you suck on it," Faith said and demonstrated.

Dawn watched as Faith wrapped her lips around the fake cock and gave it a blowjob.

"That looks so sexy," she said.

Faith smiled.

"Now you try it."

Dawn licked her lips as she took the cock. She hesitated for a moment and then put it in her mouth.

"If you want to get it deeper, you need to relax you throat," Faith instructed.

Dawn tried and it went a bit deeper.

"Okay, help me put it on," Faith then said.

Dawn took the fake cock out and helped Faith put it on. Faith put the smaller dildo in her pussy and then fastened the strap. Then she ran her hand up and down the fake cock as if she were jacking off.

"Give me a blowjob," she then said as she lay back.

Dawn blushed. She reached out and pretended to jack off the fake cock. Then she took a deep breath and got on all fours. She hesitated for a moment and then started giving Faith a blowjob.

"Damn," Faith said. "You have no idea how sexy you look. Too bad I wasn't watching while you were eating my pussy."

Dawn smiled at her.

"Don't worry, you'll get a second chance."

Faith grinned.

"That's my girl."

Dawn licked her lips seductively and continued the blowjob.

"Okay, now I want to get fucked," she said after a while.

Faith laughed.

"Man, you have a dirty mouth."

Dawn blushed.

"That's all your fault."

Faith grinned.

"I didn't say it was a bad thing."

Dawn smiled.

"So, em, how…"

"Well, since it's your first time, I want you to stand over me and then lower yourself on the cock. I want you to get used to it."

"Okay," Dawn said and got up.

"Here, hold my hand for support," Faith said as Dawn started to lower herself. "Use the other hand to aim the cock. And relax your muscles, just like you did when I fingered your ass."

Dawn did as instructed and then slowly lowered herself on the fake cock. She tensed a little when the cock head entered her, but she quickly got used to it and then lowered herself until the entire cock was inside her.

"Wow," she said as she got used to the feeling.

"Come here."

Dawn leaned forward and they kissed.

Faith then rolled them over, surprising Dawn, who shrieked.

"Ready to get your brains fucked out?"

Dawn blushed.

"Yes," she said, a bit nervous.

"I'll be gentle," Faith said and slowly started to fuck Dawn.

Her thrusts were short at first, but then got longer and longer until Faith practically pulled the entire cock out and then slammed it back in.

"Okay, now you get to be on top," she said and rolled them over.

"This is different," Dawn observed as she straddled Faith, the fake cock buried deep inside her pussy.

"Yes. You can also squat or wrap your legs around me if I sit up."

Dawn smiled.

"One at a time."

Faith grinned.

"Your choice."

Dawn moved her hips for a while, enjoying the feeling of the cock moving inside her. She reached over and played with Faith's nipples. Faith quickly returned the favor and played with hers. Dawn then lay on top of Faith then they kissed while Dawn rode the fake cock.

"This is fun," Dawn declared.

"You bet," Faith said, grinning.

"But I want you to fuck me."

"Okay," Faith said and rolled them over again. "How rough do you want me to be?"

Dawn smiled.

"I'll let you know when you're too rough."


Faith started pumping the fake cock in and out of Dawn and Dawn wrapped her legs around her, moaning.

"Why don't you turn around and I'll fuck you doggie style," Faith suggested after a while.

Dawn blushed, but she thought about it.


Faith pulled the strap-on out and Dawn got on all fours. Faith then reinserted the fake cock and started fucking her. She licked her index finger and pushed into Dawn's ass.

Dawn yelped, startled.

"Oh wow," she said, her breathing deepening.

Faith grinned and kept pumping the strap-on in and out of Dawn's pussy while fingering her ass at the same time.

The double simulation quickly brought Dawn to the edge.

"I'm going to cum," she said.

"Cum away," Faith said.

A few moments later Dawn screamed as an orgasm hit her.

Faith pulled the strap on out and lay under Dawn and started to suck and finger her pussy, prolonging the orgasm.

"Whew," Dawn said when she calmed down.

She rolled on her side and Faith moved up.

"Liked it?"

Dawn smiled.

"Loved it," she said and they kissed. "I think now it's my turn to fuck your brains out."

Faith grinned.

"Oh yeah."

She quickly took off the strap on and then helped Dawn put it on.

"Mmm, this is nice," Dawn said as she adjusted to the feeling of the smaller dildo in her pussy.

"You bet," Faith said with a smile.

She got on all fours between Dawn's legs and started to give her a blowjob.

"Wow," Dawn said as she watched her. "You're like a pro or something."

Faith grinned at her.

"I did have some practice," she said and licked her lips. "And this is how you deep throat," she said and demonstrated.

Dawn's eyes went wide when she saw Faith swallow the whole cock.

"Wow. How can you get it in so deep?"

Faith took the cock out.

"You have to relax your muscles and breathe through your nose," she explained. "And practice."

Dawn smiled.

"I'll try that later."


Faith then squatted over Dawn and lowered herself on the fake cock.

"You make it look so easy," Dawn said.

Faith smiled at her.

"It is. You'll get used to it." She leaned down and kissed Dawn. "Wanna fuck me?"

"Oh yeah."

Faith rolled them over and Dawn started pumping the strap-on in and out of Faith. She was a bit awkward at first, but she quickly got the hang of it.

"Mmm, you're doing just fine," Faith said when she noticed that Dawn was a bit uncertain.

"You sure?"

"Oh yeah," Faith said and moaned. "Try faster."

"How much?"

"As fast as you can without falling over."

"Okay," Dawn said and increased the speed.

"Yeah, that's it," Faith said as she played with her nipples.

"Can I fuck you doggie style?" Dawn asked after a while.

Faith grinned.

"You bet," she said and rolled over without taking the strap-on out of her pussy.

Dawn paused for a moment and then continued fucking Faith. She hesitated for a moment and then wet her index finger and stuck it in Faith's ass.

"Mmm, you're learning fast," Faith moaned.

Dawn smiled.

"I have a great teacher."

"Oh yeah."

Dawn fucked Faith for a while and really got into it.

"Fuck my ass now," Faith then said.

Dawn frowned.

"Your ass?"


"Isn't this thing too big?"

"No. Trust me, I can take it. You can probably too."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. And don't worry, my ass is clean. Now finger my ass until it's open, then spit in the hole to lubricate it."

"Em, okay."

Dawn kept fucking Faith's pussy, but she added another finger in Faith's ass and sped up the pace. When she gathered enough saliva, she stopped fucking Faith, took the fingers from her ass and then slowly let saliva drip from her mouth into Faith's ass. She giggled at the sight.

"What's so funny?" Faith asked.

"The way my spit is dripping into your ass."

Faith smiled.

"Use your fingers to lubricate my ass and then stuff that cock in."

Dawn grinned.

"And you say I have a bad mouth," she said and fingered Faith.

"You have a sexy mouth," Faith said. "Now fuck my ass."

"Yes, Ma'am," Dawn said and mock saluted Faith.

Then she took the fake cock out of Faith's pussy and aimed the head at Faith's ass. She slowly started pushing it inside and Faith forced herself to relax.

"Wow," Dawn said, "it's really going in."

"You bet. Fuck me like before, just not so fast, okay?"


When the strap-on was fully in Faith's ass, Dawn slowly started to fuck her.

"Is this okay?" Dawn asked after a while.

"Just fine," Faith said, breathing deeply. "Hold on." Dawn paused for a moment and Faith rolled over. "So you won't neglect my pussy."

Dawn smiled.

"I think your pussy is gonna get enough attention tonight."

Faith smiled back.

"I hope so."

Dawn resumed fucking Faith's ass. She inserted two fingers up Faith's pussy and played with her clit with the other hand. The stimulation soon had the desired effect and Faith came. Dawn then pulled the strap-on out of Faith's ass and looked at it.

"It's clean."

"Of course it's clean," Faith said, "I cleaned my ass thoroughly."

Dawn lay on top of Faith and they kissed for a while.

"You know, I just might try it," Dawn then said.


"Up the ass."

Faith smiled.

"Whatever you want."

Dawn smiled back

"Now what?" she asked.

Faith chuckled.

"You sure are horny."

"Of course I'm horny. I've been waiting for years for this night."

Faith smiled and caressed her.

"You know what I've always wanted to do?"


"Give you a tongue bath."

Dawn frowned.

"A what?"

"A tongue bath. I wanna lick you all over, every part of your body."

Dawn blushed a bit.

"I'd like that."

"Then take off the strap-on and lie on your belly."

Dawn quickly complied.

Faith then started to lick her back, up and down, up and down, making sure she didn't live any dry patch. Then she moved to Dawn's ass and the backs of her legs.

"Turn around," she said when she was done with Dawn's soles.

Dawn turned around and Faith started to suck Dawn's toes.

Dawn giggled and wiggled her them.

"It tickles," she said.

Faith smiled and continued up Dawn's legs. She stopped only briefly at Dawn's pussy, just enough to make her even more horny. Then she continued up Dawn's belly, across her breasts. Then she went past her armpit, down her left side and up her left arm, sucking her fingers as if they were little cocks. She did the same on the right side.

Finally, she moved to Dawn's neck and on to her face. She first licked her right ear, moved past the forehead to the left ear and then down the left cheek to the chin and up the right cheek to her nose and eyes.

"Mmm, that was delicious," she said when she was done.

"But I didn't cum," Dawn protested.

Faith grinned.

"We'll sixty-nine after you give me a tongue bath."

"Oh. Okay." Dawn smiled. "That was so erotic."

"Oh yeah. Wanna lick me now?"


They switched places and Faith lay on her belly.

Dawn decided to go about it the same way as Faith did. She started with Faith's back, moved past the backs of her legs and down to her toes. Then she had Faith turn around and continued up her legs, past her pussy and belly, down her left side and up her left arm, down her right side and up her left arm and finally finished off with Faith's face.

"We should do this more often," she said when she was done.

Faith smiled.

"I'm all for it," she said and they kissed. "Now let's sixty-nine, I need to get off."


"Turn around."

Dawn turned around and lowered her pussy to Faith's face. When Faith started licking her, she buried her face into Faith's pussy and returned the favor. Since they've both been extremely turned on, it didn't take long before they orgasmed.

Dawn then turned around and they kissed.

"You know, next time you give me a tongue bath, we can use whipped cream," Dawn said when they stopped kissing.

Faith grinned at her.

"I like the way your mind works."

Dawn blushed.

"Good. So, what's next?"

Faith raised an eyebrow.

"Damn you're horny, girl."

"I've waited years for this night and I want to experience it to the fullest. I mean, who knows when we'll have the house to ourselves again."

Faith smiled.

"I'm all for it."

"So, what's the plan?"

Faith thought for a moment.

"I'd like to watch you play with yourself."

Dawn blushed.


Faith nodded.

"Yep. And you can watch me play with myself."

Dawn thought about it and she realized that it really turned her on.

"Okay," she agreed.

She got off Faith and they sat up opposite one another. She watched as Faith started to fondle her clit and she quickly joined the show.

They watched one another for a while, both practically drooling.

"I have an idea," Faith said after a while.

She moved so close to Dawn that their hands touched while they played with their pussies.

"Let's rub our pussies together," Dawn suggested after a while.

Faith grinned.

"You're catching on," she said and removed her hand.

She pressed her pussy closer to Dawn's and they rubbed them together. Then she leaned back and started sucking on Dawn's toes.

Dawn decided to return the favor and so they rubbed their pussies together and sucked on one another's toes.

"I'm gonna cum," Dawn finally declared.

"Me too," Faith said.

She sat up and started rubbing Dawn's pussy.

Dawn's sat up as well and she started rubbing Faith's pussy. She leaned closer to Faith and they started kissing passionately.

They both quickly came, first Dawn and then Faith.

"Damn," Dawn then said. "I need a little break."

Faith grinned.

"You need to exercise more."

Dawn giggled.

"I'd love to."

Faith chuckled.

"You little perv," she said and Dawn blushed.

"Let's lie down for a minute," Dawn said.

Faith obliged her and they lay next to one another, hugging and kissing gently.

"You know, I was thinking," Faith then said.

"About what?"

"We should get a double-headed dildo."

Dawn blushed.


"Yeah. That way we can fuck one another at the same time."


Faith reached over and removed a lock of hair from Dawn's face.

"I love you," she whispered.

Dawn smiled.

"I love you too, Faith."

They kissed for a while, gently running their hands all over one another's body.

"Hmm, I just had an idea," Faith then said thoughtfully.

"What?" Dawn asked, curious.

"How about we do the tour of the house?"

Dawn frowned.

"What do you mean?"

Faith grinned.

"I want to fuck you in every single room of this house," she explained.

Dawn blushed furiously.

"Every room?"

"Yep. In the bathroom, in the hall, in your mom's room, in Buffy's room, in my room, on the stairs, in the living room, in the basement, on the kitchen table."

Dawn's blush deepened.

"And you're calling me a perv?"

Faith chuckled and gave her a quick peck on the nose.

"We're both pervs. Oh yeah, we could also try different positions while we're at it."

"Different positions?"

"You'll see."

Dawn smiled.

"I can't wait," she said and kissed Faith passionately.

The next morning, Buffy and Joyce came home about the same time. Since they didn't hear any movement, they guessed that Faith and Dawn were still asleep. They went upstairs and Joyce gently knocked on the door. There was no response, so Joyce quietly opened the door and peeked inside. She smiled when she saw Faith cuddled up to Dawn. She closed the door.

"Faith looks so different when she's alone with Dawn," she said.

"Yeah," Buffy agreed.

Dawn was the first to wake up in the morning. She quietly watched Faith sleep, thinking about the night.

"Hey, sleepyhead," she said when Faith finally woke up.

Faith smiled.

"Hey, gorgeous."

They kissed.

"Ready to get up?"

"What time is it?"

Dawn looked.

"Almost ten."

Faith yawned.

"No, I still have some time before my class."

"Okay." Dawn hesitated for a moment. "How about we sixty-nine?" she asked, blushing.

Faith was immediately awake.

"Looks like I've created a sex monster," she said, grinning.

Dawn's blush deepened.

"Yes, and now you have to please me."

Faith smiled.

"I have no problem with that. But I'm on top."


"Because you're a screamer and I really don't want your mom to know that I'm ravaging her little girl while she's downstairs."


"Oh!" Faith suddenly remembered. She rolled over and reached into her bag. "Here," she said and gave Dawn another present. "Happy birthday, Dawnie," she said and kissed her.

"Another present?" Dawn said, surprised.

"Yep. Open it."

Dawn did so and then blushed when she saw what it was.

"A dildo? And a vibrator?"

Faith grinned.

"Yeah. You know, so your mom won't get too suspicious if I spend too many nights in your room or you in mine."


"How about we use them? I'll use the vibrator on you and you use the dildo on me."

"Okay," Dawn agreed.

She quickly took the sex toys from their boxes and gave the vibrator to Faith.

Faith then got on top of Dawn.

When Buffy passed by Dawn's room, she heard the buzzing of the vibrator and she blushed, realizing Dawn and Faith were having sex. She quickly went downstairs.

"Oh god," Dawn said when she came. "That was so great."

Faith got off her, smiling.

"You bet," she said and kissed her. "Now you better hide these toys real good, you wouldn't want your mom to accidentally find them."

Dawn blushed.

"Right. But I wanna wash them first."

"Okay. Let's take a shower."


"Yeah. I mean, we had sex in the bathroom, but not in the shower."

Dawn's blush deepened.


"Good morning," Joyce said with a smile when Faith and Dawn came into the kitchen, holding hands.

"Morning," Dawn said cheerily.

"Morning," Faith said, smiling.

"How was your night?"

Faith and Dawn both blushed.

"Busy," Faith said and Dawn's blush deepened. "The littlest Summers is a woman now."

Dawn's eyes went wide.

"Faith!" she said and slapped Faith on the arm.

Faith grinned.

"What? It's true."

"You don't need to talk about it in front of Mom and Buffy."

Joyce smiled.

"So, was it everything you've hoped for?" she asked Dawn.

"Oh yeah," Dawn said. "And more."

"Definitely more," Faith agreed.


"Starving," Dawn said.

"Then sit down."

"Did you call school and tell them I'm sick?"

Joyce nodded.


"Good, because I'll definitely be recovering all day."

Faith chuckled.

"Like I said, you need to exercise more," she said, and Dawn blushed.

"Faith," she hissed.

Faith winked at her.

"Eat your food, Dawnie. You're gonna need all your energy for Bob."

"Bob?" Dawn said, startled. "Oh," she said, blushing, when she realized that Faith was talking about the vibrator.

"Who's Bob?" Joyce asked.

Faith laughed, and Dawn's blushed deepened.

"No one," she said quietly.

Joyce shook her head, clueless as to what the girls were talking about.

"Are you going to your classes?" Joyce asked Faith.

"Yeah. Good thing there are not too many." She looked at Buffy. "B, I'll probably be skipping our sparring practice today."

Buffy raised her eyebrow.

"You're that tired?"

"No, I'm that distracted," Faith said and looked at Dawn, who blushed again.

Buffy shook her head.

"Kids," she said and left.

Faith chuckled. She looked at Dawn and smiled.

"Love you."

Dawn smiled back.

"Love you too."

The End

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